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Garden of Eden: creating a living classroom


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Title: Garden of Eden: creating a living classroom

Garden of Edencreating a living classroom
  • An Organic Biodynamic system of farming and
    growing food in harmony with all.
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  • There is no value in creating a Garden of Eden
  • if the farmer cannot first love his farm.

  • Charles

800 years ago Native Indians fed 12 million of
their people by working in harmony with nature.
  • 36000 earth energy circles throughout the
    continent amplified this harmony reinforcing the
    sacred act of living as one.

This story brings this possibility alive once
  • Introduction
  • The intention of publishing this information is
    to introduce you to the idea of growing your own
    food (even in window boxes or containers) that is
    supported by earth energies, such as the sun and
    other cosmic energies, that is healthy and cost
    efficient and initiates living in harmony as your
    natural self.
  • It is also intended to access your inner hope to
    the possibilities that it is possible to achieve
    this easily.
  • The rewards of growing your own food in harmony
    with all elements of your environment produces
    food that not only feeds and heals your body, but
    also your spirit and mind.

The pictures depicted in this presentation were
taken over 3 visits to the farm in a 2 month
period from June 3rd to August 7th, 2006. Take a
moment to notice pictures in which there a no
plants are growing and compare them to the same
once plants have taken root.
  • I bring you a story about Shinimicas Rogation
    Centre a biodynamic organic farm owned and
    operated by Charles and Judith Hubbard.
  • Charles is a farmer, dowser, researcher, and his
    message of urgency and hope may stimulate a deep
    inner knowing that reminds you can, as a
    spiritual being, create harmony and joy on this
    lovely home we call Earth.
  • Charles has shown me that it is very possible to
    create my own sacred place on this earth and that
    by doing so, I return to wholeness, nature and
    myself. I encourage you to access this gifted
    teacher and consider the possibilities he offers
    and to explore books and other resources on ideas
    presented here.

May you come to experience for yourself the
spiritual truth within the following words and
allow your own inner truth to be sparked by the
flame of all that is possible. Maggie
Shinimicas means Shining Waters
Just minutes away from Northport, Nova Scotia, a
unique farming family is run by Charles and
Judith Hubbard.
They have worked the land for over 38 years,
immigrating from England to this very remote area
of the province, establishing a 550 acre farm.
Over the years the farm has had Jersey cows for
milk production, hogs (including registered
breeding stock sold across North America), and
crops for grain and forage.
  • Currently, there are 15 donkeys, 7 horses
    (including 4 rescued horses from an estrogen
    hormone production farm), a number of Ginny hens,
    chickens, geese, goats, Dexter cattle and the
    last Jersey cow, and cats...

  • ... and a few loyal, adorable canines
  • Besides harvesting the bounty of the land and
    the experience of living with the land, their
    life has included the gift of 7 children and 11
  • Charles is an internationally recognized dowser,
    researcher with 25 years experience, 50 years
    experience in farming.
  • Charles is quick to point out that this venture
    would not be possible without teamship with his
    wife Judith who has also worked full time on the
    farm all these years.

  • Imagine for a moment
  • The end of the day is arriving and it is time to
    prepare supper which includes a salad and
    vegetables. You walk out to your garden where
    you find a wonderful choice of leafy greens,
    carrots, tomatoes, and green onions - all ready
    for the choosing. They are still warm from the
    days sun. As you walk amongst the garden the
    smell of the soil encourages you to take a long,
    conscious breath. As you pick just enough
    vegetables for supper, you are filled with deep
    gratitude and appreciation as you experience the
    enjoyment that comes from picking food grown by
    your own labor. While these are your emotions,
    separate from the product just picked, somehow
    they find their way to the harvest seemingly
    enhancing the taste of the vegetables. It is as
    if you were in partnership with your food. Before
    going in to prepare supper, you pick a few garden
    companion flowers to adorn the table. As you eat
    your supper you realize that each mouthful
    reunites you with the vibrations of earth and sky
  • you have become part of a greater whole!

And the gratitude you so easily feel in that
moment ignites the flame of hope.
For many this image is familiar. For those
thinking that there is not enough time, energy or
money in the day to create such a moment,
establishing a living classroom is much easier
than it would seem. Even larger gardens or farms
can work to this end. Here is what Charles has
found through his experience of farming....
  • The Classroom
  • When a dynamic approach is used for growing
    food, the garden or farm evolves into a living
    classroom. The classroom can range from the
    backyard garden of a single container to a 50
    acre (or more) farm. As the farm or garden is
    approached with the intention of a living
    classroom, principles of harmony, innovation and
    effective stewardship result in a self-sufficient
    environment. The end benefit is food that some
    suggest tastes better, is inexpensive to produce
    and contains a measurably higher vibration of
    energy, which in turn, benefits the vibrational
    energy of the consumer.

