The Woman in the Mirror Womens Empowerment Conference 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Woman in the Mirror Womens Empowerment Conference 2006


The Woman in the Mirror Womens Empowerment Conference 2006 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Woman in the Mirror Womens Empowerment Conference 2006

The Woman in the Mirror Womens Empowerment
Conference 2006
  • Presented and Coordinated By
  • Watershed Human Community Development Agency
  • and
  • Chlarissa Pope of
  • Little Rock, Arkansas

The excerpts in this presentation are quoted from
Souls of My Sisters by Ms. Dawn Marie Daniels
and Ms. Candace Sandy
  • Objective and Mission of D2NINE
  • The main duty of this organization is the
    empowerment of the African and African American
    woman. We hope to do this by teaching and
    stressing the importance of issues that affect
    our community and our culture. These issues are
    often forgotten as one
  • becomes lost in the system and our current method
    of thinking. We will bring our women together in
    an effort to promote unity, self-sustenance, and
    knowledge. We will teach and educate each other
    on social issues, become aware of our actions,
    raise our children to be leaders and hopefully
    many other values that are lacking in our
  • Chlarissa Pope, Founder
  • PO Box 2234 Little Rock, AR 72203
  • 501.952.0858

  • "The Woman in the Mirror"
  • When you look in the mirror, who do you see? A
    woman of substance, beauty and intelligence? Do
    you see yourself as healthy and able? Do you see
    the truth, or do you see the lies that you've
    come to believe?
  • Why do we believe the lies? Just as easily, we
    can believe the truth- God made all of us
    powerful beings. Instead, we allow ourselves to
    be hypnotized by the daily dose of negative
    stereotypes and media images. How we perceive
    ourselves determines the quality of our health-
    mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.
    Whatever we believe about ourselves, good or bad,
    is what will manifest in our lives. If we are
    wondering why our lives are unfulfilling or why
    our bodies feel sick and listless, all we have to
    do is look at our beliefs and self-perceptions.

  • We have listened to the opinions and lies of
    others. We have chosen to believe them, and thus,
    we perceive ourselves negatively. We believe the
    lies because we do not know the truth of who we
    are. Before we blame others for our woes, we must
    look at the heinous of lies- the lies we've told
    ourselves. If you do not care about the truth of
    who you are, any lie will do. Sisters may roll
    their eyes and pay lip service to being
    self-determined (after all, "we don't take no
    stuff"), but when it comes down to it, we are
    controlled by what we think and say about
    ourselves. The proof is in the recent discovery
    that black women have among the highest rate of
    depression in the country. We already lead the
    race in obesity, diabetes, hypertension, certain
    types of breast cancer and other ailments. At
    best, our false beliefs and self-perceptions
    leave us feeling unfulfilled. At worse, they are
    killing us.
  • If we can believe a lie, then we can believe the
    truth. The truth will not be handed to us on a
    silver platter, however. We're going to have to
    fight for knowledge or self. It will be like the
    salmon's upstream journey. Society tries to move
    us away from self-knowledge, not toward it. A
    woman who is in full possession of her mind, is
    responsible for her thoughts and actions, and is
    unafraid of bucking status quo is a dangerous
    woman. Such a woman is a force of nature. She
    creates a whirlwind of change in individuals,
    communities and systems just by being herself.
  • But despite all the self-help books and
    psychobabble, many of us are not happy with our
    lives, We know something 's not quite right
    because the activities in our lives do not quite
    sustain us. They do not fulfill us. So we get
    busy trying to fix things we go back to school,
    we launch a "man search", we work harder for
    longer hours. So what? We make a few more cents,
    get a little sex and we are still nagged by self
    doubt. Surely this can't be all there is to life!
  • Until we do the hard soul work that will serve us
    in the long term, when we look in the mirror, a
    stranger will continue to stare back at us. We
    spend more time getting to know our lovers and
    friends than ourselves. And since we really don't
    know who we are, we're suckers for all kinds of
    stories. This is the danger of living and
    unconscious life people can define you, label
    you, and talk about you, and not only will you
    care, you'll believe them.
  • excerpt from Souls of My Sisters by Dawn Marie
    Daniels and Candace Sandy

