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Best Heart Hospital in Gurgaon | Heart Specialist Hospital in Gurgaon


Discover unparalleled cardiac care at Healthy Hearts, the foremost Heart Specialist Hospital in Gurgaon. Renowned as the Best Heart Hospital in Gurgaon, our expert team combines cutting-edge technology with compassionate care to ensure optimal cardiac health for every patient. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Heart Hospital in Gurgaon | Heart Specialist Hospital in Gurgaon

The Link Between Oral Health and Healthy Heart
It takes more than simply having a straight smile
and clean breath to maintain good dental health.
There is strong evidence between cardiovascular
health and dental health, according to recent
studies. It turns out that the condition of your
teeth and gums may significantly impact your
heart health. In this blog, we'll examine the
complex relationship between heart health and
oral hygiene, learning about the science behind
it and how maintaining your teeth may improve
cardiovascular health. Renowned cardiologists and
heart experts at the Best Heart Hospital in
Gurgaon are bringing attention to the connection
between heart and dental health, which is a
frequently disregarded facet of general
health. Oral-Systemic Relationship Oral health
is not limited to the mouth it is closely
related to the body's general health. The
relationship between oral and systemic health
emphasises how oral health issues can impact the
body as a whole, especially the cardiovascular
system. Research indicates that gum disease,
periodontitis, and heart health are correlated,
highlighting the importance of maintaining good
dental hygiene for the benefit of the body as a
whole. We explore the complex relationship
between cardiovascular health and dental health
in this blog post, using advice from leading
Cardiologist Doctor in Gurgaon. Comprehending
the Science Underlying the Connection Inflammation
is the fundamental factor that connects heart
health with dental health. The severe kind of gum
disease known as periodontitis is characterised
by ongoing
  • The Link Between Oral Health and Healthy Heart
  • gum inflammation. Inflammatory chemicals are
    released into the bloodstream as a result of the
    immunological response triggered by this
    inflammation. These compounds may then have a
    role in the development of atherosclerosis, a
    disorder in which fatty deposits build up in the
    arteries and cause them to narrow.
  • In addition, oral bacteria from gum disease can
    penetrate the bloodstream, resulting in systemic
    inflammation and maybe even reaching the heart.
    Following their entry into the heart, these
    bacteria may adhere to injured tissue, aiding in
    the development of blood clots that may result in
    heart attacks or strokes. Knowing this complex
    relationship highlights how crucial it is to
    continue practicing proper oral hygiene as a
    shield against heart-related problems.
  • Doable Actions for a Heart and Smile
  • Now that we understand the link between heart and
    dental health, let's look at some doable
    initiatives to support both
  • Frequent Dental Checkup
  • To track and preserve oral health, make an
    appointment for routine dental check-up
    Complications can be avoided by having your
    dentist detect and treat possible problems early
  • Best Practices for Oral Hygiene
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash, floss regularly to
    remove plaque between teeth, and brush your teeth
    at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
    The risk of gum disease can be considerably
    decreased by following these easy yet efficient
  • Healthy Eating and Living Decisions
  • You may improve the health of your heart and
    mouth by eating a heart-healthy diet low in
    processed foods and sweets. Furthermore,
    abstaining from tobacco and limiting
  • alcohol intake improves general well-being.
  • Stress Management

The Link Between Oral Health and Healthy
Heart this link enables us to move proactively
towards complete healthcare, guaranteeing a
bright smile and a robust heart for years to
come. People can take proactive measures towards
a healthier heart and a better life by welcoming
collaborative treatment, adopting good oral
hygiene practices, and making routine dental
checkups in Healthy Hearts, heart specialist
hospital in Gurgaon. To book an appointment with
our cardiologist Dr. Monik Mehta (MBBS, MD, DM,
FACC) Interventional Cardiologist, Cardiologist,
Cardiac Electrophysiologist 247 Helpline No.
919873214382 Email heartcare_at_healthyheartsgurga
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