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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Consultation Workshop Webcast

ConsultationWorkshop/ Webcast 2Revised (Phase
1 2) Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment
(WEEE) Program Development
  • April 30, 2009

Slide 1
  • In-person 60
  • Webcast 250
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  • email box for questions/comments on left side of
    webcast console
  • use any time
  • please include name affiliation
  • Archived webcast available for 6 months

Slide 2
Todays Agenda (1)
  • Consultation process
  • Update on Phase 1 Program implementation
  • Designated Materials Definitions
  • Enhancements to the WEEE Program
  • Baseline data targets
  • Questions answers
  • Break

Slide 3
Todays Agenda (2)
  • Program costs preliminary budget
  • Changes to the fee-setting methodology
  • Preliminary Steward fees
  • Questions answers
  • How to provide feedback comments

Slide 4
Draft Preliminary Revised WEEE Program Plan
  • Consolidated program to address Phase 1 Phase
    2 WEEE
  • Benefits
  • deliver single integrated program
  • greater efficiency for Stewards service
  • Final deliverable Revised WEEE Program Plan
  • due to Minister of the Environment July 10, 2009
  • several interim deadlines to be met

Slide 5
Plan Submission Timelines
Slide 6
Progress to Date
  • January 21, 2009 Document for Consultation
    posted to OES website for comment
  • February 4, 2009 Consultation 1
  • preliminary Consultation Report on OES website
  • includes all comments received to date
  • April 23, 2009 Draft Preliminary Revised (Phase
    1 2) WEEE Program Plan posted for comment
  • Ongoing review with MOE WDO
  • Stewards providing industry information

Slide 7
Objectives of Todays Consultation
  • Update key stakeholders
  • Encourage continued engagement in plan
    development process
  • Receive program comments questions answers
    input through survey tool
  • Outline key changes resulting from stakeholder
    feedback to date
  • Outline proposed enhancements to WEEE Program
  • Present preliminary Year 1 budget preliminary
    Steward fees for consultation

Slide 8
Next Steps
  • Thursday May 7 Deadline for comments
  • Comments to be addressed in development of final
    Preliminary Program Plan
  • to be submitted to WDO on May 15, 2009

Access to OES Consultation Survey tool
Slide 9
Update on Phase 1 Program Implementation
  • Carol HochuExecutive Director, OES

Slide 10
Successful Launch of Phase 1
Slide 11
WEEE Being Diverted From Landfill
  • Key performance measures as of April
  • 240 applications to be collection sites
  • 2 processors approved 8 in different stages of
  • gt60 tractor trailers of WEEE sent for processing

Slide 12
Successful Launch of the Phase 1 Program
  • Do What You Can website
  • 25K visitors in 1st 5 days (to April 5)
  • 66K visitors through April 29
  • Collection options
  • 17 participating municipalities serving 2.5M
  • another 2 dozen pending ?adds nearly 900K more
  • 37 Salvation Army Thrift Stores - Windsor to
  • 14 round-up events at SEARS Eastern ON stores
    Saturday, April 25
  • 17 trailers of WEEE collected
  • 17 Staples in Southwestern ON to begin May 1

Slide 13
Clutter Ad
Slide 14
Gulls Ad
Slide 15
In the Months Ahead
  • Continue to approve OES collection site expand
  • Complete a Northern ON tour to approve add
    collections sites
  • Approve OES reuse refurbishment sites
  • Plan OES round-up events to fill gaps in
  • Initiate RD activities under Phase 1

Slide 16
Preliminary Revised (Phase 1 2) WEEE Program
PlanPlanning Development
  • Jennifer Russell

Slide 17
  • EEE Electrical Electronic Equipment
  • designated materials for which Stewards must
    report pay fees to OES
  • WEEE Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment
  • waste EEE which OES responsible to manage in
    accordance with specifications outlined in WEEE
    Program Plan

Slide 18
Material Categories Definitions
  • Stakeholder feedback comments included
  • modification to language in EEE definitions
  • combined or separated EEE categories
  • clarification on inclusions exclusions

