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Car Rental Booking Software


FlightsLogic provides Car Rental Booking Software, Online Car Rental Software, Car Rental Booking System and Car Rental Website to the global travel industry. Using our car rental booking system, you will be able to manage all bookings from a single, multi-segment order management panel. Checking vehicle availability, making online reservations and generating quotes can be done with just a few clicks. Bookings will be entered instantly into the system database and instant confirmation will be sent to your customers. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Car Rental Booking Software

Car Rental Booking Software
FlightsLogic provides Car Rental Booking
Software, Online Car Rental Software, Car Rental
Booking System and Car Rental Website to the
global travel industry.
Streamline Your Business with Car Rental Booking
Car Rental Companies are constantly looking for
opportunities that can make them stand above
their competitors on the market. Car rental
companies are adopting new technologies and tools
to compete. Today, you cannot neglect the
significance of car rental booking software.
Online Car Rental Booking Software is one of
those services which most of the car rental
companies are implementing. This system automates
almost every aspect of a modern car rental
business. This system is user-friendly, easy to
use, and structured to meet the specific needs of
individual car rental agencies at affordable
rates. As technology evolves, agencies are
guaranteed ongoing support, improvement, and
upgrades. The car reservation system is a
complete suite of car rental websites, booking
engines, end-user and driver mobile apps and
fleet management modules.
Car Rental Booking Software by experts of
FlightsLogic Ideal for All Sizes of Car Rental
FlightsLogic develops a car rental system for car
rental companies, car rental agencies, travel
agencies and travel agents. We have almost a
decade of experience in developing travel
portals and have built a successful car rental
and booking system across the globe. We build and
maintain rentals online. Not only does our car
rental software make it easier for you to rent
cars, but it will also help generate more
business. We offer you groundbreaking car booking
software which further enables the best car
rental experience with excellent functionality.
Using our competence in travel technology,
FlightsLogic is offering a competitive car
booking engine in the thriving car rental
  • We offer you groundbreaking car booking
    software which further enables the best car
    rental experience with excellent functionality.
    Using our competence in travel technology,
    FlightsLogic is offering a competitive car
    booking engine in the thriving car rental
  • By providing a highly customizable booking system
    and software, your customers will be able to get
    realistic quotes, view vehicle availability, and
    make online reservations from your website with
    just a few clicks.

  • Our Car Rental Software comes with web
    applications iOS and Android apps for your
    customers and drivers. We offer ready-made but
    customizable white label car rental management
    software for on-demand business services with
    mobile apps and web applications.
  • We strive to use software to manage existing car
    rental companies or help build new car rental
    services with a white label car rental app and
    software solution and are open to new
    functionalities and integrations as per your
    business goals.
  • We offer car rental technology that is not only
    simplistic but also innovative online application
    software that is used by many car rental business
    owners to manage vehicle drivers, dispatch and
    billing, vendors, and keep them updated at
    anytime and anywhere.
  • This web-based car booking system is integrated
    into your existing website and enables your
    customers to search for the availability of cars
    in real-time, pricing and instant booking
    confirmation. This software is API incorporated
    which allows users to book their vehicle.

Drive More Profit With the Custom
Car Rental Booking Software
FlightsLogic is the leading car rental software
development company providing custom car rental
applications to global car rental
companies.  With the Custom Car Reservation
System, you can increase the efficiency of your
booking and management process, control the fleet
and associated costs, and generate detailed
reports. At the B2B level, an online car rental
booking system connects you with other travel
companies and agents that offer flight or hotel
bookings. It also optimizes transactions with
affiliates in order to maximize your client
base.  FlightsLogic's car booking engine is
multilingual and provides multi-currency support.
It has numerous features that allow users to
obtain preferred search results for car
inventories. We provide a simpler and more agile
way to book along with safety and security
features at an affordable cost. Car rental
booking software offered by us can take your
vehicle booking business to the next level with
higher returns and a satisfied customer base. Get
your custom car rental software today!
Main Functions of Car Rental Business Software
  • Manage your bookings, car rental, airport
    transfers, and every rental business.
  • Maintain digital proof of vehicle data, rental
    agreement and more
  • Keep track of your fleet, drivers and related
  • Automate dispatch and stay up-to-date with
    real-time tracking
  • Offering better customer relationship management
  • Sending auto-reminders and updates to clients
  • Managing the maintenance of vehicles
  • Work on implementation with third-party systems,
    including accounts, payment gateways

