I pledge my HEAD to greater thinking, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I pledge my HEAD to greater thinking,


I pledge my HEAD to greater thinking, – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: I pledge my HEAD to greater thinking,

The 4-H Community commits to this pledge
I pledge my HEAD to greater thinking, My
HEART to greater loyalty, My HANDS to larger
service, and My HEALTH to better living, For
my club, my community, my country and my world.
King County 4-HYouth Development
What is 4-H?

4-H is a community of young people
across America who are
learning leadership citizenship
and life
  • 4-H reaches out to all citizens ages 5-18
  • 4-H members come from all racial, social,
    cultural, economic backgrounds
  • 4-H programs are located in rural, urban, and
    suburban communities

  • __________________________________________________
  • County Extension Offices are the outreach for the
    Land Grant University to involve citizens in
    their communities

4-H Brings the University to the Youth!
  • 9 million members in the United States in almost
    100,000 clubs
  • 55,795 members in Washington
  • 16,000 young people served in King County

What is the shared purpose for 4-H?

Positive Youth Development
  • Emphasizing youths' strengths
  • Providing opportunities to learn healthy
  • Promoting positive relationships with peers
  • Connecting youth with caring adults
  • Empowering youth to assume leadership roles in
  • Challenging youth in ways that build their

Essential Elements of 4-H
Guiding Principles The Essential Elements
How does 4-H accomplish its purpose of positive
youth development?

  • with
  • incredible volunteers
  • and
  • young people
  • all
  • learning together

As a volunteer you canSHARE
  • Time
  • Leadership for youth
  • Creative ideas
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Evaluation and feedback to staff

  • As a volunteer you canGAIN
  • Satisfaction of working with youth
  • Leadership skills
  • Increased skills through training opportunities
  • Recognition within the community
  • Communication skills to effectively resolve and
    appreciate differences
  • Opportunities to engage in state, regional and
    national experiences
  • Practice in group decision making
  • Self-confidence

About VolunteeringAs a volunteer you
  • The 4-H program quality is improved and
    strengthened with your participation
  • You provide a unique perspective
  • More youth can be reached
  • You provide greater visibility for the program
  • You have immediate access to the community

4-H Works!Results in Positive Youth and
Community Development
What does 4-H look like in King County?

Methods used in 4-H include
  • Clubs
  • County/State Events
  • International Exchange Programs
  • School Programs and Adventure Education

What do the different types of 4-H have in common?

Experiential Learning Cycle
(No Transcript)
Learning Community Model
So how is being in 4-H valuable to our
children, volunteers, and community?

Examples of Shared Skills
  • Lifeskills
  • Public speaking
  • Planning
  • Teamwork
  • Project Specific
  • Skills
  • Photography
  • Animal care
  • Robotics

Shared Outcomes
  • Leadership opportunities in the club, the
  • community, and the world
  • 40 Developmental Assets - Lifeskills
  • Development
  • Tufts Study of Positive Youth Development

4-H is the Youth Development Program of Land
Grant Universities
  • __________________________________________________
  • County Extension Offices are the outreach for the
    Land Grant University to involve citizens in
    their communities

4-H Brings the University to the Youth!
WSU King County Extension and every Extension
  • Is all about stewardship
  • Of youth and families
  • Of land, water, forests, and farms
  • See more at www.king.wsu.edu

Extension Staff Directory
  • Administrative StaffDay, T.Diane Administrative
    Assistant Gaolach, BradDirectorRoark,
    JanBusiness and Finance Officer
  • 4-H YouthLerner, Sue 4-H Youth Development
    Faculty Morales Osegueda, Sonia Agriculture/4-H
    Youth Development FacultyMcElroy, Shan4-H
    Program Assistant Sarah Butzine4-H Program
  • Food and FarmsKantor, Sylvia Agriculture Food
    Systems Faculty Tricia Sexton Extension Event
    CoordinatorCha, BeeImmigrant Farming
    SpecialistMurray, Todd Commercial Agriculture
    and Community Horticulture Faculty (Interim)
  • ForestryAmy Grotta Forest Stewardship Faculty
  • GardeningAnderson, Elaine Master Gardener
    Program Coordinator Chao, Yao-Fou Organic
    Gardening EducatorMurray, Todd Commercial
    Agriculture and Community Horticulture Faculty

Healthy Families Hsu, Suzan Family/Consumer
Science Faculty Royster, Juana Community
Health Education Specialist, Statewide Faculty
Nutrition Aitken, Martha Food ense Program
Manager Craig, B. Susie Area Faculty for
Nutrition Education, Food Safety and
Health Hauck, Susie Food ense Secretary
Watersheds Environment Andreas,
Jennifer Integrated Weed Control Project
Director Batura, Darcy Environmental
Education Faculty Zimmerman, Tara Water
Resources Faculty Weed
Biocontrol Andreas, Jennifer Integrated Weed
Control Project Director Zimmerman, Tara
Water Resources Faculty WSU
Minority Student Recruitment Jennings, Gladys
WSU Minority Student Recruitment
4-H Program Leadership
  • Shared vision, ideas, responsibilities and
    leadership for the program
  • between extension faculty, staff and volunteers
    (adults and youth)
  • Dynamic partnership that requires Extension staff
    and volunteers to share in
  • planning and implementing programs
  • Tasks are divided according to individual talents
    and interests, rather than by
  • title or role expectations
  • Shared partnership requires balance of trust,
    credibility, truth and
  • accountability between extension staff and
  • Ultimate leadership, responsibility and authority
    for the program remains with the WSU Extension
    and its Extension Educators who are held legally
    and ethically accountable for the operation of
    the 4-H Youth Development Program.

