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Vendor MARC Records for E-Content


Vendor MARC Records for EContent – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Vendor MARC Records for E-Content

Vendor MARC Records for E-Content
  • ALCTS Automated Acquisitions
  • In-Process Control Systems Discussion Group
  • January 13, 2008

Marsha Garman
  • Acquisitions Operations Management Librarian
  • Yale University

Purchasing e-content
  • What do we need?

Background Why this topic?
  • Shelf-ready pilots little consistency across
    vendors for acquisitions info in MARC records or
    in workflows
  • Now e-book ordering from vendor online systems.
    Can we do this better?

Ordering Online
  • Can funds, locs, and notes ( of simultaneous
    users) information be added by selectors/acq
    staff in order to populate the MARC records?
  • Are titles deduped against print titles ordered
    from the vendor?
  • Can titles be deduped against local catalog?
  • Can titles be checked for overlapping with large
    e-resources databases owned by the library to
    avoid title duplication (similar to blocking
    titles being sent on standing order)?

  • Is there a standard license for single-title
    e-book purchases?
  • Can license information be embedded in the MARC
  • - Number of simultaneous users

  • Sometimes a selector may want to duplicate a
    title already held in a large e-resources
    database to assure it will be held in perpetuity.
    Exactly what does the vendor mean by perpetuity?

Where did it go?
  • What happens if the publisher removes the title,
    moves it to an archive server, or changes the
  • Who is responsible for notifying the library?
  • What is a reasonable lead time for notification?

MARC Records
  • Standardization in 9xx tags for
    vendor/acquisitions information?
  • Are full MARC records available for export? One
    record load?
  • If no overlay load is required, how is the URL

  • Is EDI ordering/invoicing available?
  • Are paper orders/invoices an option?

Sharon Marshall
  • Associate Coordinator
  • Bibliographic Services
  • University of Alberta

  • Would you like those e-books shelf ready?

The University of Alberta Libraries
  • 35,000 students
  • Collections budget 15 million
  • 450,000 e-books catalogued

Record Requirements
  • Must integrate into an existing catalogue
  • Standard
  • Consistent
  • Easy to manage

Cataloguing standards
  • full LC level
  • AACR
  • LCSH
  • LC/DDC classification
  • authority controlled headings
  • MARC21
  • source and quality assurance
  • treatment of reproductions, sets, serials
  • level/granularity of work catalogued book,
    volume, chapter, poem

Local and consortia needs
  • Local data
  • site-specific URLs
  • call numbers
  • fund numbers
  • notes
  • holdings
  • Consortia purchases
  • members may share a catalogue or not
  • members may join or leave

Easy to manage records
  • unique record numbers
  • separate files for each purchasable collection
  • records match content purchased
  • deduping
  • loading, overlaying, removing records

Other Considerations
  • Good links
  • URLs link directly to book described
  • OpenURL
  • stable
  • Timely delivery
  • Records available as soon as e-books are
  • Timely availability of new, updated, deleted

Gary Charbonneau
  • Systems Librarian
  • Indiana University
  • Member of the Standing Committee
  • on Automation of the PCC

Program for Cooperative Cataloging
  • An international cooperative effort aimed at
    expanding access to library collections by
    providing useful, timely, and cost-effective
    cataloging that meets mutually-accepted standards
    of libraries around the world.

Program for Cooperative Cataloging
  • Components
  • BIBCO (monographs, etc.)
  • CONSER (serials)
  • NACO (name authorities)
  • SACO (subject authorities)

Program for Cooperative Cataloging
  • Committees
  • Standing Committee on Standards
  • Standing Committee on Training
  • Standing Committee on Automation

Standing Committee on Automation
  • Identifies automation issues to be resolved in
    order to implement the mission of the Program,
    formulates plans to present PCC requirements to
    vendors, and facilitates cooperation among
    Program participants and the bibliographic

Third Task Group on Journals
in Aggregator Databases (2004)
  • http//
  • Charged to create and test a mechanism by which
    separate electronic version records might be
    machine generated from existing records which
    could then be added to the CONSER database.