Slide 19
Rationale for Changes to Definitions
  • Group products with successive technology
  • 8 track ?cassette ? CD ? digital players
  • Recognize technological convergence
  • combined printer, fax, phone, scanner
  • Moderate fee impact due to changing consumer
    preferences trends
  • selling gt40" flat screen TVs today recovering
    older CRT TVs
  • Harmonization with Steward definitions
    reporting other provinces

Slide 20
Revised Definitions
  • Additional modifications due to proposed changes
    to Program Plan revised data sources

Revisions included in new Proposed Material
Categories Definition Handout 1 Also
available at consultation page of
Slide 21
Changes to Material Categories Definitions
  • Separated Printing Devices from Copiers
    Multi-Function Devices
  • Combined Televisions Monitors into single
    Display Devices category
  • differentiated by 29" or gt 29" screen size
  • Combined Portable Desktop Computers into single
    Computers category
  • Refined scope of
  • Telephones Telephone Answering Machines
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Cellular Devices
  • Re-integrated EEE designed for commercial
    applications (more to follow)

Slide 22
Potential Impact of Changes
  • Changes to Steward reporting
  • revised categories for Steward reporting
  • changes to Phase 1 WEEE product fees on revised
    plan commencement date
  • new product fee categories
  • inclusion of EEE for commercial applications
  • Changes to program operations
  • new collection strategies techniques required
    for some categories
  • different sorting packaging requirements for
    collection sites
  • Changes to overall WEEE Program design
  • greater flexibility to incorporate flows of WEEE
    to increase accessibility diversion

Slide 23
Feedback Requested
  • Please review proposed changes to
  • EEE categories
  • definition language
  • scope of inclusions exclusions
  • Questions or comments welcome during QA or
    through written submissions
  • Submit comments suggestions online

OES Consultation Survey Tool www.ontarioelectronic
Slide 24
Enhancements to the WEEE Program
  • Gordon Day

Slide 25
Program Enhancements
  • Revised WEEE Program Plan
  • builds on experience gained from Phase I
  • incorporates stakeholder feedback from
    Consultation 1
  • addresses unique collection needs for certain
    Phase 2 WEEE
  • improves program flexibility
  • increases WEEE diversion options

Slide 26
Key Changes
  • New collection channels to be incorporated under
    OES program
  • Increased flexibility on WEEE packaging
  • Revised Draft Electronics Recycling Standard for
    primary processors
  • Revised methodology for allocating WEEE to
    approved primary processors

Slide 27
Handout 2 Overview of WEEE Program Design
Preliminary Flow of Materials OES Funding
Slide 28
New Diversion Opportunities
  • Direct-shipment
  • between WEEE generation sites OES-approved
  • Increased flexibility for WEEE collectors
  • approved collectors to provide a range of
    services to WEEE generation sites
  • Steward self-management
  • incorporate Steward self-management programs into
    OES program

Slide 29
Direct-Shipment Option
Handout 2
Slide 30
Direct-Shipment Option
  • Accommodates direct shipment of WEEE from
    generation site to OES-approved processors
  • Allows registered WEEE generation sites to
    maintain existing business relationships
  • If pre-approved by OES, WEEE generator will be
    reimbursed for processing costs incurred if sent
    to OES-approved processor
  • OES will not cover transportation or other
    value-added costs for direct-ship arrangements

Slide 31
Steward Self-Management Option
Handout 2
Slide 32
Steward Self-Management Option
  • Stewards operating separate WEEE EOL management
    programs may be incorporated in OES program
  • more accurate tracking of total diversion
  • Stewards already managing these program costs
  • lease-return cell phone return programs
  • Approval required by OES
  • as outlined in draft Preliminary Revised Program
  • Stewards approved to self-manage WEEE must remit
    Program Compliance Fee
  • cover share of common costs to discharge Steward

Slide 33
Increased Flexibility for Collection
Generation Sites
  • Collection sites may use any OES-approved
  • provided by OES
  • allow for handling options other than sorting
    packaging requirements prescribed under Phase 1
  • Collection incentive (165/tonne) to offset WEEE
    handling costs
  • cost allocation under Phase 1 to be completed
  • Maintaining existing sorting packaging groups
  • OES-approved collectors/collection agents may
    provide services to other generation sites

