Proposed Sierra Vista Sub-Watershed Water Conservation Overlay District Board of Supervisors December 5, 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Proposed Sierra Vista Sub-Watershed Water Conservation Overlay District Board of Supervisors December 5, 2006


Water Conservation Overlay District. Board of Supervisors. December 5, 2006 ... 2000- Board adopted water conservation measures and standards for new, proposed ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Proposed Sierra Vista Sub-Watershed Water Conservation Overlay District Board of Supervisors December 5, 2006

Proposed Sierra Vista Sub-WatershedWater
Conservation Overlay District Board of
SupervisorsDecember 5, 2006
Whats Been Done to Date..
  • 1998 Joint County/City Task Force of Planning
    Commissioners formed to create recommendations
    for water conservation
  • 1998 County becomes member of the Upper San
    Pedro Partnership
  • 2000- Board adopted water conservation measures
    and standards for new, proposed golf courses,
  • 2002 Board adopted the requirement for waterless
    urinals, drought-tolerant landscaping in new
    commercial, and pool covers, county-wide.
  • 2002 County developed a joint development plan
    with the cities in the sub-watershed that
    addressed the need for joint review in the
    unincorporated areas as well as potential water
    conservation measures for consideration in the
  • 2004 County-sponsored Toilet Rebate and Desert
    Hospitality program was initiated.
  • 2004 Revision of Subdivision Regulations
    requiring water conservation measures in common
    use areas.
  • 2005- County tasked by Upper San Pedro
    Partnership to develop a draft model ordinance of
    potential water conservation measures that may be
    adopted by all jurisdictions within the
  • 2006 - Board of Supervisors adopted Sub-watershed
    Plan and policies in March to address special
    development requests, like rezonings, etc., as
    well as a policy to consider an overlay zoning

The Proposed Overlay District
  • Proposed overlay district covers the Sierra Vista
    Sub-Watershed of the Upper San Pedro River Basin
    and includes the unincorporated areas around
    Sierra Vista, Tombstone, Huachuca City and Bisbee

Sierra Vista Sub-Watershed Overlay District
Sonora, Mexico
Reasons for Creating Overlay District
  1. Allows the application of water conservation
    standards for one part of the County where they
    are most needed right now.
  2. Allows for a uniform application of standards,
    including development that results from lot
  3. A commitment on the part of the County and its
    residents to off-set future water use to help
    protect the San Pedro Riparian NCA as well as to
    assist Fort Huachuca meet its legal requirements.
  4. Fort Huachuca generates in excess of 1.5 billion
    in annual economic activity, which translates
    into real estate, construction, retail and
    services activities throughout this part of the

The Overlay District
  • Does not change any propertys underlying zoning
    or permitted uses.
  • Applies to new construction and installations.
  • New construction does not apply to manufactured
  • Also applies to replacement of existing
  • Evaporative coolers
  • Commercial laundry facilities

Proposed Standards
  • Hot water on demand in all new construction
  • Gray water plumbing in new residential
    construction, (not applicable to factory-built or
  • High water efficiency, washing machines in new
    commercial laundry facilities and in the
    replacement of existing commercial laundry
  • Restrictions on new artificial water features
    such as ponds, lakes, water courses, and other
    types of decorative water features in any new
    commercial construction or in common user areas
    of multi-family housing,
  • Installation of rain or humidity sensors with the
    new installation of an automatic outdoor
    sprinkler system
  • A requirement for non-sprinkling irrigation
    systems in landscaped medians
  • A requirement for non-single pass evaporative
    coolers in new construction or when replacing
    existing units.

Other Amendments
  • Adding a potential factor in favor of rezoning if
    a private, voluntary transfer of development
    rights is affected

Other Amendments
  • Requiring new Subdivisions to have a water
    provider in lieu of individual wells, as an
    amendment to the Subdivision Regulations where
    the average lot size is 4 acres or smaller and
    the subdivision is proposing more than 27 lots.

Application of Standards
  • Through the Building Permit process
  • Through rezoning applications requesting higher
  • Through new subdivisions

Public Input
  • Emailed to multiple distribution lists including
    Countys interested parties list, Partnership
    list, J6-Mescal, St. David and Whetstone lists
    and Supervisors personal distribution lists
    sent to over 1500 email contacts
  • Posted on website
  • Reported in Sierra Vista, Bisbee and Benson papers

Revision Made Since October PZ Meeting
  • Evaporative Coolers New or replacement
    evaporative coolers shall not be single-pass
    coolers. (deleted requirement for 85
  • Outdoor Sprinkler Systems Any new installation
    or replacement of an automatic outdoor sprinkler
    system shall also include the installation of a
    rain or humidity sensor that will override the
    irrigation cycle of the sprinkler system when
    rainfall has occurred in an amount sufficient to
    negate the need for irrigation at the scheduled
    time. Where there are multiple areas with a
    sprinkler system watered from one controller, the
    sensor must be installed at the largest area.

Public Input Since October PZ Meeting
  • Input on evaporative cooler efficiencies
  • Letters from 9 members of the Public opposing the
    overlay district
  • Perception that ADWRs visit and discussion of a
    regional water management authority is related to
  • Concern that this proposal will require the
    metering of wells County has no authority to do
  • Perception that we are not allowing evaporative
    coolers not true.
  • Concern about application of these regulations to
    agricultural and ranching uses these uses are
    still exempt from the Zoning Regulations

  • At their regular meeting and public hearing on
    November 8, the Commission voted unanimously 7-0
    to recommend approval of the Sierra Vista
    Sub-watershed Water Conservation Overlay
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