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Online Booking System Software


FlightsLogic is a well-known travel technology company that offers high-quality online booking software solutions to the travel industry. Our goal is to assist travel companies in attracting more consumers, increasing income, and expanding brand reach. For more details, Pls visit our website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Online Booking System Software

Online Booking System Software
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  • Online Booking System Software to Manage and Grow
    Your Travel Business
  • An online booking system is a software solution
    that allows potential consumers to reserve and
    pay for a tour or service via your website or
    social media using various devices. Your
    consumers may use your online booking service at
    any time no matter where they are.
  • A booking system assists you in running your
    business by simplifying and automating numerous
    procedures. It automates and optimizes day-to-day
    operations such as reservations, scheduling, and
    payments, as well as automatic reminders, staff
    management, and promoting your services.
  • Using booking software to automate these business
    procedures saves time and increases productivity,
    enabling you to focus more on your offerings,
    client connections, and business growth.

  • A booking system customized to your needs can
    help simplify and improve client service while
    also allowing you to monitor and analyze workload
    by enhancing procedures and operations.
  • FlightsLogic offers the best online reservation
    system that can be customized for any business.
    Our developers have built Central Reservations
    Systems (CRS) for direct booking, inventory
    management, user profile building, confirmation
    and cancellation modules, and inventory blocking
    for individuals, organizations, and corporations.
  • Our bespoke online booking engines manage a wide
    range of POS systems, including online booking
    via OTAs, affiliate networks, and direct bookings
    via Extranets. We can add features like price
    comparison tools, dynamic pricing engines, travel
    packages, transfer management, insurance choices,
    and mobile ticketing to your Travel Booking

  • Being the leading travel software development
    company, we provide the best travel agency
    software. The software assists inbound and
    outbound tour operators in automating sales,
    integrating operations, and ensuring that
    finances and marketing run smoothly.
  • Our developed Travel Booking Engine can provide a
    complete solution for B2C, B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C,
    BackOffice, CMS, Extranet / Negotiated fare
    management, MIS data in the form of graphs, and
    export in various formats.
  • The powerful software makes it simple for
    agencies, tour operators, and other businesses to
    process bookings and design an outstanding
    itinerary. You can also utilize the software to
    provide package customization options for your

  • Delivering a One-Stop Solution for all your
    Booking and Reservation Needs
  • FlightsLogic is a well-known travel technology
    company that offers high-quality online booking
    software solutions to the travel industry. Our
    goal is to assist travel companies in attracting
    more consumers, increasing income, and expanding
    brand reach. Travel Booking Engines help travel
    companies upgrade their back-office and
    client-facing roles to streamline their company
    processes, increase revenue streams, and improve
    their client service experience.
  • We provide consultancy and development services
    for all elements of B2C and B2B travel portal
    development, as well as travel API
    integration for flight, hotel, vacation package,
    bus, vehicle, cruise, and insurance reservations.
    We offer white-label solutions for businesses
    that require the development of travel websites
    and trip-planning applications.

  • We develop online booking software for travel
    agencies and tour operators. It is online
    reservation software that is tied to user-centric
    activities that can then be used for marketing
    and consumer behavior analytics. The booking
    system software also simplifies the management of
    various business models, such as adding a
    marketplace or engaging with B2C or B2B clients.
  • With our technical solutions, we support travel
    businesses in providing smooth and hassle-free
    services to their consumers. Our advanced online
    booking system integrates back office, B2B
    booking, and B2B booking system. Because it is
    cloud-based software, you may access it from
    anywhere at any time.
  • Our travel software services for tour operators,
    travel agencies, DMCs, aggregators, booking
    portals, and suppliers such as hotels and
    airlines include a comprehensive range of
    solutions ranging from online reservations to
    back-office automation.

  • Our team works with you to create online travel
    solutions and booking engines. We provide digital
    solutions to help you optimize your front- and
    back-office operations, improve day-to-day
    workflows, and retain visitor engagement.
  • We provide web-based Travel Agency Software that
    benefits any travel website, including hotels,
    resorts, airlines, and rental vehicles. Travel
    software is intended and built for Travel
    Operators and Inbound Tour Operators who make
    reservations for travelers. Our flexible Online
    Travel Booking Engine is a collection of
    innovative solutions that help travel agencies,
    tour operators, airlines, and hotels grow and
    accomplish their goals.
  • Our solution is available in multiple currencies
    and languages (as per client requirements).

  • specialize in offering B2B / B2C travel software,
    travel CRM, accounting software, vehicle rental
    software, and mobility solutions to global travel
    hospitality organizations. We work with
    prominent travel aggregators, GDSs, and DMCs.
  • We offer travel website development services to
    organizations, allowing them to create a fully
    functional online travel booking website that
    surpasses customer requirements. Our
    award-winning online booking system software
    provides full-service solutions for online travel
    agencies, hotels, vacation package sites, and
    other enterprises.
  • Our primary goal is to simplify travel companies'
    procedures and ensure that all data is accurate
    and secure. We provide a complete travel
    management system for corporate agencies, DMCs,
    B2B and B2C agencies, tour operators, transfer
    companies, and others.

  • Our online booking system software can accomplish
    the following tasks
  • Catalog definition  Input all your products
    (accommodation, flights, activities, transfers,
    rent-a-car, vessels, cruises) and create complex
    travel packages or groups. Book travel products
    and flights directly  From third-party suppliers
    and GDS systems.
  • Tour management  Create tours by entering input
    services and defining selling prices.
  • Automated supplier ordering  Communication with
    your suppliers is completely automated.
  • Online booking B2C  Publish your travel products
  • Partner booking  Reservation system to allow
    your partners to book easier.
  • Reservation management  Create reservations,
    enter customers, and track payments.
  • Document creation  Create invoices, vouchers,
    and receipts.