New Group
Slide 34
Approved Collectors/Collection Agents
Handout 2
Slide 35
Approved Collectors/Collection Agents
  • Registered WEEE generation sites that do not meet
    OES sorting packaging can participate in
  • OES-approved collectors may
  • provide sorting packaging services to meet OES
  • direct WEEE to OES consolidation centre
  • receive payment of OES collection incentive
  • Commercial arrangements can be made directly
    between registered generation sites
    OES-approved collectors
  • no OES involvement required

Slide 36
Revised WEEE Allocation Methodology
  • Allocate only WEEE received at OES consolidation
  • Competitive RFP process with revised criteria
  • Recycling Rate 50 weighting
  • Price 30 weighting
  • Innovation capacity 20 weighting
  • Discontinue regional allocation approach
  • Allocation of WEEE by material (display devices
    combined computers other WEEE)
  • Extend contract length to 36 months
  • OES retain direct control of up to 20 of
    collected WEEE
  • RD start-up testing of new processing
    equipment, other applications

Slide 37
Reuse Refurbishment Standards
  • Clarified original language to close potential
  • updated Appendix 8a (Section 4.1 4.2)
  • Export for reuse /or refurbishment allowed only
    where product performs same function(s) for which
    it was originally designed
  • Other minor language changes

Input welcome through OES Consultation Survey
Slide 38
New Draft Electronics Recycling Standard (ERS)
  • ERS defines environmentally-sound recycling
    criteria as basis for processor audits
  • based on Electronic Product Stewardship Canada
    (EPSC) national approach
  • developed with industry ENGOs
  • requirements for environmental management,
    occupational health safety, downstream
    accountability for waste
  • expanded range of materials prohibited from
    export to non-OECD/non-EU countries

Slide 39
Modified ERS Requirements
  • New requirement to remove batteries, mercury
    bulbs ink toners cartridges
  • Maintain documented closure plan with adequate
    financial measures
  • Cover any materials stored outside to prevent
    exposure to elements
  • Regular independent review of data destruction
  • Additional requirements outlined in Draft ERS

Slide 40
Responsibility for Managing Materials Remains
with Designated IFO
  • Batteries, fluorescent bulbs tubes, mercury
    switches designated under MHSW program
  • Stewardship Ontario will have legal obligation
    for these materials as designated MHSW IFO
  • WEEE processors encouraged to register as MHSW
    collection sites upon revised MHSW Program Plan
  • Administrative procedures will be developed
    between OES Stewardship Ontario
  • reporting requirements
  • reconciling material management costs

Slide 41
Providing Input to Program Enhancements
  • Review key proposed program enhancements
  • new collection channels opportunities
  • flexibility for collection sites collectors
  • revised allocation methodology for WEEE for
  • changes to the 2 standards
  • Questions or comments during QA
  • Submit comments suggestions online

OES Consultation Survey Tool www.ontarioelectronic
Slide 42
Baseline Data Performance Targets
  • Gordon Day

Slide 43
Baseline Data Performance Targets
  • Revised Plan based on best available data
  • new inter-provincial study of WEEE commissioned
    for 3 provinces ESABC (BC), SWEEP (SK), ACES
  • revised data on products supplied into ON
    extrapolated from national data
  • use of limited data available from Phase 1
  • revised OES assumptions about material flow
  • Steward self-management
  • Direct-ship

Slide 44
Program Accessibility
Baseline232 permanent sites across 4 ON regions
Detailed Accessibility Targets outlined in
Section 5.1.1 of the Preliminary Revised WEEE
Program Plan
Slide 45
Initiatives to Increase Accessibility
  • Accessibility to collection services includes
  • Permanent depots (municipal or non-municipal)
  • Event based collections (quarterly, bi-annual,
  • Variety of accessibility opportunities
  • curbside collection (e.g. Toronto)
  • multi-family collection (new collection vehicle
    to serve MF)
  • property management (tenants/employees)
  • universities/colleges (students)
  • Steward take-back returns
  • material managed through Steward self-manage or