Benefits of Car Rental Booking Software
  • Single-click quote for the entire fleet allows
    the customer to have an easy booking experience
  • Advanced search and filter options
  • Customer registration and management
  • Manage your bookings easily from one place
  • Individual login for agents and recurring
    customers will make the business smooth
  • Shopping cart for booking cars along with
    flights, hotels and other products
  • Automatic activity voucher generation of your own
  • Auto-update with details of discount rate
    promotions attracts more business
  • Separate markup and commission set up for B2C and
  • Extensive booking reports for decision making and
    accounting reconciliation
  • Customer databases help to track and manage
    client data for potential needs, including

Travel Budget
Car Rental Booking Software
A modern, user-friendly complete web based car
rental booking software created by FlightsLogic
experts. Make your car rental business smart
ready for the digital age.
Here are some key advantages of our car rental
booking software for car rental companies-
  • Easy Convenient Booking Process 
  • By providing a car booking app, you can build a
    convenient and easy booking option for users.
    Users can easily book their car from anywhere
    using their Smartphone. This is an easier option
    for clients who usually utilize their mobile
    phones for browsing, booking, etc.
  • Reach to Mobile Users
  • The car booking app is the best way to get
    attention from mobile users and make them your
    clients. It improves the database by including
    mobile users, which is concisely very beneficial
    for business development and growth.
  • Get Additional Reservations
  • With car rentals software and its user-friendly
    features, you can ensure more reservations. By
    integrating the car booking software, you can
    target mobile users and make reservations from
    around the world.

  • Easy Management of Booking and Quotation 
  • With the aid of the car reservation system, car
    rental companies can easily manage quotes and
    book instantly. This car rental software provides
    a seamless experience of efficient management as
    this software enables the client to view the
    details of the booking and to provide client
  • Enhance Customer Service
  • This software enhances the customer experience
    offered by car rental companies as the customer
    does not have to stand in the crowd and book the
    cars online easily and can track the details of
    the car.
  • Advanced Search Options
  • The car rental system allows users to search for
    various parameters, such as city and date ranges.
    Filters for selecting a specific car as needed
    are also accessible.
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multiple payment choices are available for
    businesses to book rental vehicles. Users have
    the flexibility to pay through credit cards,
    debit cards, and online payments. Users can also
    track payments made and their payment status in
    their accounts.

  • Scalability
  • Car rental booking software is also fully
    scalable. You can always upgrade this by adding
    new features and modules. By doing so, you can
    reach out to more clients, further streamline
    your operations and ensure the success of your
    fleet business. The software also allows you to
    evaluate the specific demands and objectives of
    your clients and grasp the full business
  • User-Friendly
  • The software is completely user-friendly to you
    as a business owner/administrator, to your
    drivers and your clients. Driver, administrator,
    and passenger apps are easy to use.
  • Reports
  • Car reservation software allows the admin to
    generate multiple types of reports. These reports
    will provide a clear picture of bookings made,
    earnings, fleet reporting within the system.
  • Manage Bookings
  • All reservations are managed by admin and
    sub-admin. Booking approvals can be made on an
    automatic or manual basis, depending on the
    protocol set. Admin and sub-admin have full
    control of overbooking and cancellations.

Maximizing Your Website Usability with Car API
  • As a leading travel technology company,
    FlightsLogic specialize in developing car booking
    engines and API integration. We comprehend that
    car booking is a fundamental requirement for
    everyone to travel around the world and thus
    ensure that the booking engine gives your clients
    all the options they need to choose from.

  • For more information, please visit our website
  • https//
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