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Academic speed dating


Academic speed dating ... Appoint: Chair - person with most hair on their head ... Ensure you know each others names and roles in you institutions And be ready ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Academic speed dating

Academic speed dating
  • Please get into groups of about 4 and arrange
    yourselves so you can talk and listen to each
    other and if possible are away from other groups
  • Appoint Chair - person with most hair on their
  • Reporter person with the most
    interesting notebook
  • Timekeeper - person with the biggest watch
  • Ensure you know each others names and roles in
    you institutions And be ready QUICKLY for the
    next task!

Research Teaching Linkages International
Perspectives  and Institutional  Policies
  • Alan Jenkins, Consultant HE Academy, and
    Reinvention Centre for Undergraduate Research

Confirming the Focus
  • Our focus today is on (staff )research in the
    disciplines (eg philosophy or interdisciplinary
    areas such as womens studies) and student
  • not on
  • (pedagogic) research on higher education. (Except
    of course if your discipline is education!)

  • Explore your views on teaching/research
  • Set these issues in international perspective
  • Summarise key aspects of the research evidence
  • Suggest a language /conceptual framework
  • Consider teaching /research relations in your
  • Suggest strategies for strengthening T/R links
    in institutions
  • Provide an advance organiser for the workshop
    sessions focussed on course design and
    department strategies

Discuss in your groups and agree one statement
worth making ..
  • To be an effective teacher one needs to be
    centrally involved in discipline based research
  • Strongly Agree Strongly


Discuss in your groups and agree one statement
worth making ..
  • Undergraduate Research where students learn as
    researchers- is for
  • All students Selected

International Perspectives
  • ..The research universities have often failed,
    and continue to fail their undergraduate
    populations, thousands of students graduate
    without seeing the world - famous professors or
    tasting genuine research. US Boyer Commission
  • In Scholarship Reconsidered, Ernest Boyer (1990,
    X11) challenged US higher education to break
    away out of the tired old teaching versus
    research debate
  • The New Zealand Education Amendment Act (1990)
    defines a university as where teaching and
    research are closely interdependent and most of
    their teaching is done by people who are active
    in advancing knowledge. That policy is now under
  • I believe that the main hope for realising a
    genuinely student centred undergraduate education
    lies in re re-engineering the teachingresearch
    nexus. Paul Ramsden (2001). Then Pro VC
    University of Sydney, now Chief Executive, HE

UK Perspectives
  • The (UK) Government is not seeking an artificial
    divide between teaching and research. …Lecturers
    need to keep up to date with their field through
    engagement in some form of advanced scholarly
    activity. But this need not necessarily be
    through participation in … leading-edge
    research. DFES , The Future of Higher Education,
  • We believe an understanding of the research
    process asking the right questions in the right
    way conducting experiments and collating and
    evaluating information must be a key part of
    any undergraduate curriculum whether those
    involved in delivering it are actively engaged in
    research activity themselves Bill Rammell,
    Minister for HE ,Oct 2006

My Perspectives
  • Student understanding of the complexity of
    knowledge lies at the centre of higher education.
  • From the perspectives of the academic, the
    student, the institution, and the national
    systems there are tensions between teaching and
  • The link at undergraduate level is both most
    problematic and most important ?
  • We need to maximise the (potential) synergies and
    minimise the conflicts
  • This requires actions at a variety of levels
    national , institutional , department ,course
    team and the individual and from many areas of
    the university including learning resources etc
  • There are important disciplinary / professional
    variations in teaching /research / professional
    knowledge relations

International Interventions
  • Handout, pp 34-36
  • US National Science Foundation (NSF) grant
    applicants have to demonstrate their experience
    of engagement with pedagogy and service
  • Australia The Academic's and Policy-Maker's
    Guides to the Teaching-Research Nexus A suite of
    resources for enhancing reflective practice. 
    Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in
    Higher Education Competitive Grant (2006 - 2008)
  • Scotland Funded Research-Teaching Linkages as a
    Quality Enhancement Theme

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Key Research Evidence
  • Based on this review we concluded that the
    common belief that teaching and research were
    inextricably intertwined is an enduring myth. At
    best teaching and research are very loosely
  • The aim is to increase the circumstances in
    which teaching and research have occasion to
  • Increase the skills of staff to teach
    emphasising the construction of knowledge by
    students rather than the imparting of knowledge
    by instructors......
  • Ensure that students experience the process of
    artistic and scientific productivity. (Hattie
    and Marsh , 1996, emphasis added)
  • Students at arms length from staff research
    Angela Brew 2006

A Language to Help Us Examine What We Do
  • Handout, pp 2
  • Learning about others research
  • Learning to do research research methods
  • Learning in research mode enquiry based
  • Pedagogic research enquiring and reflecting on

(No Transcript)
T/R Relationships in Your Institution
  • Discuss teaching /research relationships in your
    institution perhaps using as prompts these
  • Like love and marriage a horse and carriage
    or strangers in the night (Sinatra F..) or
    perhaps Mills and McCartney ?

(No Transcript)
Consider Institution case studies
  • Handout Section 4, pp 21-9
  • Discuss any 2? of the case studies that look
    relevant to your context
  • How could you adapt them to your needs?
  • This discussion remains private

Institutional Strategies
  • Annex 3, pp 45
  • Developing institutional awareness and
    institutional mission
  • Developing pedagogy and curricula to support the
  • Developing research policies and strategies to
    support the nexus
  • Developing staff and university structures to
    support the nexus
  • Other strategies you consider appropriate

Task A Conclusion
  • A Round each person speaks briefly in turn
  • Then if time, group discussion
  • ONE idea or strategy I am taking away from this
    session is …

Workshop Course Design in our Disciplines to
Enhance Research/Teaching Linkages
  • In this workshop we will reflect back on the
    plenary on research teaching linkages and then
    focus on what we can do as individuals and course
    teams and disciplinary communities to bring
    teaching and discipline based research together
    for the benefit of students and staff morale and
    academic identity. If time we will also consider
    the role that department policies can play but
    the focus will be practical and on areas where we
    have some control.

Some Web Resources
  • Discipline-based practices for linking teaching
    and research
  • Jenkins A (2003) Designing a Curriculum that
    values a research-based approach to student
  • Jenkins A and Zetter R (2003) Linking Research
    and Teaching in Departments
  • Jenkins A (2004) A Guide to the Research Evidence
    on Teaching Research Relations, York, Higher
    Education Academy
  • Jenkins A and Healey M (2005 ) Institutional
    Strategies to Link Teaching and Research . York
    .Higher Education Academy

  • April 2007
  • Linking Teaching and Research in Disciplines and
    Departments. Alan Jenkins, Mick Healey, and Roger
  • Higher Education Academy (paper and web