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Dr. V.L. Nayar | Apollo Cradle | Elawoman


Dr. V.L. Nayar is Specialization in High Risk Pregnancy Care, Normal Vaginal Delivery. And she have 10 years of Experience in this field. Dr. V.l. Nayar practices at Apollo Cradle, SCO - 1, 2 and 3, Near Payal Cinema, Sector - 14, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001 . Dr. V.l. Nayar is MBBS, MD . Dr. V.L. Nayar Gynecologist is top Gynecologist in Sector 14, Gurgaon, Haryana. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dr. V.L. Nayar | Apollo Cradle | Elawoman

Dr. V.L. Nayar Apollo Cradle Elawoman
Dr. V.L. Nayar is Specialization in High Risk
Pregnancy Care, Normal Vaginal Delivery. And she
have 10 years of Experience in this field. Dr.
V.l. Nayar practices at Apollo Cradle, SCO - 1, 2
and 3, Near Payal Cinema, Sector - 14, Gurgaon,
Haryana - 122001 . Dr. V.l. Nayar is MBBS, MD .
Dr. V.L. Nayar Gynecologist is top Gynecologist
in Sector 14, Gurgaon, Haryana.
What is a High-Risk Pregnancy? A high-risk
pregnancy is one that threatens the health or
life of the mother or her embryo. It frequently
requires particular care from uniquely prepared
A few pregnancies become high risk as they
progress, while a few ladies are at expanded risk
for complexities even before they get pregnant
for an assortment of reasons. Early and standard
pre-birth care helps numerous ladies have healthy
pregnancies and conveyances without
entanglements. Risk factors for a high-risk
pregnancy can include Existing health
conditions, for example, high pulse, diabetes, or
being HIV-positive1 Overweight and obesity.
According to the American Congress of
Obstetricians and Gynecologists, more than
one-portion of every pregnant lady in the United
States are overweight or stout. 2 Obesity
expands the risk for high circulatory strain,
preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, stillbirth,
neural tube imperfections, and cesarean delivery.
NICHD scientists have discovered that obesity
can raise babies' risk of heart issues during
childbirth by 15.3 Multiple births. The risk of
intricacies is higher in ladies carrying in
excess of one hatchling (twins and
higher-arrange multiples). Basic complexities
incorporate preeclampsia, untimely work, and
preterm birth. More than one-portion of all twins
and upwards of 93 of triplets are conceived at
under 37 weeks' gestation.4 Young or old
maternal age. Pregnancy in teenagers and ladies
age 35 or older expands the risk for
preeclampsia and gestational high circulatory
strain. Ladies with high-risk pregnancies ought
to get care from an exceptional group of health
care suppliers to guarantee the most ideal
results. A high-risk pregnancy is one of more
serious risk to the mother or her hatchling than
an uncomplicated pregnancy. Pregnancy puts extra
physical and enthusiastic weight on a lady's
body. Health issues that happen before a lady
becomes pregnant or amid pregnancy may likewise
improve the probability for a high-risk pregnancy.
The NICHD is one of numerous government offices
attempting to enhance pregnancy result,
forestall high-risk pregnancy, and enhance health
results for pregnant ladies who are at high
risk. The NICHD backings and behaviors look into
on the causes and ideal administration of
high-risk pregnancy. What is Normal Vaginal
Delivery ? A normal vaginal delivery is the
introduction of offspring (babies in humans) in
warm blooded animals through the vagina. It is
the characteristic technique for birth for all
warm blooded creatures aside from monotremes,
which lay eggs into the outside condition. The
normal length of a doctor's facility remain for a
normal vaginal delivery is 36 48 hours or with
an episiotomy (a surgical slice to augment the
vaginal waterway) 48 60 hours, while a C-area
is 72 108 hours.citation needed Different
kinds of vaginal conveyances have distinctive
An unconstrained vaginal delivery (SVD) happens
when a pregnant female starts giving birth
without the utilization of medications or systems
to actuate work, and conveys her infant in the
normal way, without forceps, vacuum extraction,
or a cesarean segment. A helped vaginal delivery
(AVD) or instrumental vaginal delivery happens
when a pregnant female starts giving birth (with
or without the utilization of medications or
methods to incite work), and requires the
utilization of exceptional instruments, for
example, forceps or a vacuum extractor to convey
her child vaginally. An instigated vaginal
delivery is a delivery including work enlistment,
where medications or manual procedures are
utilized to start the procedure of work.