Featured Speakers
  • Dawn Marie Daniels was the editorial force
    behind a number of award winning authors at
    Simon Schuster. Ms. Daniels utilized her
    position and power as one of the book
    industrys premier editors to ensure that African
    American projects got the attention and dollars
    they deserve.
  • Ms. Daniels has established a commanding
    presence in adult nonfiction with such books by
    Iyanla Vanzant as The New York Times Best Sellers
    In Meantime and One Day My Soul Just Opened
    Up. During her eight years in publishing she
    bought new talent to the surface and helped push
    them to the fore front of the industry. Ms.
    Daniels authors have published through various
    Simon Schuster imprints such as Prentice Hall
    Press, Fireside, Touchstone, SS Aguilar,
    Scribner Paperback fiction, Simon Schuster
    Trade Pocket Books.
  • Ms. Daniels is the former President of Simply
    Said a Literary Agency that managed the careers
    of notable authors such as Iyanla Vanzant,
    Rosalyn McMillan, Lolita Files and Reverend Run.
    In addition, she is co-author of Souls of My
    Sisters (2000), The Vegetarian Soul Food Cook
    Book (2001), Souls of My Brothers (2003) and
    Tupac Shakur How Long Will They Mourn Me (2006).
  • Candace Sandy serves as the Communications
    Director for Congressman Gregory W. Meeks (D-NY)
    and has led the marketing and public relations
    department for several high profile elected
    officials and leaders. Beginning her career at
    New York University as a producer and co-host,
    Ms. Sandy a former Radio Advertising Bureau
    Ad/Lab Fellow went on to become the first African
    American General Manager of WNYU 89.1 FM. Candace
    is also the co-author of Souls of My Sisters
    (2000), Souls of My Brothers (2003) and Tupac
    Shakur How Long Will They Mourn Me (2006).
  • Ms. Daniels and Ms. Sandy also serve as President
    and CEO of Souls of My Sisters Inc. a multi-media
    publishing and entertainment company that
    embraces the values of the African American

  • The oldest of six children, Maria
    Davis always yearned for success. Growing up in
    the South Bronx, Mott Haven Projects, the
    foundation was laid to achieve her dreams.
    Marias persistence, warmth, out-going and
    humorous personality attracted the people who
    gave her a shot at her dreams. She began her
    professional modeling career at the uncommon age
    of twenty-one in the early eighties--when black
    faces were rarely seen in magazines. But it was
    Marias true love of Black music that led her
    to her professional calling. She abandoned her
    successful modeling career to pursue a profession
    in the entertainment industry. Maria knew
    talent when she saw it and with the help of
    mentors became known as one of New Yorks
    premiere promoters. With support from various
    record labels who provided her with new artists
    and her background in cinematography, she
    produced, directed and promoted her newly created
    music showcases M.A.D. Wednesdays. The legendary
    M.A.D. Wednesdays music showcases provided
    venues for signed and unsigned RB and hip-hop
    artists and comedians who had no other
    performance options. Maria created an outlet for
    young people to express themselves artistically
    when community programs were being cut and young
    people had no where else to go to hone their
    skills.In 1995 Marias life took a turn, she
    contracted the HIV virus unknowingly from her
    soon-to-be-husband. While in the hospital near
    death her spiritual calling was revealed to her.
    Maria knew that she had to devote her life to
    educating women, men and children about AIDS. For
    the first time Maria bore her soul about her
    personal crisis with AIDS in the book Souls of My
  • Maria has turned great personal adversity into an
    opportunity to teach and to share an important
    message with the world. She challenges everyone
    she meets to do the same.

