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Speech Therapy For Kick Start Therapy


At Kick Start Therapy, we can help support you and the child with To help your children with their specific concerns, by introducing you to our team at Kick Start Therapy we bring you Speech-Language Pathologists. Our Speech-Language Pathologists will dedicate their time A professional care and cure giver, who would take one-on-one sessions with your child and to recommending the best possible treatment program, tailor-made as per your child’s unique needs, concerns, and functional everyday goals requirement. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Speech Therapy For Kick Start Therapy

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  • Seema Shah is the passionate founder of Kick
    Start Therapy, a pediatric speech therapy
    practitioner in Southern Ontario. She is an
    enrolled Speech Language Pathologist and has
    finished her schooling at the College of Mumbai,
  • Before Seema opened her own private practice in
    2009, she worked for more than 10 years at
    different associations, like Preschool Discourse
    and Language Drives in the York Area,
    Erinoakkids, and school wellbeing support
  • We provide individualized treatment using our
    multidisciplinary team of Speech Language
    Pathologists, Social Work Specialists, ABA
    Counselors, Speech Specialists and many other
    recovery professionals. Our experts recruit their
    schools to practice in Ontario.

  • Speech Therapy
  • Behaviour Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Psychological Assessment

Introduction to Speech Therapy
  • Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are trained
    professionals who use various speech therapy
    techniques to improve a person's ability to
  • Speech and language difficulties can be caused by
    developmental, physiological, neurological or
    hearing impairments. SLPs and communication
    disorder assistants (CDAs) provide evidence-based
    interventions to support clients and caregivers
    supporting their loved ones.
  • Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and
    Communication Disorders Assistants (CDAs) provide
    11 treatment and consultation services in a
    setting that is convenient for you.

The following are some areas in which we can
assist you or a loved one
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Apraxia for Speech
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Reading and Writing Difficulties
  • Stuttering
  • Voice Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • A neurodevelopmental condition known as autism
    spectrum disorder (ASD) impacts a person's
    perception of and interactions with their
  • It is characterised by ongoing difficulties with
    social contact and communication as well as
    constrained and repetitive interests and
    behaviours. Because it involves a broad variety
    of signs, abilities, and levels of disability
    that can differ widely from person to person, ASD
    is known as a spectrum condition.

Apraxia for Speech
  • Speech sound disorders include childhood apraxia
    of speech (CAS). It makes it challenging to
    understand a child's speech.
  • They struggle to utter speech sounds and combine
    speech sounds to form words.
  • A speech-language pathologist evaluates a child's
    capacity to produce various sounds and looks at
    their mouth-movement patterns.

Auditory Processing Disorder
Despite having adequate hearing, APD is a problem
with how the brain processes or interprets
sounds. It can be summed up by saying that there
is an issue with how the brain interprets what it
hears. Those who struggle with Auditory
Processing Disorder frequently have normal
hearing sensitivity, but their brains have
trouble understanding, organizing, and
remembering what is heard, particularly in noisy
environments. Children that struggle with
auditory processing have trouble remembering and
comprehending what they hear. They frequently
overlook or misinterpret information that is
spoken aloud during education or discussion.
Reading and Writing Difficulties (Learning
  • Learning disability is a neurological
    condition.Children with learning difficulties may
    struggle with organizing, remembering, reasoning,
    and reading, writing, and spelling.
  • A learning disability is a lifelong issue and
    with the right support and intervention, however,
    children with learning disabilities can succeed
    in school and go on to successful careers later
    in life.
  • Type of Learning Disabilities
  • Dyslexia a language-based disability in which a
    person has problems interpreting written words.
  • Dyscalculia A person with dyscalculia has
    trouble understanding mathematical concepts and
    solving arithmetic problems.
  • Dysgraphia a writing disability in which a
    person finds it hard to form letters or write
    within a defined space.

Stuttering is a speech problem that manifests as
a break in the fluent flow of speech. It is also
known as stammering or childhood-onset fluency
disorder. Stutterers are aware of what they want
to say yet struggle to express it. People who
stutter frequently exhibit secondary
behaviours such as poor eye contact, jerky
movements, and word avoidance. By seeking
therapy, a speaker may gain more self-assurance
and be less likely to retreat from society or
avoid specific communication settings.
Voice Disorder
Voice disorders are medical illnesses that cause
the larynx to emit sounds with aberrant pitch,
volume, or quality, impairing speech output. It
might be connected to overusing or misusing the
voice box. The most frequent voice issue in
children is caused by "phonotrauma" or misuse of
the voice, such as shouting or making loud noises
while playing, cleaning the throat, and/or
coughing excessively. Hoarseness, breathiness,
strain, recent voice loss, and pitch or volume
that is too loud or too soft are a few of the
indications and symptoms of vocal disorders.
Role of Speech Language Pathologist
  • Pathologists are essential in recognising,
    analysing, and treating the problems your kid is
    experiencing. The method Our speech-language
    pathologist may take a variety of ways to decide
    how to best assist your kid, including the
  • Screening The most crucial activity is
    screening, during which a speech-language
    pathologist will examine the kids using several
    testing techniques.
  • Assessment/Diagnosis Our speech-language
    pathologist will analyse all the information
    gathered during the screening and consultation
    process to develop a hypothesis for the child
    during the assessment and diagnostic session.
  • Counselling and parent education Our
    speech-language pathologist will conduct a
    one-on-one counselling session with the children
    and parents in the context of the assessment and
  • Treatment / Intervention Our speech-language
    pathologist will design a weekly or biweekly
    treatment programme for your kid depending on
    their current conditions. In order to ensure that
    your kid receives the greatest possible growth
    and recovery support

These functions carried out by our
speech-language pathologist are crucial in
helping a child who may be having one or more of
the developmental issues previously described
turn their life around.
  • Brampton
  • Kick Start Therapy is the perfect place to start
    if you live in or around Brampton and need speech
    therapy for your child.
  • At Kick Start Therapy, our multilingual
    speech-language pathologists offer 11 therapy
    and consultative services in a setting that is
    convenient for you, and for issues ranging from
    Down syndrome to autism spectrum disorder,
    acquired brain injury, apraxia of speech,
    auditory processing disorder, aphasia/stroke,
    accent reduction, dementia, difficulties with
    pronouncing, hearing impairment, reading and
    writing difficulties, receptive and expressive
    language impairment, and receptive and expressive
    language impairment.

  • Mississauga
  • Making therapy as convenient and family-focused
    as feasible is our aim. Children, adults, and
    seniors can all receive speech therapy services
    from Speech Specialists.
  • In Mississauga, speech therapy services are
    offered. Our therapists closely collaborate with
    parents and other carers to identify the best
    ways to support the child's communication.
  • Your child will receive specialised speech
    therapy sessions as part of an individualised
    treatment plan.Receptive and expressive language
    are often the main areas of concentration in
    language speech therapy.

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