OES Consultation Survey Tool www.ontarioelectronic
Slide 46
Projected WEEE Supplied for Use in Ontario
Detailed WEEE supplied for Use in ON outlined in
Section 3.1 of Draft Preliminary Revised WEEE
Program Plan
Slide 47
Projected WEEE Available for Collection
Detailed WEEE available for collection outlined
in Section 3.2 of Draft Preliminary Revised WEEE
Program Plan
Slide 48
Material Flow Assumptions
  • Draft plan assumes 100 of WEEE collected at
    OES-approved collection sites
  • most conservative financial planning assumption
  • Feedback requested on
  • appropriate estimate of of WEEE to flow via
    Steward self-management channels
  • appropriate estimate of of WEEE to flow via
    direct-shipment channels

OES Consultation Survey Tool www.ontarioelectronic
Slide 49
WEEE Collection Set to Increase
Detailed WEEE Collection Targets outlined in
Section 5.1.4 of the Preliminary Revised WEEE
Program Plan
Slide 50
Quantities of WEEE Recycled Also Increase
Detailed WEEE Recycling Targets outlined in
Section 5.1.5 of Preliminary Revised WEEE
Program Plan
Slide 51
Feedback on Data Targets
  • Please review preliminary data targets
  • accessibility to collection sites
  • projections of EEE supplied WEEE available for
  • assumptions for of WEEE flowing via new
  • targets
  • Questions or comments welcome during QA
  • Submit comments suggestions online

OES Consultation Survey Tool www.ontarioelectronic
Slide 52
Slide 53
After the Break
  • Preliminary Program Costs Budget
  • Revised Fee-Setting Methodology
  • Preliminary Steward Fees

Slide 54
Slide 55
Welcome Back!
Slide 56
Next Topics
  • Preliminary program costs budget
  • Revised Fee-setting methodology
  • Preliminary Steward fees
  • How to provide feedback comments

Slide 57
Program Costs Preliminary Budget
  • Gordon Day

Slide 58
The Big Picture
  • Program costs increasing due to
  • increased range of WEEE included
  • 24 new materials (now 44 in total)
  • all different sizes weights
  • accessibility for Ontarians improving
  • more collection points
  • opportunities for services through approved
  • greater access to WEEE generated in
    industrial/commercial/institutional (ICI) sector
  • increasing tonnes of WEEE managed with more
    materials collected, transported processed

Slide 59
Budget Estimates Preliminary Only
  • Recommend conservative approach for potential
    program costs
  • economic conditions uncertain
  • 100 of ON collected WEEE assumed to be managed
    under OES program
  • Final draft plan to make assumptions on percent
    of WEEE likely to be managed through
    direct-shipment Steward self-management
  • reduce program cost estimates

Seek input on appropriate assumptions for percent
of WEEE in direct-shipment Steward
self-management channels
Slide 60
Rationale for Display Devices
  • Used rationale from inter-provincial study
  • Display devices combined into a single category
    with 2 sub-categories on the basis that
  • computer monitors are typically 29" in size
  • new television sales are trending towards gt29"
  • commercial displays look like a television but do
    not have a tuner
  • display devices without tuners are being sold as
  • large percentage of televisions collected for
    recycling are 18"-29"

Slide 61
Aligning Costs
  • Need to align costs for handling televisions to
    reside with television Stewards selling larger
  • OES shifted costs for televisions 29" to the new
    gt29" display sub-category for purposes of setting
  • Monitor costs are isolated fees are reflected
    in new 29" display device category

Slide 62
Collection Incentive Payment at 165/tonne
  • Detailed activity-based costing yet to be
  • consider including Phase 2 materials now
  • limited experience in Phase 2 material (NS)
  • Recession impacts on cost drivers
  • fluctuating operating costs (fuel, rents, etc.)
  • Collection site registration on target to meet
    Year 1 goals