  • As a leading online travel booking software
    company, we develop the following for our global
  • B2C Booking System
  • FlightsLogic is a web-based end-to-end travel
    operation software that provides tour operators
    with a complete online booking system with a mid
    and back-office for travel reservations, flight
    reservations, operations, and contracts.
  • Our B2C offers clients the unique flexibility to
    make online bookings, generate their own booking
    vouchers and airline tickets, examine the history
    of bookings and payments, and send cancellation
    or alteration requests at any time and from any

  • B2B Booking System
  • We enable you to sell content through resellers
    under B2B Travel Software with varying conditions
    and charges based on partner profiles and
    Consolidators, wholesalers, and host agencies of
    all types and sizes.
  • Our B2B travel booking system comprises modules
    for flights, hotels, transfers, excursions, and
    packages for travel agencies/agents.
  • Using the B2B module, you may sell your own
    contractual rates and third-party XML supplier
    inventories that provide the best prices.
  • A B2B booking engine may help you extend your
    business globally through a sub-agent network,
    which immediately boosts your business income.

  • Flight Booking System
  • FlightsLogic provides flight booking engine
    solutions and a fully integrated Airline
    Reservation System with GDS such as Travelport,
    Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre, and Wordspan.
  • We are merging your GDS and non-GDS information
    onto a single booking tool platform.
  • Flight Booking Engine is about more than simply
    selling more tickets it is also about enhancing
    the company's brand value to optimize the average
    value per transaction from new and returning
  • And our flight booking engine with responsive
    designs gives our customers all the essential

  • Hotel Booking System
  • FlightsLogic is a cloud-based program that allows
    travel agencies to upload their own contracted
    hotels and hotel partners to register hotels,
    where hotels will manage various distribution
    channels such as B2C/B2B/B2B2C. We offer a hotel
    reservation system linked to over 50 XML
    providers and a hotel extranet to manage its
    contracted hotels.
  • Car Booking System
  • FlightsLogic offers a customizable car booking
    system for car rental firms and car rental
    agencies. Managing reservations is quite simple
    by utilizing the Car Booking Engine, tracking the
    availability of different vehicles, maintaining
    vehicles in and out, etc. We have vast experience
    creating and implementing customized car rental
    solutions. Individual car rental companies may
    easily connect with global customers and provide
    seamless and synchronized services to their

  • XML Integration
  • We offer a SOAP-based solution for connecting
    third-party web services/XML APIs/JSON. With top
    travel content suppliers, we provide XML API
    implementation services for numerous services
    under flight/hotel/packages. XML/API integration
    has become a critical part of every online travel
    agency, allowing access to live inventories for
    every aspect of travel and tourism, from hotel
    rooms to flight tickets, tours, and car rentals,
    among other things.
  • Backoffice / Midoffice
  • FlightsLogic is a multi-channel sales channel
    that helps Travel Agents, Corporate Accounts,
    end-consumers, and other affiliates to promote
    their business with their own customized website
    and mobile app.

  • It is a suite of the most advanced tools that
    enable you to create your own travel business
    rules, automate your procedures, and manage your
    workflow. You can control your reservations in
    real-time, create and maintain client and
    supplier profiles, design and manage mark-ups,
    business rules, and different kinds of payments,
    generate bills, and run reports.
  • Package Booking Engine
  • FlightsLogic is a web-based package booking
    engine. Our package booking engine provides a
    quick and easy reservation experience that
    requires less effort to book the appropriate
    package online. Our solution can run on PCs,
    mobile, and tablets.
  • The package booking engine allows you to mix
    various vacation properties such as
    flights/hotels/cars/transfers/excursions. In the
    same system, you may create packages for GIT or
    FIT, and users can book based on their needs.

  • Why is online booking system software important?
  • An online booking system is a must-have tool for
    travel companies and organizations. The online
    booking reservation system has significantly
    transformed the travel booking procedure. A
    rising number of customers are turning to online
    booking/GDS systems because of their ease of use
    and speedy confirmation.
  • We integrated real-time reservation software,
    booking systems, web application, accounting, and
    administration into a single integrated solution.
    It saves duplication of effort and ensures that
    all information is valid and up to date. An
    online booking system can make the booking
    process easier for prospective customers,
    converting more visitors into guests and
    generating revenue.
  • The use of online booking software will save you
    time and cost by reducing paperwork expenditures
    and minimizing booking costs.

  • An effective booking software will have features
    such as an integrated calendar, a mobile
    interface, automatic alerts (message/email),
    online payment choices, channel management, and
    reporting options.
  • FlightsLogic provides proven standardized
    technologies designed to help tour companies. Our
    online booking system includes advanced features
    such as booking management, multiple payment
    options, quote management, third-party supplier
    integration, and reporting to handle tour
    business operations smoothly and elevate business
    in the travel industry.
  • Our customized online booking engines support a
    range of point-of-sale systems, including online
    booking via OTAs, affiliate networks, and direct
    bookings via Extranets. We can add features like
    price comparison tools, dynamic pricing engines,
    travel packages, transfer management, insurance
    choices, and mobile ticketing to your Travel
    Booking software.

  • Benefits of Online Booking System
  • Simplifies and automates administrative tasks
  • Prompt and handy reservation facilities for
    hotels, flights, and other tour packages.
  • Beneficial in business prosperity and expansion.
  • Centralized sales administration and management.
  • Strengthens brand image and increases the
    customer base.
  • Improved collaboration with corporate clients and
  • Grow your marketing and online presence
  • Enjoy insights from data analysis
  • Increase payment speed and security
  • Maximise reservations
  • Reduce human error
  • Dramatically reduce your admin workload
  • Keep your business running 24/7

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