  • The ingredients to make this possible
  • In the many years that Charles and Judith have
    been farming, starting from traditional farming
    methods, they have moved to seeing more, and have
    learned to connect the dots of evident
    outcomes, gathering valuable knowledge of how to
    work with the energies of nature. In true
    farming form, they wear many hats as they care
    for the land, animals and crops. The following
    is a brief overview of the dots that have
    culminated into a place that, in my opinion, is
    much more than a just a farm, it has become a
    classroom of peace, refuge and hope that embraces
    the essence of sacredness. It is Charles belief
    that we can all create this for ourselves whether
    living on a farm or in a large metropolitan area,
    and that we must begin to make conscious choices
    that insure there is food for future generations.

Charles experience with his living classroom
holds the following components
  • Component 1 Pyramid Structure
  • Many studies have concluded that the angles of a
    pyramid structure create a dynamic energy within
    it. These energies can efficiently support the
    growth of food without the use of any additional
    energy, other than naturally occurring earth

Currently there are two places on the farm where
Charles uses pyramid energy to grow vegetables -
one within an outdoor garden where there are two
small wooden framed structures (left) and - one
large pyramid hot-house style structure (right).

Each structure is capped to further amplify and
contain the energy of the structure.
  • Pyramid Structure...continued
  • The smaller wood-framed structures are 5 by 5
    and vegetables are grown in them as you can see
    by the picture on the right.

Also within this outdoor garden Charles has
dowsed to find the proper location for a garden
earth energy circle (see stone circle). The
original intention of this circle was to support
the growth and plentitude of the crops within
this garden. The wheel is 6 feet in diameter.
More in earth circles in a moment....
Aside from pyramid energy, Charles is able to
extend his growing season with innovative
structures likes these that he has designed
himself. Each section is on castors and can
easily be moved along a track. The structure is
made out of simple hardware supplies such as ¾
galvanized pipe (bent to shape) and greenhouse
  • Pyramid Structure...continued
  • The other, larger pyramid structure is actually
    a double pyramid, a 10 square foot green house
    topped with a pyramid roof, surrounded by a 20
    square foot outer frame pyramid structure made
    with copper piping. Charles installed both
    structures in late 2005 and has been consistently
    experimenting and successfully growing in-season
    and out-of-season crops since then. It is
    impressive that during our coldest winter days in
    2005-06 (approx. -20c), the temperature within
    this pyramid green house was 14c at 9 am - long
    before the suns low angle winter rays had
    arrived to add their heat. The picture above was
    taken in August.

Pyramid Structure...continued When I visited
Charles farm mid-July, 2006 tomato plants
planted in the third week of May from starters,
had grown almost double in height compared to
similar plants planted in the other gardens on
the farm. By August, as seen in this picture,
what was to be a low growing cherry tomato plant
had grown to nearly 6 in height in the pyramid
green house. Charles uses standard everyday seeds
for his planting.
Pyramid Structure...continued The double
structure allows for growing outside the
greenhouse while the weather is good while still
accessing the pyramid energies that enhance
growing. This picture also shows how Charles
uses standard concrete blocks to grow plants.
The concrete, he has found, also maintains a
consistent warmth in the soil. I noticed plants
growing within the framed boundary of the 20
outer structure were considerably more mature
than those growing just on the outer side of the
frame or in other parts of the farm.
  • Component 2 Earth Energies
  • Using the easy-to-learn technique of dowsing to
    determine the electromagnetic flow of earth
    energies, Charles has laid out earth energy
    circles that further enhance the energy of the
  • In 1996, he dowsed to find 4 lines intersecting
    on the land which lead him to create a 28
    diameter energy circle in the ground (picture

With the circle laid out, a vortex emerged from
the circle and began to create an energy field
for the farm. The initial intention and purpose
of the first wheel is to broadcast the energy
of reagents placed in a vial in the circle (using
the principles of Radionics) out to the fields
and crops. This might include necessary
ingredients needed in the soil to insure healthy
crops and yield (such as seaweed), and acts as a
way of applying biodynamic homeopathic
preparations to the farm, including soil and
  • Component 2 Earth Energies...continued
  • Charles discovered that a second such wheel was
    needed and so he laid out a 17 diameter circle
    in a nearby field. When the two circles were
    finished, Charles discovered an energy dome of
    approximately 100 acres had been created by the
    circles engulfing the land and farm. This dome
    continues today to support a perceptible energy
    level far above that which I have experienced on
    any other land and serves to further broadcast
    and energize the whole farm.
  • Charles has found that these earth energies (and
    elementals) further support the farm by him
    asking for help through directed intention or
    prayer - more on this shortly.