Slide 63
Cost Assumptions for Preliminary Budget
Slide 64
Projected Year 1 WEEE Management Costs
Assumes 100 of WEEE material is collected at
OES-approved collection sites managed under OES
WEEE management system. These estimates may be
revised in Draft Final Program Plan.
Slide 65
Other OES Year 1 Program Costs
Slide 66
Preliminary Year 1 Budget
Note Assumes 100 of WEEE material is collected
at OES-approved Collection sites managed under
the OES WEEE management system. These values may
Slide 67
Feedback on Costs Preliminary Budget
  • Please review costs preliminary budget
  • cost assumptions factors
  • costs to manage WEEE in first year of Program
  • other Costs in first year of Program
  • preliminary Year 1 Budget
  • allocation of WEEE likely to be managed via
    direct shipment Steward self-management
  • Questions or comments welcome during QA
  • Submit comments suggestions online

OES Consultation Survey Tool www.ontarioelectronic
Slide 68
Still Under Development
  • Revised Program Agreement being prepared by WDO
  • OES governance model under review
  • may provide up to 2 additional seats for
  • criteria under consideration include
  • experience skills that can contribute to Board
    Program effectiveness
  • knowledge of obligated Phase 2 EEE not currently
    represented on Board

Slide 69
Revised Fee-Setting Methodology
  • Guy Perry

Slide 70
Stewards will Report Remit Fees
  • Proposed EEE Sub-Categories

Slide 71
Key Issues for Fee-Setting
  • Program compliance fee to reflect lower costs
    associated with WEEE self-management options to
    be included under Revised WEEE Program Plan
  • Costs to manage obsolete WEEE to be allocated to
    Steward fees of successive EEE technology
  • Allocating Phase 1 Program development costs
    across both Phase 1 Phase 2 Stewards
  • Allocating Revised Phase 1 2 Program Plan
    development implementation costs to all
  • 3-year period to incorporate financial surplus or
    shortfall in subsequent fee calculations

Slide 72
Overview of Revised Fee Structure
  • Different cost categories to reflect OES
  • identification allocation of WEEE plan
    development costs
  • payable by all Stewards
  • costs for managing WEEE under the program
  • payable by all Stewards whose material managed by
  • includes all common costs material-specific
    management costs
  • program compliance fee only
  • payable by Stewards managing their materials but
    using OES compliance services
  • includes share of compliance common program
  • other material-specific management costs managed
    directly by Stewards

Slide 73
Primary Differences from Phase 1 Program Fees
Phase 1 Plan One Fee Covering All OES
Activities Expressed /unit
Slide 74
Consolidated Plan2 Options
Option 1 Full OES Service All-in Fee Expressed
Option 2 OES Compliance Only Fee Expressed
Slide 75
Option 1 Standard All-in Steward Fee
  • For designated WEEE managed by OES on behalf of
    the Steward
  • Includes all OES program costs
  • Expressed as /unit
  • Common costs will be incorporated into standard
    all-in fee for full OES service option
  • allocated as per all common costs
  • 85 based on direct costs 15 shared equally
    among material categories

Slide 76
Standard All-in Steward Fee Includes
  • Plan development costs
  • Common start-up costs such as
  • development of protocols standard agreements
  • development of material tracking system (MTS)
  • OES program administration costs related to
  • Steward registration, reporting, payment of fees
  • cost allocation fee setting
  • reporting material overall program performance
  • OES governance
  • Material-specific costs for
  • registration contracting with collection,
    transportation, consolidation processing
    service providers
  • RD
  • Do What You Can website
  • External charges (e.g. WDO administration MOE

Slide 77
Option 2 Program Compliance Fee
  • For Stewards approved for self-management of
    specified WEEE
  • Based on share of cost for OES to monitor
    report Steward compliance overall program
  • Operational costs not included
  • paid directly by Stewards operating approved
    self-managed programs
  • Only Program Compliance Fee allocated to Steward
    self-managed materials
  • calculated/assessed as fixed cost-per-Steward

Slide 78
Program Compliance Fee-Includes
  • Plan development costs
  • Common start-up costs
  • OES program administration costs related to
  • Steward registration, reporting, payment of fees
  • Cost allocation fee setting
  • Reporting material overall program performance
  • OES governance
  • External charges
  • WDO administration MOE compliance activities