Who to ask? Lori Greer Office
Manager Membership, enrollment, club contacts,
general information and who to ask for other
things Sarah Butzine Experiential Learning
and Leadership Development Design and
facilitation of trainings on 4-H curriculum,
leadership, group facilitation, and evaluation.
Staff liaison for KC fair. Shanyanika (Shan)
McElroy Marketing Outreach Training support
for outreach events, new partnerships, print and
non print marketing materials, spoken word
curriculum Sonia Morales 4-H Faculty Diversity
training and program development for families
youth, new partnerships, summer program Sue
Lerner Interim 4-H Educator Overall program
leadership supervision including program rules
and regulations in alignment with State and
National 4-H, WSU and King County, staff
supervision, financial development (grants),
Strategic Plan and Advisory Committee
Partnerships with 4-H
  • Youth and Families
  • Youth development organizations
  • Schools
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Community based agencies
  • Located throughout KC
  • Same age, ethnic and gender diversity
  • as in King County

Strategic Growth
Advisory Committee - representative group of
people responsible for giving advice on 4-H
program needs, direction and management to insure
a balanced program based on the county
affirmative action plan. Strategic Planning
Framework 5 year plan resulting from study of
needs and interests of all county youth five to
19 years of age by a representative group of
people. www.king.wsu.edu/4h
King County 4-H -Challenges and Opportunities
Challenges and Opportunities for 4-H
  • Volunteers and Members
  • Declining adult volunteer and youth membership in
  • 4-H community clubs
  • Increasing membership in urban areas, schools and
    other organizations
  • Lack of capacity to support increasing membership
  • Low, but increasing, cultural and geographical
    diversity in membership

Challenges and Opportunities for 4-H
  • Funding
  • King County funding presently supports ¼ of
    salaries for 4H Faculty and Staff (This funding
    is a requirement for funding from WSU from which
    we receive the remaining ¾ ). Without Extension
    staff, 4H cannot exist in the County.
  • Due to reduced income from County taxes, there is
    concern that by 2014 there will be no County
    funding for 4H. KC 4-H has no fundraising
    mechanism, other than grants.
  • Our goal is 100K/year

Challenges and Opportunities for 4-H
  • Faculty Leadership transition
  • The permanent lead 4-H faculty position will be
    hired soon.

4-H Strategic Plan Review
Focus Area One Access, Equity and Opportunity
4-H Values Equitable access, Opportunities for
all youth, their families, volunteer and staff,
Extensive networks of community partners
  • Focus Area Goals
  • 4-H will invest in youth and their future by
    ensuring equitable access to all youth
    development opportunities offered by WSU-KC
  • 4-H will make priority investment in
    collaborative partnerships to build capacity and
    enrollment for King Countys diverse urban and
    rural populations

Focus Area Two Cultivating Exceptional People
and Innovative Human Resource Practices
4-H Values Developing and investing in human
resource systems, shared leadership, leading edge
professional development, support of volunteers
and advancement of youth development field
  • Focus Area Goals
  • 4-H will create a human resource system to
    recruit, hire and mentor exceptional membership
    of diverse adult and youth leaders.
  • WSU-KC Extension and 4-H will invest in its
    people by providing exceptional learning/training
  • WSU-KC Extension and 4-H will advance the field
    of youth development preparation and practice.

Focus Area Three Extraordinary Experiences and
Innovative Practices
4-H Values Youth development principles,
experiential education and effective program
delivery, new technology, math science and
technical literacy
  • Focus Area Goals
  • WSU-KC Extension and 4-H will imagine and design
    flexible experiential educational models that
    engage the head, heart, hand and health of youth.
  • 4-H will develop, strengthen, and support the
    youth development competencies of extension
    faculty and all levels of 4-H leadership.
  • WSU KC Extension and 4-H will use new
    technologies to shape learning opportunities that
    go beyond the boundaries of geography, time, and

Focus Area Four Building Systems to support
mission implementation
4-H Values Community partnerships and alliances,
Resourcefulness, Diversity Internal
collaboration, Volunteerism
  • Focus Area Goals
  • 4-H will create bold, innovative, capacity
    building initiatives to enable mission and
    strategic framework implementation.
  • WSU KC Extension will build capacity to support
    the expanding role of 4-H in the youth-related
    components of all Extension programs.
  • 4-H will strengthen the capacity of WSU Extension
    professionals and volunteers to identify
    collaborators and develop partnerships.
  • 4-H will update technology infrastructure to more
    effectively use information systems

Focus Area Five Investing in a sustainable
4-H Values Innovation as a strategy, creativity
in its volunteers and staff, clear/consistent and
compelling messages, a strong advocacy voice for
youth, open honest communication
  • Focus Area Goals
  • 4-H will determine organizational priorities
    through Strategic Framework planning.
  • 4-H will outline a sustainability plan for public
    and private fund development.
  • 4-H will ensure systems are agile and adaptable,
    capitalizing on opportunistic and sustainable
    resource development.
  • 4-H will collaborate with Washington State 4-H
    Foundation to create 4-H scholarships and other
    funding options.
  • 4-H will review funding, fees and collection

Focus Area Six Cultivating Exceptional People
and Innovative Human Resource Practices
4-H Values Developing and investing in human
resource systems, shared leadership, leading edge
professional development, support of volunteers
and advancement of youth development field
  • Focus Area Goals
  • 4-H will Draft and implement a Marketing Plan
    that communicates the value of 4-H in culturally
    and gender inclusive ways.

New KC 4-H website
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