  • Chlarissa Pope is a University of
    Arkansas at Little Rock Alumni and is the
    founder of D2NINE. She has persevered
    through the many obstacles that
    come with being a teenage parent of one son to
    achieve several degrees,
    including a Masters of Business Administration in
    Strategic Leadership and a
    successful career in project management.
  • Chlarissa has received several
    awards and recognition for her community
    outreach efforts. She currently
    volunteers with the Birthing Project through the
    Watershed Human and Community Development Agency
    to mentor and assist single, disadvantaged
    expectant mothers and has two little sisters,
    ages 9 and 10, through Big Brothers/Big Sisters
    of Central Arkansas. She co-facilitates the
    Speak2Us-D2NINE Book Club and Discussion group.
    She is an active member of Taariq Chapter 494 of
    the Order of the Eastern Star and the Chi Eta
    Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
    She is also very actively involved in her sons
    extracurricular activities such as boy scouts,
    baseball, basketball, etc
  • This conference is the first major undertaking
    for D2NINE. It is with hope that this event will
    lead to additional opportunities to meet with
    like-minded women in an effort to redefine the
    sisterhood within our community.

  • Judy S. Smith is currently
    Executive Director of the Arkansas Minority
    Health Commission. Mrs. Smith
    was appointed as director for the Commission in
    March, 2002.
  • In 1990, after defeating a
    twenty-four year incumbent, Judy Smith was
    elected to the Arkansas House of
    Representatives. She served in the Arkansas
    General Assembly for eight years
    until term limits.
  • Judy has received numerous awards and honors.
    Most recently, she was the recipient of the
    Barbara Jordan Political Leadership Award. In
    1998, she was named one of the Top 10 Women in
    Arkansas by Arkansas Business Weekly, in which
    she was recognized in 1995, 1996, and 1997 as one
    of the Top 100 Women in Arkansas. The Arkansas
    Democrat Gazette named Judy Smith as a Top 10
    Legislator in 1993. She has been a Flemming
    Fellow with the Center for Policy Alternatives
    and in 1992 Judy was one of eleven Americans
    selected by the American Council of Young
    Political Leaders, to serve as a Delegate to
  • Judy Smiths community involvement has ranged
    from serving working with young children to
    helping youth develop intergenerational
    activities. She is presently a member of the
    Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency. As
    Director of the Arkansas Minority Health
    Commission, Judy has led the agency from virtual
    anonymity to broad recognition within the state.
    Under her leadership the organization has
    conducted the most comprehensive disparities in
    health study initiated a hypertension program in
    three delta counties.

  • Kay Roberts Clowney is a Tutor/ Mentor
    in English Composition and
    business at Pulaski Technical College for
    the TRiO Scholars and College
    Pathways Programs, Student Support Services.
    She retired from the VA Regional
    Office of Little Rock, Arkansas in 1994,
    completing a distinguished 26 year career,
    including 8 years as Director. Upon
    retirement, Mrs. Clowney received the U. S.
    Department of Veterans Affairs Distinguished
    Career Award. She also received the
    Arkansas Patriotic Eagle Award for Outstanding
    Service to the Veterans of this
    Country 1968-1994. She is the Founding
    President of the Arkansas Chapter of the Senior
    Executive Association.
  • For six years Mrs. Clowney was an adjunct
    instructor at Philander Smith Management
    Institute. She received the UNCF Service Award
    for dedicated service and unwavering loyalty to
    the ideals of UNCF.
  • Mrs. Clowney served as a Commissioner on the
    State of Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr.
    Commission on Civil Rights. She was also a
    member of the Bi-Racial Committee of North Little
    Rock Public Schools. Kay is a life member of the
    NAACP, serving in various capacities, including
    speaking at state conventions and judging speech
  • Mrs. Clowney is a trained, certified facilitator
    for What Matters Most (formerly First Things
    First) for the (Dr. Stephen) Covey Leadership
    Center, Provo, Utah. She is a contributing
    author to the Executive Excellence and Personal
    Excellence magazines with twelve published