Slide 79
Recovery of Phase 1 Program Plan Costs
  • Delivering Revised WEEE Program includes
    repayment of costs for Phase 1 program
    development start-up
  • Phase 1 Program fees designed to recover plan
    development start-up costs in Year 1 3M
  • Some Phase 1 Program development start-up costs
    will be shared across Phase 2 EEE
  • Redistributing Phase 1 Program development
    start-up costs
  • may result in a credit to Phase 1 EEE fees

Slide 80
Revised Program Development Cost
  • Development start-up costs of Revised WEEE
    Program Plan will be allocated
  • to all materials according to level of activity
    attributable to those materials
  • across all materials according to 85 direct cost
    15 equal share of common costs

Slide 81
Allocating Costs to Successive Technology
  • OES Fee-setting guiding principle
  • The costs associated with the management of
    obsolete WEEE will be allocated to the Steward
    Fees for the successive technology
  • the obligated EEE device that followed and/or
    replaced, totally or in part, the function or
    intended purpose of the WEEE device.

Slide 82
Allocation of Surplus or Shortfall
  • Surplus or shortfall beyond amount prescribed
    material specific investments
  • allocated to Stewards over 3 years
  • intent to moderate any changes to Steward fee

Slide 83
Preliminary Steward Fees (/unit)
Assumes 100 of WEEE collected managed via
OES WEEE management system. Values may change.
Slide 84
Key Issues Under Review
  • Are the proposed EEE categories appropriate?
  • Grouping of monitor televisions under display
  • Grouping of portable desktops under single
  • Separation of printing copier devices
    different fee rates for
  • desktop floor-standing Printing Devices
  • desktop floor-standing Copiers Multi-Function
  • Planning projections to use for quantity of WEEE
    under Steward self-management
  • e.g. many floor-standing Printing Devices /or
    Copier Multi-Function Devices are managed
    through existing Steward self-management channels
  • Allocation of compliance costs within All-in Fee

Slide 85
Preliminary Fees Will Change!
  • Before submitting Draft Preliminary Revised Plan
    to WDO, OES will
  • incorporate industry feedback regarding
    assumptions about WEEE flowing through new
  • Steward self-management ?
  • direct-shipment ?
  • assess need to modify EEE categories reduce fee
    disparity for Printing Devices Copiers
    Multi-Function Devices
  • consult with Stewards about option of Program
    Compliance Fee for Stewards approved for WEEE
    self-management channel

Slide 86
Request for Feedback on Fee-Setting
  • OES seeks your feedback insight on
  • revised fee-setting methodology
  • differentiated fees
  • preliminary Steward fees

OES Consultation Survey Tool www.ontarioelectronic
Slide 87
Slide 88
Closing Items Reminders
  • Carol Hochu

Slide 89
Looking Forward
  • Revised plan to be submitted July 2009
  • 2 to 4 weeks to post on Environmental Registry
    for comment
  • 30 to 90 day comment period
  • MOE review approval time unknown
  • Revised plan approval
  • earliest late September 2009?
  • possibly December 2009 or later?

Slide 90
Consultation Survey Tool
  • New method to submit feedback comments on
    issues in
  • Workshop/ Webcast
  • Document for Consultation
  • Access survey tool at OES website
Slide 91
Accessing the Survey Tool
  • Access from OES home page or via Consultation page

Slide 92
Completing the Survey
  • First page outlines survey submission process,
    tips other information

Slide 93
We Want to Hear from You!
  • Provide your comments to OES
  • Include comments questions
  • Upload files documents
  • Help OES obtain industry data information

Consultation Survey www.ontarioelectronicstewardsh
Slide 94
  • Comments feedback required by May 7
  • Draft Preliminary Revised WEEE Program Plan
  • Workshop/Webcast 2 (today)
  • Preliminary Revised (Phase 1 2) WEEE Program
    Plan submitted to WDO May 15

Slide 95
Thank you!

Slide 96
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