Utilization of the expression "IVD" in this
setting is less regular than for instrumental
vaginal delivery. A normal vaginal delivery
(NVD) is a vaginal delivery, regardless of
whether helped or instigated, generally utilized
as a part of insights or concentrates to diverge
from a delivery by cesarean segment.
About Hospital
Apollo Cradle takes after an exceptional idea of
birthing, whereby the mother (in instances of
normal delivery) isn't required to experience the
injury and worry of an activity theater or
healing facility delivery rooms. Rather, the
mother registers with an extraordinarily outlined
5-star classification room known as the LDR
room, in which she can be in the organization of
her nearby ones till the last purpose of
delivery. Apollo Cradle, an activity of the
Apollo Hospitals Group, conveys to Gurgaon a
spearheading and progressive idea in birthing.
Apollo Cradle connotes the advantage of a 5 star
lodging, the solaces of home and the unifocal
way to deal with convey the highest medicinal
care in the field of Obs/Gynae. Apollo Cradle
has cutting edge framework with respect to
obstetrics, gynecology and neonatology. Pregnanc
y Services (BIRTHING)
Apollo Cradle was conceived out of our conviction
that labor is a festival. We uphold this
conviction by conveying delight through special
attention in a situation that duplicates the glow
and solace of home.
With our expert group clinical perfection,
safety, patient experience and trust become the
foundations of your involvement with Apollo
Cradle. You can unwind in the cutting edge
offices and be taken care of through your stay
with us. Gurgaon's first NABH accredited
Hospital in SHCO class We are glad to express
that we are the first NABH accredited healing
facility, in SHCO class, in Gurgaon. The NABH
accreditation is a declaration to the high level
of Quality, procedures and expertise show at our
Gurgaon office. NABH accredition is "An open
acknowledgment of the accomplishment of
accreditation gauges by a healthcare
association, showed through an autonomous outside
companion appraisal of that association's level
of execution in connection to the
principles". NABH Accreditation brings about
high nature of care and patient safety. The
patients get benefits by certification
restorative staff. Privileges of patients are
regarded and secured. Patient fulfillment is
frequently assessed. Work Delivery Recovery
(LDR) Rooms With the LDR, the hopeful mother
does not need to move as she progresses through
work. Work, delivery and recovery occur in the
solace and protection of one room. Apollo Cradle
is a pioneer of the LDR room idea. At Apollo
Cradle, the LDR suite gives a home-like
atmosphere and goes about as an incorporated
work, delivery and recovery office, never again
requiring the mother to be moved to the delivery
rooms or pre/post-agent recovery straight. You
can choose your most loved music to make the
atmosphere for a quiet birthing background. All
Apollo Cradle's LDR suites are outlined in
delicate, alleviating hues and furnished with a
multi-situating bed that acclimates to an
assortment of birthing positions. This guarantees
the mother-to-be is open to amid work and that
her protection is dealt with. The LDR suite,
completely outfitted with all the restorative
offices vital for a normal delivery, is found
near the Operation Theaters if the mother or
infant may should be moved for extra
care. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
At Apollo Cradle, nothing is more important to us
than the safety of your infant. The NICU at
Apollo Cradle is a ultramodern office, completely
prepared to deal with a child requiring
additional care, for example, untimely babies,
low birth weight babies and babies who require
particular restorative care. The NICU is
outfitted with checking offices and ultramodern
hatcheries with highlights that make dealing
with the child substantially less demanding and
more secure. Propelled ventilators and blood gas
analyzers aid ventilator administration for
babies who require help to relax. Child warmers
and phototherapy units are best in class with
inbuilt safety highlights. An infant in NICU is
under the care of a Consultant Neonatologist and
qualified prepared Resident Pediatric
specialists deal with the babies round the clock.
Qualified prepared medical attendants and other
expert care staff care for the child
consistently. The caregiving procedure proceeds
even after the mother and child are released from
Apollo Cradle as the group is eager and
accessible to address inquiries and worries of
the unexperienced parents.
For more information, call at 91 7899912611
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