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Mr Close (HM), Mr James (AHM) Thorold (1909) Mr Dobrenov (HM) ... ugg boots, sleepwear (including pyjama pants), sleeveless shirts, football boots, clothing ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Boarding TSS

Boarding _at_ TSS
  • Community Expectations

Boarding _at_ TSS
  • TSS Established 1901
  • Biddle (1988)
  • Mr Wallace (HM), Mr Richardson (AHM)
  • Delpratt (1909)
  • Mr Ward (Act.HM), Mr Jones (Act.AHM)
  • McKinley (1907)
  • Mr Fox (HM), Mr Thorne (AHM)
  • Rogers (1995)
  • Mr Close (HM), Mr James (AHM)
  • Thorold (1909)
  • Mr Dobrenov (HM), Ms Watson-Hayward (Act.AHM)

  • Shopping Leave Movie Leave
  • Monday
  • (Emergency only) HM/AHM (School Uniform)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Friday
  • (Southport Centro) MOD/AHM/HM (School Uniform)
  • Saturday
  • (Southport Centro) MOD/AHM/HM (School Uniform)
  • ONE HOUR only
  • Sunday
  • (Aust.Fair / Centro / NightOwl) MOD/AHM/HM
  • MOVIE LEAVE (after lunch) Year 9-12 only.
  • Depart 30mins prior to scheduled start time
  • Return immediately after sitting (with ticket)
  • This is NOT shopping leave

Social Leave Yr12
  • Saturday Evening
  • This category of leave is for Senior (Yr12)
    students ONLY
  • Senior requests Social Leave on the Thursday
    evening prior (during Leave check) with
  • Approved by the HM/Assistant
  • Report out with the MOD at dinner on Saturday
  • Report back in with the MOD by 1030pm, with
    movie ticket
  • Social Leave is granted on the understanding that
    it is NOT party leave.

Basic Leave Principles
  • Leave is a privilege NOT a right
  • Permission MUST be given before you leave the
  • The H.M. or Assistant should know where you are
    at all times.
  • All leave is granted on a trust basis.
  • Leave is given at the discretion of the H.M. or
  • Abuse of leave procedures will result in gating
    at a minimum
  • At all times you are a member of the TSS Boarding
    community and should act accordingly.

Dining Hall
  • Casual Meals
  • Covered shoes, neat shirt, neat pants/shorts.
  • Formal Meals
  • Full School uniform (including blazer, belt
    appropriate socks).
  • AT NO time should you be wearing
  • A hat, ugg boots, sleepwear (including pyjama
    pants), sleeveless shirts, football boots,
    clothing with offensive messages.
  • NO mobile phone/music devices are to be used
    inside the Dining Hall.
  • NO item is to be taken from the Dining Hall
  • This includes, milk, soup, foam cups, bread,
    cutlery, cups, sugar, etc
  • Catering staff - Treat them with the utmost

Dining Hall Dinner Mon-Thu
Dining Hall
  • Monday - Saturday
  • 700am 740am
  • Sunday Public Holidays
  • 830am 915am
  • Sports Breakfast
  • Attended WITH your coach, only after an arranged
    team coaching session.
  • Your coach will issue you with a ticket for this
  • Individual training does not qualify you to
  • It is compulsory for you to check-in with the MOD
    in the Dining Hall during each meal sitting

Punctuality Attendance
  • Life as a boarder _at_ TSS requires you to be
    punctual and to attend ALL classes,
    Housemeetings, PC periods and compulsory House
  • Make it part of your routine to be five minutes
  • When asked to move on by House staff, do so
    promptly the MOD is only doing their job.
  • After morning tea and lunch arrive AT your class
    several minutes prior to the lesson (dont leave
    the House _at_ the time the lesson is starting)
  • House bells and wake-up calls by the MOD SOD
    are a BACK UP Dont rely on them!

Where should you be?
  • You should be OUT of the House
  • During lesson times (including spares)
  • During PC periods (unless with your PC teacher)
  • During Chapel
  • During 4-5pm Weekdays (rain excepted)
  • Year 12s may be given special permission to
    study in the House
  • You should be IN the House
  • After dark. The only exceptions to this are
    Library visits during prep, Haircuts _at_ School
    barber, an organised activity with the permission
    and supervision of the House staff.
  • No running around the campus after dark!

TSS Health Centre
  • Sister is there to help you with legitimate
    medical conditions.
  • Please treat her with respect.
  • During School hours
  • Go to Sister via Student Services
  • Return to class via Student Services
  • After 7pm (Closing Time)
  • Go to Sister via H.M./Assistant/MOD
  • Return to House via H.M./Assistant/MOD

  • Any form of pornographic material is prohibited
    on this campus
  • Your Housemaster has the authority to confiscate
    your computer and have it checked by our very
    capable IT staff
  • Possession of certain types of pornography is a
    CRIMINAL act
  • The School will have no choice but to turn you
    over to the Juvenile Aid Bureau (The Police)
  • If found with pornographic material, you will
    have to explain this to your parents

Alcohol, Smoking Drugs
  • Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are prohibited on
    this campus
  • If you are found with any of these, you will
    incur serious consequences.
  • Possession may be a CRIMINAL act
  • The School may have no choice but to turn you
    over to the Juvenile Aid Bureau (The Police)
  • If found with any of these, you will have to
    explain your actions to your parents
  • ALL prescription medications are to be held and
    administered by Sister at the Health Centre.

Mobile Phone Policy
  • Security It is YOUR responsibility to secure
    your phone and charger at all times.
  • Mobile Phones cannot be used (under any
    circumstances) during prep and AFTER lights
  • All mobile phones must be registered with your
    Housemaster, i.e. Make, model number.
  • You are to have only ONE mobile phone.
  • You are not permitted to borrow mobile phones
    from members of the House.

  • Security It is YOUR responsibility to secure
    your possessions at all times.
  • You are provided with a LOCKER. Use it.
  • Large amounts of cash are to be given to your
    Housemaster/Assistant for safe-keeping.
  • If you are caught stealing from your fellow
    boarders, you may be asked to leave the School.

  • We have ZERO TOLERANCE for bullies in boarding _at_
  • Bullying can be pushing, shoving, hitting and
    spitting, as well as name calling, picking on,
    making fun of, laughing at and excluding someone.
    It can also take the form of cyber-bullying,
    through text messages, chat room discussions,
    emails, etc.
  • Bullying causes pain and stress to victims and is
    NEVER justified or excusable.
  • The victim is NEVER responsible for being a
    target of bullying.
  • All suspected cases of bullying are to be
    reported immediately to House Staff.

Key Principles
  • Be where you are supposed to be
  • Respect your fellow boarders
  • Look out for each other
  • This is your home away from home, with rules,
    just like _at_ home
  • You are a member of a community
  • Boarders are the HEART of this School

Boarding _at_ TSS
  • We few, we happy few, we band of brothers
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