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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals College of Environmental Design Department of City an


It should be within 500m of Interstate Highway. ... to the very lowest detail, which is an individual parcel and also to pan the map. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals College of Environmental Design Department of City an

King Fahd University of Petroleum and
MineralsCollege of Environmental
DesignDepartment of City and Regional Planning
  • Term Project Presentation
  • CRP 515
  • To
  • Dr. Baqer Al Ramadan
  • By
  • Mohsin Ali Abbasi
  • Date 9th May 2000

  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Methodology
  • Literature Review
  • About ArcView
  • Steps of Automation
  • Analysis
  • Presenting Results
  • Conclusion and Recommendation

  • This project is about optimum site selection
    using Arc View 3.1 software.
  • Attributes data to be used in the study is
    already available with esridata in ArcView.
  • Attribute data is of hotels, highways, fourcounty
    and cities.
  • A hypothesis is made using different criteria's
    to select site of hotels in Atlanta, USA. But
    data used of Atlanta is real.

Problem Statement
  • A local businessman wants to select a site for
    hotels in Atlanta, USA. The hotel will give a
    good business if it meets the following
  • It should be within 500m of Interstate Highway.
  • In order to get customers on regular basis, it
    should be 2000m away from other hotels.
  • It should be within 2000m, outside the city. This
    will make customers to stay outside the city and
    the same are within reach of the city.

  • To begin any project of GIS, first step is
    collection of the data. This is due to the fact
    that almost 80 of cost and efforts of any GIS
    project are spent in gathering data.
  • But fortunately in this project, data collection
    process is avoided, as data for use is already
    available with Arc View.

  • To accomplish the above study Arc view 3.1
    software was chosen with PC Platform and Windows
    Operating System.
  • For this purpose lab and computing facilities
    available at GIS unit of City and Regional
    Planning Department were utilized.

Scope and Limitation
  • As there is no limitation for quality of a
    particular project and that it can be improved by
    putting more and more efforts and time.
  • Hence this project have both limitations of
    quality and quantity.
  • As a student, the end product are not expected to
    be professional, but maximum single efforts have
    been made to reach the best level in the limited
  • Efforts have been made to analyze optimum
    selection of hotel site using Arc View 3.1.

Literature Review
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) is entire
    family of highly advanced computer technologies
    dating back almost 30 years.
  • GIS is also a multi-billion dollar industry which
    is appearing regularly on top ten lists of
    technologies for the future.
  • GIS is a global community of users and
    researchers numbering in the millions, building
    maps and databases in the hundreds of thousands.

Viewing Layers
  • GIS allows a user to view many different layers
    all at the same time. Thus the user can view
    political boundaries, postal codes, census
    tracts, school districts, streets and individual
  • Besides using the different layers to show
    different boundaries, GIS can also show natural
    and man-made features such as rivers, lakes,
    highways, gas-lines, sewage lines, hospitals, and
  • GIS will allow the user to zoom in and out of
    these layers to the very lowest detail, which is
    an individual parcel and also to pan the map.

Popularity of GIS with private and government
  • GIS allows business to perform different types
    of analysis with a lot more ease.
  • Some of the ways in which private industry and
    government (mostly in USA) is using GIS
    technology is to determine a new site location
    either for a new business or a franchise.
  • By using GIS, the company can make sure that
    there are not too many branches located within a
    specific geographic area. GIS also helps
    companies perform customer analysis, which can
    include where customers live to where they do

About ArcView
  • ArcView GIS is the world's leading desktop
    geographic information system software.
  • Arc View is software developed by Environmental
    System Research Institute (ESRI) located in
    Redlands, California, USA.
  • It is windows compatible and incorporates user
    friendly Graphical User Interface.
  • Its software comes with ready to use data. That
    is it comes with sample data ranging in scope
    from entire world to an individual city.
  • It has got useful customizing option by use of
    its built in Avenue language, which can make
    compatible for most advance users.

Steps of Automation
  • To start with any projects and building a GIS
    database, certain steps are followed. These are
    Setting up of a system, Input of spatial data,
    Editing of spatial data, Input of attribute data,
    Editing of attribute data, Managing database,
    Performing analysis, Presenting results.
  • But as mentioned earlier, in this study data is
    available, so only analysis is done.

  • Arc View 3.1 is opened with a new project option.
    Then from Add Theme icon, four themes named as
    Hotels, Cities, Counties and Fourcounty (Fulton,
    Cobb, De Calb and Clayton) of Atlanta were added.
    This is shown below with the check mark on the

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  • First buffering of hotels was done from Theme -
    Create Buffer option. When the buffer menu is
    opened, 2000m distance was selected to create
    buffers around hotels. These buffers were created
    for all hotels in Atlanta. Similarly, all cities
    in Atlanta were also buffer in same way, with a
    buffer distance of 2000m. Then buffering of
    Interstate Highway was done. Buffer distance was
  • After this we get three new Themes as Buffer1 of
    Highways, Buffer1 if cities and Buffer1 of
  • This is shown below

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Union of Themes
  • After the buffering process is completed, Union
    of intermediate themes was done. The union was
    done for two themes at a time. First from View -
    go to Geoprocessing Wizard. Then Union of two
    themes, Buffer 1 of Highways and Buffer 1 of
    Hotels were done.
  • A new theme called Hhunion1 is formed. Similarly,
    Union of another two intermediate themes, Buffer
    1 of cities and Fourcounty will give a new theme
    called cfunion1. This is shown below.

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  • After this finally union of two themes that is
    cfunion1 and Hhunion1 were again used by
    Geoprocessing Wizard to make a union. This union
    will give a new theme.
  • This theme is of Hotel. So finally, Using
    Geoprocessing Wizard and Buffers of Arc View 3.1
    Hotel site selection was done.
  • This is shown below

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Selection of Hotel
  • Next step is to find out that how many hotel
    sites are being selected by Arc View in Atlanta.
  • For this query was built to find all areas in the
    Hotel theme that have a given utility measure
    that is bad for the criteria.
  • After that Switch Selection is done to get Hotel
    sites in Atlanta. This is shown below

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Presenting Results
  • So finally Arc View selects two hundred and fifty
    six sites for hotels across Atlanta from total of
    six hundred and forty nine sites.
  • The results of the analysis can be seen in the
    hard copy format in terms of project report,
    drawings and tables.

  • The above method to select an optimum site is
    very useful for Planning Organizations,
    contractors, and real estate agents. This
    technique using Arc View GIS minimizes efforts
    and time to locate a suitable site, giving
    different criteria's, as all analysis is done on
    the desktop.
  • This is being widely used in United States,
    Canada and other western countries.
  • But the analysis of GIS is not limited to only
    optimum site selection process. There are
    different software of Arc View available to do
    other functions also. These are used in field of
    transportation, archeology, geology, business and
    many other fields also.

  • Before starting a project, one should have a PC
    platform with Arc View 3.1 or 3.2 installed.
  • If data is not available, then a team should be
    made to collect data within given time, as data
    collection part of the project consumes almost
    80 of cost and time.
  • This data should be ready before starting the

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