  • Crystal Corbin is a 27 year old single
    mother of two. She is currently a full time
    student at Pulaski Tech on a full scholarship
    for academic excellence. She is
    currently involved in many activities including
    Arkansas Career Pathways, Student
    Government Association and TRiO Scholars. Crystal
    is a living example that everything
    worth having is worth fighting for.
  • Ruby Moore is the single mother of two
    daughters. She works as a certified nursing
    assistant and private duty home care aide.
    She also works with individuals on
    alternative care practices and methods.
  • A biography is not available for Ms. Kafi Hunter
    but she is an outstanding speaker, poet who
    brings a lot of knowledge, compassion and
    encouragement to this panel. Ms. Hunters poetry
    can be heard at events in the Little Rock Area.
    She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha
    Sorority, Inc.

Award Winners
  • The Chlarissa Pope Women in the Mirror Award
    recognizes women who have shown extraordinary
    strength of character and integrity. These women
    have persevered and supported their local
    communities via education, volunteer work, and
    empowerment to pave the way for other women and
    redefine the sisterhood within their communities.
  • 2006 Chlarissa Pope - Woman in the Mirror Award
  • Jannie Cotton, CEO
  • Crystal Corbin, Student
  • Pamela Smith, TV Personality
  • Linda Brown, Philanthropist

  • Jannie Cotton, CEO
  • I have been working for Professional Counseling
    Associates for 6mths. In these six months I have
    grown to love Jannie very much. She is a strong
    women who has persevered through so much. I look
    at her life and feel that I can also be
    successful. Her battle with cancer is a true
    testament of how strong she is to survive and to
    continue to reach above and beyond the call of
  • If you saw Jannie you would never know she has
    had cancer.  She was also at one time a single
    parent who found the motivation to continue her
    education and now is a CEO. She is always
    striving to bring out the best in herself and
    others by encouraging me and other workers to be
    creative and to think outside the box. Jannie is
    making history regionally by being the first
    African American Women CEO of major mental health
  • Jannie community involvement include active
    member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Chair
    of educational development, PARK volunteer and
    being their "Volunteer of the Year" last yr. '05.
    She is very active within her church conducting
    workshops for teens and help form peer groups.
    She is also a part of a legislative task force to
    advocate for the health and safety of children
    around the state. She has sat in on AR
    legislative sessions on policy that directly
    effect AR children. She is a motivational speaker
    for cancer survivors and advocate for abused
    women and children and for the mentally ill.
  • Things she has done that directly effect me. Just
    seeing her compassion and dedication everyday for
    her job and people. She is truly genuine and will
    go out of her way to help those in need. The
    compassion and dedication isn't something you see
    once a week or month you see it everyday. She
    inspires me to find some of that same zest and
    zeal for life that she has. She is a positive
    role model for me and others and I felt her story
    was one worth telling.
  • Submitted by Ms. Lorraine Nikki Smith

Candace Sandy, Jannie Cotton, Chlarissa Pope
  • Pamela Smith, TV Personality
  • Mainstream - advocacy group for Arkansans with
  • Holiday gift wrap - done annually at Park Plaza
    mall benefiting services that enhance quality of
    life for the underserved senior citizen
    population in Little Rock.Holiday caroling at
    various senior centers.Race for the Cure
    volunteer.SCAT board member - Senior Citizens
    Activities Today - group advocates on behalf of
    seniors, helping secure additional funding for
    meals on wheels programs, medical transportation
    and other items for which they may need
    help.Former Board Member - Senior Center in
    Jacksonville.  Services same as above.Mentor to
    aspiring young journalists.Volunteerin Public
    Schools - reading to students and offer
    motivational speeches.Advocate for crime victims
    - helping them learn about services that are
    available to them.Baptist Health Women's
    Advisory Council - volunteer board that tries to
    develop a campaign committed to improving
    women's' health and providing educational
    opportunities that help enhance quality of life
    for women.Previous Spokesperson for American
    Heart Association's "Search Your Heart Campaign"
    - designed to inform African Americans about ways
    to stay heart-healthy.Moderator for public
    forums including school board elections, general
    elections and National United Way
    organization.Volunteer for United Negro College
    Fund - annual fundraiser benefiting Philander
    Smith College.Volunteer for Great Arkansas
    Fitness challenge - designed to promote healthier
    life-styles among state's youth.