Third Task Group on Journals
in Aggregator Databases (2004)
  • Report describes what macro does.
  • Developed a macro (written by Robert Bremer,
    OCLC) that clones bibliographic records for
    electronic serials from existing print records.

MARC Record Guide for
Monograph Aggregator Vendors http//
  • Primary audience The community of publishers
    and vendors who make aggregations of monograph
    records available to libraries.

What Next?
  • Until now, sharing records has generally meant
    contributing records to a bibliographic utility,
    to be downloaded by individual libraries into
    their local ILSs. Whats in the ILS is what the
    user sees.
  • WorldCat Local model is different Whats in OCLC
    is what the user sees. Will this be the model of
    the future?
  • Problem with WorldCat Local model Getting
    records for titles in aggregations into OCLC.

Ann-Marie Breaux
  • Vice-President
  • for Academic Service Development
  • YBP Library Services

eBook Catalogingand Monographic Vendors
  • Ann-Marie Breaux ALA
  • YBP Library Services January 13, 2008

Vendor Cataloging Considerations
  • Reliability
  • Predictability
  • Speed
  • Revenue
  • Standards
  • Local Variation
  • 856 Construction

Types of eBook Sales
  • Individual Monographs/MRWs
  • One-time Purchase
  • Each Item Invoiced Individually
  • Mimics pBook Workflow
  • Additional Content May Appear Over Time
  • Collections/Packages
  • One-time Purchase
  • Items Invoiced as a Group
  • Items Often Added to Collection Over Time (and
    Sometimes Deleted!)
  • Standing Orders
  • One-time Purchase
  • Items May Be Invoiced as a Group (subscription?)
    or Individually (traditional monographic standing
  • Items Delivered Over Time

Cataloging Record Implications
  • Individual Monographs/MRWs
  • One Cataloging Record
  • Delivered at Point of Invoicing
  • Collections/Packages
  • Multiple Cataloging Records
  • Delivered Over Time
  • What About Deletions?
  • Standing Orders
  • One or Multiple Cataloging Records
  • Delivered at Point of Invoicing or Over Time

Our Rulebook
  • PCCs MARC Record Guide for
  • Monograph Aggregator Vendors
  • http//

Sample Customer A eBook Cataloging Instructions
  • Output local data as shown
  • 935 a Purchase order number (if supplied)
  • 940 l es001 (e, s, zero, zero, one)
  • 960 r invoice date
  • 981 d YBP order key
  • 980 a invoice date
  • 980 f invoice number
  • 980 g number of copies on invoice line
  • 980 b list price (no decimal)
  • 980 e net price (no decimal)
  • 981 b fund code
  • Output the following constant data for location
  • 910 a YBP ebook
  • 981 c ESB
  • Add the following to the 856 field in each
  • z Click here to view online version access
    limited to Generic University users.
  • Copy the contents of the 050/090 to the 990
    field. Include delimiters.

Sample Customer B eBook Cataloging Instructions
  • Output the YBP order key to the 001 field
    prefixed by a lower case y.
  • Delete all 050/090 fields. Add an 050 as
    follows 050 a See URL
  • Output the following local data in all records
  • 949 b YBP OrderKey
  • 949 w LC (output LC as constant data)
  • 980 a Invoice date (yymmdd)
  • 980 b List price (nn.nn)
  • 980 e Net price (nn.nn)
  • 980 f Invoice number
  • 980 g Quantity
  • 981 b Fund code
  • 981 c Location code in order
  • Prefix all fund codes with 113900051640.
  • Output additional local data as follows
  • Location code in order E-BOOK
  • Item type(949 t) E-BOOK
  • Holding Code (949 h) LIBRARYWEB
  • Home Location (949 k) LIBRARYWEB
  • Current Location (949 l) LIBRARYWEB