  • Component 3 Organic Biodynamic system
  • Charles explains this as farming the air for
    cosmic energies. This long-standing approach to
    growing and planting is still found in resources
    such as farmers almanacs that give planting
    times based on moon and earth phases, etc. Much
    of this knowledge of working with nature is no
    longer applied and the reasons for doing so are
    becoming extinct.
  • Biodynamic farming functions by applying farming
    principles and utilizing ones power of
    observation. It is through observation that one
    begins to plug in to ones environment and
    recognize how everything is interconnected.
    Charles experience estimates the breakdown
    between principle and observation to be 40
    farming principle and 60 knowledge gained
    through observation.

  • Component 3 Organic Biodynamic
  • Observation leads to working with intentionality.
  • Applying intentionality to every action brings
    fulfillment and leads to a life with deep meaning
    and texture.

Truly, this is where the idea of a classroom
comes from, as it is through the farmers
observations of the quality of living harmony on
the farm that determines what may be needed to
further support the life force of the farm.
Similar to the unison experienced when riding a
horse, when the rider and animal become one, the
biodynamic system of growing merges the planter,
land, earth cosmic energies and elements into
  • Component 4 Labyrinth
  • In conjunction with the energy circles, Charles
    has made room on his property for two 7-circuit
    sacred Cretan labyrinths one for humans (made
    about 8 years ago) and one for horses (made about
    4 years ago). The labyrinth for the horses
    (pictured right) provides them with mental

The human labyrinth (pictured left) is a place
for reflection, inspiration, and where the farmer
can quiet his mind to better hear the needs of
the farm. It is used to bring harmony and healing
to problems of the body, mind and spirit of the
farmer and his family.
  • Component 4 Labyrinth...continued
  • Charles has also found that the labyrinths add
    to the overall earth energies that combine to
    create this living classroom, and that along with
    the 100 acre dome of energy created by the earth
    energy circles, the labyrinths raise the
    harmonious vibrations of the land and animals.

  • Component 5 Prayer or directed intention
  • Recent scientific studies have discovered that
    vibrations of thought can be imprinted into water
    and that prayer (or directed intentional
    thoughts) further enhance and harmonize energy.
  • Charles firmly believes that it is the act of
    prayer or laying out a specific intention that
    ties all the ingredients of a living classroom
    together establishing reciprocal communication
    with the entire farm that results in effective
    food production. When working in harmony with
    nature in this way, the benefit is a living,
    vibrant joy that encompasses every living element
    of the farm.
  • This belief is reflected in his statement
  • And this we do!
  • referring to praying for the farm, and in his
    affirmation that
  • youve got to love your place.

  • Component 6
  • Measurement tools such as Radionics Analyzer
  • A Radionics Analyzer is an important part of the
    picture allowing a farmer to analyze and treat
    the soil and animals. It allows the measurement
    of energy, or life force, being held within the
    product or element of the farm. Without such
    feedback, it is virtually impossible to have a
    full impression of what unseen dynamics are
    taking place on the farm.
  • Using a Brix scale, the Refractometer measures
    the level of natural sugars (sucrose) contained
    in crops/produce. The higher the sugar content,
    the higher the vibrational energy in the food.
    Brix scores reflect the level of fertility of the
    land if the land is low in fertility, the food
    it produces will have a lower nutritional level.
    The sugars referred to here are those that
    naturally occur in food. When there is a
    balanced mix of sugars and other properties, the
    total nutritional value of the product is more

Component 7 Dowsing Dowsing is a tool in the
biodynamic farming system, similar to
kinesiology, that provides information to come
from an internal, deeper knowledge base. In the
environment of a living classroom, it is used to
improve the efficacy of planting by determining
where a plant/crop would best be planted.
Working on the premise that every living thing
reacts and interacts with its environment, a seed
will flourish when planted in harmony with its
surroundings. The intention for good is the only
use for dowsing here.
  • Component 8 Animals, birds compost
  • For your large farm environment, birds and
    animals, especially, play an important role in
    the production of food. Farm animals create the
    foundation of good compost through their manure,
    they eat excess crops keeping the farmer happy,
    as Charles says, and they bring balance to all
    aspects of the farm. Wild birds bring their
    early morning and afternoon songs the vibration
    of which coaxes and encourages farm plants to
    open up - this allows them to take in the
    nutrients and energy needed to grow.