Candace Sandy, Pamela Smith, Chlarissa Pope
  • Crystal Corbin, Student
  • Crystal Corbin is a 27 year old divorced mother
    of two. Her childhood was not one that little
    girls dream of. Her mom was a drug abuser and
    alcoholic which led her to have to live with
    different family members throughout her
    childhood. Unfortunately, her mom died of AIDS in
    2003. She dropped out of high school three times
    and got married while she was in the 11th grade.
    She eventually went back to school to complete
    her high school diploma.
  • After seven years in an emotionally and mentally
    abusive marriage, she show courage by leaving
    that relationship to return to the US to regain
    her life. She is current a full-time student at
    Pulaski Tech on a full scholarship for academic
    excellance with a 4.0 GPA. She is currently
    involved in many activities including Arkansas
    Career Pathways, Student Government Association,
    Phi Theta Kappa, Trio Scholars and Women in
    Transition with the Hope Center. Crystal is a
    living example that everything worht having is
    worth fighting for.

Maria Davis, Crystal Corbin, Chlarissa Pope
  • Linda S. Brown
  • After graduating from Mabelvale High School in
    1963, she was employed by the Arkansas Division
    of the American Cancer Society as a secretary. In
    1968, her broadcasting career began with KARK-TV,
    Channel 4 when she was hired as Assistant
    Promotion Manager and was soon assigned to also
    be Assistant Public Affairs Director. In that
    capacity, she was in charge of producing all
    public service announcements that aired on the
    station for various non-profit agencies. She
    also produced an award winning documentary on
    tornadoes for Channel 4. In 1970, she was named
    Administrative Assistant to the President and
    General Manager and also kept her duties as
    Public Affairs Director. In addition, she was
    the first EEOC director for the station.
  • In 1974, she married Robert L. Brown, Sr. and
    moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where her husband was
    employed as President and General Manager of
    KTAR-TV. She and Bob moved backed to Little
    Rock in 1978 when he and his partners purchased
    KTHV-TV, Channel 11. Linda was again her
    husbands Administrative Assistant, the EEOC
    Director, and involved in all the stations
    public service activities, including the first of
    many telethons for Arkansas Childrens Hospital,
    Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, and the United
    Negro College Fund and its affiliate, Philander
    Smith College. She was also on the Board of
    Directors for Easter Seals and the Pulaski County
    Humane Society.
  • After her husband retired from Channel 11, they
    remained active in fundraising activities for
    Christ the King Catholic Church and School, and
    also produced a monthly newsletter for the
    church. After Bobs death in 2001, Lindas life
    has become less public. She enjoys quietly
    helping others. She and her daughter, Christina,
    continue to fund the Robert L. Brown, Sr.
    Memorial Scholarship at UALR one the recipients
    is Spirit Trickey.

Maria Davis, Linda Brown, Chlarissa Pope
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Overall Response...
  • You did a great job with the conference! It was
    wonderful and inspirational. I was glad to be a
    part of such an awesome event. - Nikki Smith
  • I just wanted to let you know how I enjoyed
    myself on Saturday. What a blessing it was to be
    among some phenomenal women. I was truly
    blessed. Looking forward to the next conference.
    Please keep in touch. - Jacquelyn Peterson
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you for
    exposing my daughters and myself to such a
    wonderful and inspiring group of women. This
    event touched and changed our lives forever.
    Please keep up the good work. Your mom was a
    delight! Chlarissa you are truly a talented and
    anointed child of God. My daughters embraced the
    whole experience and look forward to working with
    you on whatever endeavors you need their
    assistance. And as always they will draft dear
    old Mom as needed. Take Care - Rena
  • I wanted to commend you a wonderful job. I
    enjoyed the conference tremendously, and it
    really empowered my soul. God Bless you in all of
    your efforts. - Ruby Dean

