PROPOSAL Energy Efficiency Project Transformation of system of district heating in Bratislava Vrakun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PROPOSAL Energy Efficiency Project Transformation of system of district heating in Bratislava Vrakun


PROPOSAL Energy Efficiency Project Transformation of system of district heating in Bratislava Vrakun – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: PROPOSAL Energy Efficiency Project Transformation of system of district heating in Bratislava Vrakun

PROPOSALEnergy Efficiency Project
Transformation of system of district heating in
Bratislava VrakunaMarek Harga Spokojné
bývanie s.r.o., CEO
  • Content
  • Brief description of project
  • Initial conditions
  • Context
  • - History of DH system in Bratislava Vrakuna
  • Measures taken
  • - Technological measures 1996 2002
  • - Technological measures 2002 2005
  • - Energy savings program and EPC
  • - Marketing and Management
  • Financing
  • Benefits
  • Future steps

  • 1. Brief description of project
  • The comprehensive synergic reconstruction of DH
    system in Vrakuna
  • Technological changes of production and
    distribution of heat
  • Changes and reforms in management and marketing
  • Programs of client training and education

  • 2. Initial conditions
  • Bratislava, the capitol of Slovakia consists of
    districts City Parts,
  • which have high level of authonomy, inc. own
    executive and
  • political representation i.e. parliaments,
    mayors, magistrates,
  • municipal offices.
  • City parts in Bratislava
  • - owns, manage or outsource local DH companies
  • will set up and implement local energy policies
    in compliance
  • with national and EU energy policy
  • Spokojné bývanie s.r.o. is a municipal DH
    company, which 100
  • owner is the City Part of Bratislava The

  • 3. Context
  • DH system in Bratislava - Vrakuna
  • Spokojné bývanie s.r.o. supplies with heat for
  • and heat for tap water apr. 5200 flats (110
  • 2O municipal , 10 commercial objects)
  • apr. 50 of heat distribution is led by three
    pipes system,
  • it means that hot water is prepared on demand
  • (individual houses -39 stations) and also this
    system is
  • problematic for metering
  • second 50 of heat distribution is led by two
    pipes system
  • and there are 17 heat exchange stations, heat
  • stations prepares hot tap water for our clients
  • normative efficiency of the pipelines is 97
  • annual gas consumption is about 9.5 mil. m3
  • Spokojné bývanie sells apr. 280 300.000 GJ per

DH system in Bratislava - Vrakuna
Boiler plants Rajcianska, Ciliská, Bebravská
Boiler plant eleznicná
  • Heat exchange
  • Station (17)
  • Preparation of
  • hot water and
  • heating for
  • several houses
  • Heat exchange station (39)
  • Preparation of hot water
  • for idividual houses

  • History of DH system in Bratislava - Vrakuna
  • the whole housing estate (apr. 130 residential
    objects) in Vrakuna was built in 70 and 80
  • simultaneously DH system was built to secure heat
    for citizens
  • boiler plants with installed capacity from 9.5
    till 20 MW were built (overcapacity, low level of
    metering and operation systems etc.)
  • distribution system infrastructure was same like
    current one but without metering, regulation,
    management information system, remote operation
    and control room etc.
  • there was lack of customer focus (no
    communication, no feedback, low interest for
    savings etc.)
  • poor management (planning, strategic management,
    poor control of municipality etc.)
  • external enviroment no energy policy,
    no-effective regulation etc. (low motivation for

4. Measures taken After municipal elections in
2002 new management was appointed with task to
improve unpleasant situation in Spokojné bývanie
s.r.o. New management in cooperation with
parliament redefined DH company as a synergic
organization consisting of three major
stakeholders and set up strategic objectives as
follows Customers (residential, municipal,
commercial) with main emphasis on transparency,
satisfaction and loyalty Shareholder The City
part Vrakuna with main emphasis on sustainable
development of the city assets, enabling through
increased enviromental and economic efficiency of
heat supply the citizens to live
better Employees focusing on team building and
cohesion, training, and customer oriented
attitude At formulating these objectives, the
City part put priority towards increased standard
of living of its citizens, rather than
  • The transformation process of the original DH
    company to modern -
  • market oriented and energy efficient one is
    uneasy and to be succesfull
  • it is needed to complete more tasks
  • To be successful we have to focus to three main
  • Management (strategicexecutive management)
  • Marketing (communication, informing, PR etc.)
  • Technology changes (optimalisations, inovations,
    synergies etc.)

Technological Measures 1996 2002 (supply
side) - in this period more technological
measures were taken to improve DH system e.g.
comprehensive reconstruction of smaler boiler
plants, installation of metering systems,
operation and control system, equitermic and
hydraulic regulation of distribution system -
total investments appr. 60 70 mil. Sk
  • Technological Measures 2002 2005 (supply side)
  • Technology changes
  • instalation of metering devices (heat, water,
    pressure meters etc.)
  • launching of energy information and management
    system enabling on-site monitoring and remote
    control of energy parameters on both supply and
    demand side for all objects
  • (bigger central heating system - eleznicná)
  • extending the information and management system
    to the remaining three smaller boiler plants
    (remote control room, dispatching)
  • hydraulic regulation of primary and secondary
  • installation of frequency changers on circulation
    pumps (in all heat sources)
  • exchange of burners in the biggest boiler plants
  • feasibility study for implementation of 2 -
    22kWeCHP source to cover production electricity
    need in bigger CHS
  • total investments appr. 20 mil. Sk

(No Transcript)
  • Energy savings program and EPC
  • succesfuly implemented EPC program by Spokojné
    bývanie s.r.o. when we reconstructed exchange
    heat stations of our clients on our account (the
    costs will be paid in savings of decrease of heat
    needed for preparation of hot tap water, 2004)
  • launch of a new program for energy savings on
    demand side and in municipal objects in 2005
  • hiring of a project manager who will be
    responsible for implementing this program

  • Management and Marketing
  • Strategic and operational management (planing,
    controling, strategy, activity plans etc.)
  • Business intelligence, datawarehouse, customer
    interactivity and feedback (internal and
    external) which leads to innovations
  • customer focus (all organizational units)
  • open society concept
  • website and personalised internet portal
  • PR in local and national medias
  • customer magazine
  • events and seminars for our clients (energy
    savings, sollution providing)
  • benchmarking and networking, infos sharing with
    partners (energy agencies, energie cites, etc.)

5. Financing The project was financed from
reserves and own sources of company and from bank
loan (EPC client program).
6. Benefits
Heat delivered before reconstruction, after 1st
and 2nd stage, chart1

- 15 in heat consumption
Consumption of GJ and efficiency of HES before
and after reconstruction (EPC),chart2
- 20 both in heat consumption and also in
7. Future Steps
  • - The most important issue of energy efficiency
    is improving demand side management.
  • - According to expert analysis and presumptions
    there is potential for energy savings on
  • demand side (concrete block of flats) up to
    50 in our conditions .
  • - Needed measures heat circuits regulation,
    termostatisation, insulation, refurbishment.
  • Change of client behaviour and consciousness
    they have to invest their means - seminars,
  • client magazines, PR, daily work/interaction,
  • Our help exper energy counceling, cofinancing,
    client EPC program, help with loan
  • arragements
  • In the close future we are intending to cooperate
    with SEA on special training program
  • which will help competent people to manage energy
    consumption on demand side.
  • This program also help our clients to save energy
    through information campaign (bulletins)
  • that we will disseminate to every house/apartment.

Thanks for attention.
Marek Harga, CEO, Spokojné bývanie s.r.o.,
Toplianska 5, 821 07 Bratislava, Slovakia,
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