Pictured above is the all important compost pile.
Charles has found that compost made from animal
manure and rock dust provides the main, essential
ingredient needed to insure a complete balance in
the soil. Along with perhaps a few biodynamic
preparations broadcasted to the land, as
described earlier, this compost serves to help
maintain the soils richness.
Authors note I must say this nature fact
about the birds that I learned from Charles blows
my mind! I am reminded of a small 1 newspaper
article my mum gave me years ago that reported
the common wild birds in the larger cities in
England were found to be dropping in numbers and
were not mating because they could not sing above
the noise of the city, hence could not attract a
mate. Silence is golden for a reason!
  • Component 9 Farmer and his family
  • Of course, none of this would be possible
    without the facilitator the Farmer and his
  • A Garden of Eden is incomplete unless the farm
    family reflects a balance similar to the farm.
    By living in love, harmony and peace, they
    transmit and reflect their life force vibrations
    adding to the greater whole of the farm. Stress,
    we can relate, affects us all on many different
    levels, so too, stress affects the farm and its

Knowing how your stress affects you, take a
moment to reflect how stress can possibly effect
the farm environment. Consider, also, with your
next meal all the hands it took to make it, many
being the hands of women and children.
  • The principles and virtues that Charles has found
    combine to create his
  • Garden of Eden - a living classroom are
  • Hope
  • an intentional legacy of life-giving food
    production sufficient for future generations
  • Directed intention or prayer
  • the vehicle that provides communication
  • Effective stewardship
  • working in partnership, as a team, with the land,
    air, and earth energies
  • Holding Love for the Land
  • in every thought, word and action
  • Working harmoniously with earth energies
  • founded in principles of sacred geometry and the
    power of observation

  • The benefits of creating a living classroom
  • Enjoying out-of-season foods
  • Eating foods grown locally that contain the
    vibration in harmony with your own vibration
  • Eating foods that contain the energy of your
    efforts as they are in harmony with the earth
  • Stress reduction
  • Reconnecting with the earth and your natural

  • Still feeling like none of this is possible in
    your own back yard?
  • You can still make a difference in your life and
    your intention of creating a life with meaning by
    taking a moment to send thoughts of love to your
    cereal bowl, dinner plate, etc.
  • Send supporting thoughts of gratitude and love
    to the farmers and land that grew the food you
    eat...and thank yourself for taking the time to
    read and ponder the ideas presented here, for
    just by interacting with Time in this way, you
    have sent an unconscious intention or prayer of
    healing to the world.

  • From my own perspective Charles and Judith have
    somehow accessed and enacted an ancient knowledge
    and have been truly guided throughout this
    stewardship process, and speaks to the quality of
    life force and its healing abilities that exist
    on this farm. As an energy worker and an animal
    communicator, I see a lot of fractured and
    disconnected souls as a result of life events
    where fear and rejection have been experienced.
    My visit to the farm in August, 2006 brought
    further clarity to me as to just what exactly
    they have accomplished.

Charles joyously shares his knowledge, come rain
or shine, as witnessed here in a workshop walking
his labyrinth unfettered by the rain that I
attended in June, 2006.
  • This visit I meet 3 of their horses. One horse,
    Casper, blessed me by spending a few moments with
    me. He allowed me to connect energetically and
    spiritually with him. I felt the depth of his
    being. He was at peace, but more than just
    because of having food, shelter and the
    companionship of other horses. His peace
    reflected his entire completeness as a spiritual
  • It was clear to me he was fully present, that
    his soul essence even easily displayed ancient
    history, something very rare indeed. I marveled
    how this energy lay right at the surface of his
    body and how it so subtly engaged with all the
    energies of the farm. My wonderment of this
    creature was silenced by a humbling awe when
    Charles told me Casper was one of their rescued
    horses. This being, fully embracing the act of
    living life in harmony and sacredness, was born
    as a by-product, rejected by man with no
    purpose, yet Casper has totally regained his
    essence, I believe, because of the supportive
    life force energies of this farm. In fact, I
    feel he has retrieved himself beyond himself - to
    the greater wholeness created in the living
    classroom of the farm, this Garden of Eden. In
    fact, as I then observed, all the animals on the
    farm exemplify this level of wholeness and peace.
  • If we cannot see the benefit of working in
    harmony with our environment in this way for
    ourselves, than let us at least create this
    environment for the sake of the animals.

  • A final observation
  • During the time this webpage was being developed
    a helicopter crashed off our Nova Scotia coast,
    another war broke out in the world, a tsunami
    landed, terrorism continued to feed our darkest
    fears and countless other heart-wrenching world
    events took place forming the story of current
  • Also, during this time, I saw a newspaper
    headline referring to a group of those people
    going through one of these life changing
    disasters read
  • United in Grief.
  • I am sure similar headlines have been published
    throughout the world, and ages, sighting victims
    being united in anger, sadness, turmoil, etc.

The time has come for us to be United in
Hope The story you have just read is about
Hope. Hope is a vital, beginning ingredient in
healing. How has hope lived in your life
today? Thank you for taking the time to read
this story and to hope. Maggie Carruthers
For more information about the principles
outlined in this presentation or to order the
book Sacred Stewardship - Regaining our
spiritual partnership with the food we
eat Co-authored by Charles Hubbard and Maggie
Carruthers please visit
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