  • Thank you so much for sharing your vision with
    the women of the Little Rock area.  I truly
    enjoyed the luncheon and was happy to be able to
    nominate Ms. Cotton for the Woman in the Mirror
    Award. Erica Jenkins
  • You did a great job. You paid attention to all
    details. It was a wonderful experience from
    beginning to end. Thanks you so much. I thank God
    daily for being able to attend the conference.
    I've lived in Little Rock for 4 years and I've
    yet to experience anything like that in my
    lifetime. It was a moment for women to be honest
    and truthful and vulnerable without fear of
    judgment. I can write on and on about how my life
    was touched by the conference, however, I won't
    as I know you have better things to do. May god
    bless and keep you. Nicole Washington
  • Saturday, October 6, 2006, I attend the 1st
    Annual Womens Conference of The Woman in the
    Mirror envisioned by my family Chlarissa Pope. 
    She read the book Souls of My Sisters and was
    moved by what she read.  Chlarissa wanted to
    bring empowerment to as many women as she could
    and the first thing she did was create a website
    called After the website became a
    success and her work with young women at the
    Watershed helped her to see a great need, she
    decided to do more by pioneering The Woman in
    the Mirror workshop! I had the pleasure of being
    among a room of extraordinary women. 360 family,
    I met one of the authors Candace Sandy of Souls
    of My Sisters as well as one of the
    distinguished women Maria Davis that included her
    dynamic story in the book!

  • I cant tell you how inspirational it was to sit
    among these women hear their stories. It was so
    good to hear how GOD brought them through! We are
    talking about women who had it allthe money, the
    fancy cars, the big houses, the A List friends
    and the name brand this that! They spoke from
    the heart on how GOD was all that they really
    needed. They spoke on how this world is full of
    people that think happiness is in the material
    things that you think you worked so hard for but
    actually GOD blessed you to have!
  • As they spoke, I begin to think on where I am in
    my life!  Am I really where I want to be?  Am I
    really doing what GOD wants me to do?  I have
    been ridiculed so badly for decisions Ive made,
    hated by people who didnt take the time to get
    to know me and devastated by others doing
    whatever it took to steal my joy! And for a
    while, I let them possess my joy then GOD
    picked me up, dusted me off showed me all the
    things I needed to see!  I was so encouraged that
    Ive decided to start writing my own story! Ive
    been working on it for a while but just never
    took it very seriously.
  • Sis. Candace Sandy said something that stuck with
    me. She said that she was going through a storm
    she prayed prayed prayed prayed but GOD
    didnt answer! She said she had begun to think
    that GOD had forsaken her! Then one day she
    realized that GOD couldnt speak with her because
    he was busy working everything out! That touched
    me because Id been praying praying praying
    and things werent rolling in the way I had
    hoped! Instead, I was at a standstilla delay of
    sorts! It seemed as if everyone around me was
    getting ahead. I begin to get discouraged because
    I know I have put plenty of time in the field for
    GOD and I did it all from the heart!

  • The night before the conference, I had so much on
    my mind I had a migraine coming on. I flipped
    through my bible and prayed as I looked for some
    guidance. GOD guided me to the pages of Job! As I
    read, I became uplifted was finally able to
    rest! I woke up to a wonderful womens conference
    that I wish you all could have been theremaybe
    next year! (smile)!
  • Ive learned a few points that I would like to
    share with you all
  •  1.   Live your life with GODs purpose in your
    heart on your mind
  • 2.   Never allow what others think of you to
    overshadow what you think of yourself
  • 3.   Put GOD first in everythingno matter how
  • 4.   Dont allow past mistakes or hurt to block
    you from living
  • 5.   Forgive them, forgive yourself let go
  • 6.   Talk it out or write it out! Never bottle up
    your issues
  • 7.   Love yourself
  • Please, take the time to check out
    and support this worthy cause! You never know,
    next year you could be uplifting someone with
    your story!
  • - Nichele Thompson

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