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Sabre GDS Reservation System


FlightsLogic develops Sabre GDS Reservation System, Sabre Travel Reservation System, and Sabre Airline Reservation System for the global travel industry. With the Sabre GDS reservation system, you can have a wide range of flight, hotel, car and rail, and cruise reservation systems. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Sabre GDS Reservation System

Human resources slide 1
Sabre GDS Reservation System
Get more direct bookings and increase your
revenue, business, and online presence with the
Sabre GDS Reservation System.
Sabre GDS Reservation System is one of the most
Widely used tool for the Travel Industry
Human resources slide 2
How to develop a travel reservation system with a
GDS system like Sabre?
An integral part of the success of a travel
booking engine is a Sabre Global Distribution
System (Sabre GDS). Mainly, Sabre GDS is a
computerized reservation network that makes it
easier for travel agents, end-users, or
corporations to access and make reservations for
flight tickets, rental cars, hotel rooms, tour
packages, and other travel products. Sabre GDS
consequently, fulfills the inventory needs of
online reservation sites and travel agencies. It
also allows customers to make their bookings
based on the choice of airlines and multiple
providers. Our GDS Integration Service will help
your travel company book thousands of airlines,
hotel rooms, and vacations online. With the Sabre
GDS reservation system, you can have a wide range
of flight, hotel, car and rail, and cruise
reservation systems.
  • The Sabre Travel Network is an excellent solution
    for the travel industry. Sabre Travel Network is
    the global leader for the world's leading travel
    agencies and corporate travel programs.
  • Sabre is one of the best GDS systems in the world
    to have a dominant market. Travel agents use
    Sabre GDS to access travel inventory for booking
    flights, hotels, and other travel services.
  • The inventory that Sabre provides is consists of
    over 400 airlines and 125,000 hotels and used by
    over 400,000 travel agents globally.

We offer a fully flexible Travel Booking System
integrated with one of the Most
Sophisticated Sabre Global Distribution
Systems for the Travel Domain. Depending on the
business and solution requirement i.e. be it
Online Travel Agent who wish to integrate Sabre
API in its platform, on a Startup willing to
introduce a B2B or B2C Travel Portal, or a Tour
Operator to produce the content from GDS for
Airlines, Hotels and any other inventory, we
build an application and integrate the Sabre
API. Our travel reservation system
services include a flight reservation system,
hotel booking system, car reservation system,
cruise, and insurance module. We have experts in
travel technology who deliver top-class
reservation systems and are well trained in web
services integration, user/sub-user modules, and
XML live certification process.
Human resources slide 3
Sabre Flight API
  • Sabre Flight API is immensely beneficial for
    travel businesses who like using 3rd party travel
    API Integration service. The use of impressive
    Flight XML APIs gives a unique platform for these
    businesses to operate.
  • FlightsLogic's Flight API integration service
    ensures a great and easy software system. It
    brings many advantages including- accurate and
    systematic metric system, a single multifaceted
    platform, multiple API Integration, a tailor-made
    interface, and user-friendly.

Sabre Hotel API 
  • Sabre Hotel API is essential for hotel business,
    as it requires booking, payments, and
    cancellation process easier. API for hotels can
    be incredibly difficult to create, owing to the
    different room types and facilities provided.
    However, a fully comprehensive and highly
    functional API can offer significant benefits to
    both business owners and guests.

Sabre Car API 
  • Sabre Car API is immensely beneficial when
    booking rental cars and car booking portals for
    travel agencies. This car booking software helps
    in vehicle booking, rental car booking, with a
    slit of cars and fare prices mentioned.
  • To take your business to the next level, hire the
    top API integration provider, which is also the
    leading white-label API. FlightsLogic offers
    travel solutions for Amadeus API integration,
    Sabre API integration, Care Hire API, Fight XML,
    TravelPayout API integration, and more.

Since ages, Sabre GDS Reservation Software has
revolutionized travel and tourism with its agile
and advanced travel technology solutions. These
days, travel agents solely rely on Sabre GDS for
its reliability, security, and faster results.
Get More Direct Bookings Better Conversion with
Sabre GDS Integration
  • Sabre is one of the best GDS systems in the world
    to have a dominant market. Travel agents use
    Sabre GDS to access travel inventory for booking
    flights, hotels, and other travel services.
  • The inventory that Sabre provides is consists of
    over 400 airlines and 125,000 hotels and used by
    over 400,000 travel agents globally.
  • It has a record of processing over 1 million
    travel reservation transactions every minute
    during peak season. Sabre also offers travel
    agencies desktop solutions to search and book and
    XML web services. 
  • FlighsLogic is one of the best Travel GDS
    integration companies in the XML Sabre GDS API,
    with decades of expertise. As the GDS API,
    FlightsLogic integrates web portals for web-based
    engines, hotel bookings, flight reservations,
    tour packages, cars, and rail bookings.

What factors make a Sabre GDS Reservation System
useful to travel companies?
As the travel industry continues to be more
saturated, companies need to use Global
Distribution Systems like Sabre to bring
innovation.  Sabre GDS system is the primary
access point for the travel industry to push and
pull real-time inventory for airlines, hotels,
car rentals, cruise ships, railways, and
more. Sabre GDS is a reliable and cost-effective
distribution channel that helps airlines, car
rental companies, hoteliers to increase their
customer base. As such, Sabre can help your
travel company to succeed in the competitive
travel industry. Our professionals at
FlightsLogic can help you gain a decisive
competitive edge with our comprehensive Sabre
software integration services.
FlightsLogic is a leading travel technology
company with deep expertise in consulting,
development, and integration for B2B B2C travel
management agencies. We are an adept travel
software company with expertise in API/XML
integration with GDS like Sabre to allow your
users a wide range of travel outcomes with a 24/7
presence, details, tariffs, laws, and
policies. Travel companies use Sabre GDS to find
the best airline tickets, car rentals, hotel
rooms, etc. for their clients. Information is
customized and provided by travel companies based
on preferences and itineraries.  When a traveler
requires data from a travel company, the agent
will find the most reliable and cost-effective
What are the features and benefits of Sabre GDS
Reservation System?
  • Real-time Exposure Access Worldwide Inventory
    of airlines, hotels, cars, and busses other
    travel-related entities.
  • Access to both B2C and B2B travel booking
  • Can be integrated with Web Mobile Platforms.
  • Direct status check booking through the API.
  • Expand coverage with travel agents and agencies
  • Single window interface and easy connectivity
  • Targeting all travel agencies and agents
    accurately with the best fares and commissions
  • Information maintenance is convenient with GDS
  • Opening inventory to new distribution channels
  • 247365 access of travel agents and agencies to
    the entire inventory
  • The Sabre GDS software can be easily integrated
    into Android, iOS, and Web platforms
  • Effective in enticing international travelers

Human resources slide 10
  • Allows business models such as the Retail Travel
    Agency and the OTA (Online Travel Agency)
  • Offer customers increased pricing transparency
  • Travel agents can have a global platform with
    huge market penetration
  • Provide your customers with the best rates that
    no other system can provide
  • Place travel services to several clients without
    affecting your marketing budget
  • Offers the best commissions and fares for travel
  • Sabre GDS makes it easy to manage and obtain data
  • It facilitates a single-window interface for all
    your business needs
  • Sabre GDS software enables enhancing the coverage
    to gain exposure to other travelers and travel

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