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Amadeus System


Travelopro develops Amadeus System, Amadeus Airline Reservation System, Amadeus Online Booking System to travel companies worldwide. For more details, please visit our website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amadeus System

Amadeus System
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  • Travelopro is a global travel technology who
    creates the best travel experiences by partnering
    with the clients. Throughout years we aimed to
    provide our clients creative yet user-friendly
    online travel distribution capabilities.
  • We've specialization in the integration of
    Amadeus software and develop the best content and
    functionalities into a single portal or website.
    Through the latest technology and languages, we
    innovate, customer-focused technology so that
    they can benefit. We actually aim to assist
    travel agents boost their profits, sales revenue
    with a functional and user-friendly
    software-based system.
  • Travelopro is designated to empower
    pre-integrated but a universal platform to the
    clients for booking airline tickets,
    accommodation, car rentals, holiday packages and
    a lot more. We also specialize in GDS which
    enables leading travel agents to run their
    business efficiently and turn the online business
    into a brand.
  • Travelopro provides Amadeus GDS Integration which
    surely facilitates the travel solution companies
    with real-time availability, ability to get
    connected to thousands of travel products through
    a centralized data display. An Amadeus travel
    management software reservation facilitates the
    entire global travel industry.
  • Travelopro has been in the industry for years and
    throughout we have partnered with national and
    international travel management companies. Since
    Amadeus GDS has connections with all types of
    travel products and services from all over the
    globe, they can offer the availability of large
    travel products.

  • What does Amadeus Software mean to the travel
  • Once we complete the Amadeus booking system
    download for a travel agency, travel operator,
    and a travel supplier, Amadeus travel solutions
    means better global reach, better content
    visibility through all channels. For us, it means
    access to the richest, most crucial travel
  • Amadeus booking tool provides you a unique travel
    marketplace, thus for travel agents and travel
    service providers, this tool is the finest way to
    shape better business ideas, and to grow your
    business into a brand. Amadeus is also a
    profitable GDS that guides clients to get
    connected to the travel market all around the
  • As your business goes up, you can easily separate
    your value and provide both better traveler
    experiences to shape your travel business future.
    Travelopro assists you to manage and automate
    your businesses easily.
  • Amadeus software has an architecture which is
    non-discriminatory. Amadeus air booking platform
    permits the travel agents in a smooth selection
    of offers. When it comes to Amadeus Search travel
    experts can easily benefit through the smooth
    interface. Thanks to the technical ability
    engineering capacity of Amadeus staffs which
    keeps on researching, innovating their basic

  • Amadeus software efficiently delivers day-to-day
    requirements of travel agencies. It's a surprise
    to the travel professional as the application has
    a stunning design, stuffed with technological
    updates and powerful applications to synchronize
    the travel agencies.
  • Amadeus computer reservation system (CRS) free
    downloads guide the travel agents to find ticket
    details to enhance profits. Amadeus travel
    management has a two-way procedure of working it
    generates new revenue channels and also looks
    after after-sales revenue. Travelopro as a travel
    portal development company assists you to enlarge
    your market reach.
  • Travelopro believes selling platform Amadeus
    connect all the travel agents and travel
    operators around the world. Everything is
    automated here the customers can generate
    invoice automatically and save precious time.
  • Travelopro provides great technical assist, using
    the features of the Amadeus travel portal.
    Integrating the Amadeus Software will definitely
    take your travel portal to next level. You can
    actually implement features such as multiple
    payment gateways, proper management of property
    information, distribute the inventory.
  • Travelopro as a Travel Portal Management Agency
    has been in the industry for years, connecting
    hotels, transfer providers, tour service
    suppliers with each other. Our live inventory
    information does not only assist travel agents
    but also customers. To provide sleek and
    interesting Amadeus Software integration to
    ensure smooths functioning of the online travel

  • Choose Us for Amadeus System
  • Travelopro, you get pre-integrated Amadeus GDS.
    That's a global platform designed for booking
    anything from hotels to tickets to even holiday
    packages from a single location. With our assist,
    you can leverage the Amadeus booking engine for
    running your business in an effective and
    efficient manner.
  • By choosing the Amadeus┬átravel agency software,
    you can access several benefits that arise out of
    the community around Amadeus and the single but
    comprehensive data source it offers.
  • At Travelopro, we can deliver you with a unique
    but robust travel marketplace. We constantly
    develop better ideas to help in creating a more
    connected future for the travel industry and
    customers as a whole. With our Amadeus airline
    reservation system integration services, we
    assist you serve your consumers better.
  • With Amadeus, you can inspire your consumers and
    sell to them in a more efficient and interesting
    way. We take time to understand the requirements
    of your customers so that you can achieve a
    better level of success.
  • Moreover, we strive to have a proper
    understanding of your business so that we can
    provide valuable and relevant services which can
    help you generate increased revenues while saving
    on costs.
  • Our services and products are designed to
    optimize the procedures of your business. At
    Travelopro, you will get a variety of travel
    solutions to help you grow and shape a successful

  • Benefits
  • Time saving as it provides all travel, client and
    agency information through single screen access
    to travelers round the clock.
  • Easy to find and understand information.
  • Better control as the entire travel agency
    business can be integrated and hence increase
  • Possibility of cross selling the products and
    larger offers to clients is possible.
  • Amadeus caters to all hotel needs from hotel
    management software to distribution to all sales
  • Amadeus can anticipate the needs of the guests in
    advance and be ahead of the competition in
    delivering them.

  • Features of Amadeus-Hotels
  • Technology to distribute hotels in both online
    and travel traditional environments.
  • Revenue Management System both for hotels and
    central reservation offices.
  • Direct connection to GDS to streamline the
  • Central Reservation System to connect individual
    properties and hotel groups to the GDS and online

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