Sample eBook Cataloging Record
LDR 01579nam 22004213a 4500 001 y973400 003
NhCcYBP 005 20070928141845.7 006
m\\\\\\\\d\\\\\\\\ 007 cr\cnu---unuuu 008
070731s2007\\\\gw\a\\\\sb\\\\001\0\eng\d 020
\\a9783540366898 (electronic bk.) 020
\\a354036689X (electronic bk.) 040
\\aNdollarTdNhCcYBP 050 \4aQL801b.E67
vol. 189 060 14aW1bAD433K v.189 2007 060
14aWL 307bM612g 2007 082 04a612.825222 100
1\aMeyer, Gundela. 245 10aGenetic control of
neuronal migrations in human cortical development
helectronic resource /cGundela Meyer. 260
\\aBerlin aNew York bSpringer,cc2007. 300
\\avi, 114 p. bill. (some col.) c24 cm.
Sample eBook Cataloging Record
490 1\aAdvances in anatomy, embryology, and
cell biology,x0301-5556 v189 504
\\aIncludes bibliographical references (p.
84-111) and index. 533 \\aElectronic
reproduction.bPalo Alto, Calif.nAvailable via
World Wide Web. 650 12aCerebral Cortexxgrowth
development. 650 22aNeurobiology. 650
\0aCerebral cortexxGrowth. 650
\0aDevelopmental neurobiology. 650 \0aGenetic
regulation. 655 \7aElectronic
books.2local 710 2\aebrary, Inc. 776
949336 830 \0aAdvances in anatomy, embryology,
and cell biology vv. 189. 856
949 \\i99817604120 980 \\a070905b119.00e1
19.00f217125g1 981 \\b34271
Vendor eBook Cataloging Challenges
  • Increased Original Cataloging
  • More Complex Local Data Requirements
  • Delivery of Records over Time
  • Deletions
  • Multiple eBook Records for the Same
    Content/Evolving Standards

eBook Catalogingand Monographic Vendors
  • Ann-Marie Breaux
  • VP, Academic Service Integration
  • Jim Shetler
  • VP, Library Technical Services
  • YBP Library Services

Cynthia M. Whitacre
  • Manager of the WorldCat Quality Partner Content
  • OCLC

Vendor MARC Records for E-Content Materials in
ALA Midwinter
13 January 2008
  • Cynthia M. Whitacre
  • Manager, WorldCat Quality Partner Content Dept.
  • OCLC

OCLCs Vendor Record Contribution Program
  • E-content records contributed through this
    program by
  • Gale Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • Wiley Wiley Interscience titles
  • http//
    tion/technical/default.htm for a list of partners

OCLCs Vendor Record Contribution Program
  • E-content records contributed through this
    program by
  • Gale Gale Virtual Reference Library
  • Wiley Wiley Interscience titles
  • http//
    tion/technical/default.htm for a list of partners

Specific agreements with Gale
  • Loading records and setting holdings for
  • MOML Making of the Modern Law
  • MOMW Making of the Modern World (aka Making of
    the Modern Economy)
  • 19th Century US Newspapers Online
  • Others agreements are in the pipeline with Gale
    and other vendors

NetLibrary Records
  • Records for NetLibrary titles are created
    in-house at OCLC by OCLCs Contract Cataloging
  • This includes records for both e-book and e-audio

Contract Cataloging services
  • OCLC has agreements with other e-content vendors
    to create MARC records in WorldCat on their
    behalf. These include
  • Ebook Library
  • Knovel
  • Naxos Music Library
  • Overdrive, Inc.
  • Other projects are in the works

eSerials holdings service
  • This is a free service. For libraries that
    subscribe, OCLC receives holdings files from
    serials management provider partners, sets
    holdings for an initial load, then receives
    regular updates. Holdings are set on eSerial
    records. When this project began, OCLC created
    many eSerial records in WorldCat using our own
    Contract Cataloging staff. OCLC staff continue
    to create records as needed.
  • See http//

WorldCat Selection
  • If your vendor is providing eContent as part of
    their notifications slips, those are included in
    the titles they send for the WorldCat Selection
  • There is no special section for these titles
    they are included as part of the standard lists.

WorldCat Selection
  • If your vendor is providing eContent as part of
    their notifications slips, those are included in
    the titles they send for the WorldCat Selection
  • There is no special section for these titles
    they are included as part of the standard lists.

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  • Comments?
  • Discussion Points?
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