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Amadeus GDS


Travelopro provides Amadeus GDS, Amadeus Online Booking, Amadeus CRS System, Amadeus Flight API and Amadeus Software to the travel industry worldwide. For more details, please visit our website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amadeus GDS

Amadeus GDS
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  • Amadeus is one of the main Global Distribution
    Systems (GDS). It is Central Reservation System
    delivers search, pricing, booking, ticketing, and
    other post-reservation procedure services in
    real-time to travel agencies service providers
  • Amadeus services are available for customers
    ranging from airlines, hotels, car, cruise, and
    rail content suppliers inventory owners. It
    also brought its services for travel agencies,
    tour operators, and individual travelers.
  • Amadeus GDS is one of the best global
    distribution systems today. Through web services
    APIs, Amadeus GDS gives the access to online
    travel contents including airline, hotels,
    transfers, sightseeing, cars and other
    value-added services. Using Travelopro internet
    booking engine platform, integration of Amadeus
    GDS XML API web services can directly be done to
    your website, allowing you to maintain your
    sites identity and original design and branding.
  • Travelopro is one of the most well-liked and
    powerful companies. It is of the worlds largest
    travel technology companies. Connecting travel
    companies to the travel ecosystem, they permit
    travel companies to explore and create new travel
    business opportunities.
  • The Amadeus GDS originated as an innovative
    solution to one of the most common problems in
    the travel industry. This problem was the need
    for effective distribution of travel and sales

  • How to Connect Your Hotel to Amadeus GDS?
  • The most common way to link to Amadeus is to go
    through a GDS supplier. There are multiple
    companies that deliver these services and they
    will typically connect a hotel to all major GDS
    systems at once.
  • Hotels can manage property information, such as a
    description, photos and facilities, and
    distribute all inventory and rates from one
    place. Most GDS service providers also have
    connections with most hotel channel managers.
    Usage of a GDS system can, therefore, be fully
  • Amadeus GDS is one of the major three Global
    Distribution Systems, and can be of service to
    hotels via improved distribution. Connecting your
    hotel to the GDS system will permit travel agents
    to access live inventory information, enabling
    them to sell rooms in your property to their
  • Various Modules/ Customer Solutions offered by
  • Amadeus Air
  • Amadeus Rail
  • Amadeus Cars
  • Amadeus Hotels
  • Amadeus Tours
  • Amadeus Cruise

  • Amadeus GDS Integration
  • One of the most popular and main global
    distribution systems, Amadeus operates in more
    than 190 countries throughout the world. Amadeus
    web service is an Application Programming
    Interface (API) that provides individual Amadeus
    content through SOAP/XML messages.
  • Web services permit travel agents to integrate
    travel-related contents into their application
    link a booking engine, Web site, travel agency
    front-office and corporate self-booking tool.
    Amadeus GDS assists travel agents and agencies to
    serve the traveler to enhance their business
    globally by assist their clients to get the best
    deal. Amadeus GDS assists managing your travel
    business, decrease costs and improving revenues.
  • Amadeus GDS integration for flight booking
  • Amadeus delivers highly effective and interactive
    reservation solution, which helps OTAs expand
    booking scopes by distributing air and
    non-airline content to wide-reaching,
    distribution channels. Accessing real-time and
    updated information about flight status, actual
    prices and make bookings instantly and reduce
    your overheads in the process too.

  • Amadeus GDS integration for hotel reservations
  • Real-time status of hotel rooms and price changes
  • Automatically allocate rooms to guests
  • Centralized Database to get real time information
    regarding availability and pricing of hotel rooms
  • Better Marketing exposure through hotel GDS
  • Reap the benefits of reaching the untapped
  • Broaden your reach to attract families and
    corporate traveler
  • Start rating and guest review score
  • Amadeus global distribution system for Car rental
  • Company can add Amadeus cars to their existing
    online travel reservation portal and access great
    choice of car rental content and permit their
    customers to reserve cars of their choice simply
    and quickly. With Car rental global distribution
    system, agents can deliver real-time rental cars
    booking information to keep their business ahead
    of competition.

  • Benefits Of Amadeus GDS
  • Picks up real-time inventory from various sources
  • Real-Time Booking Instantly Reflects in The
    Airline System
  • PNR And Ticket Generations on The Spot
  • Centralized Payment Processing Via BSP
  • Acts As a Single Source of Aggregated Data of
    Airlines Loyalty Program Extended Via API
  • Reduces The Time to Interact with Airlines
    Individually and Hence Increase Efficiency and
  • Features of Amadeus GDS
  • Latest and technically sound automated products
  • Fast seat confirmation facility.
  • Synchronized real-time flight information.
  • Secured customer information with frequent flier
  • Cost-effective solution.

  • Choose Us for Amadeus GDS
  • Travelopro, you get pre-integrated Amadeus GDS.
    That is a global platform designed for booking
    anything from hotels to tickets to even holiday
    packages from a single location. With our help,
    you can leverage the Amadeus booking engine for
    running your business in an effective and
    efficient manner.
  • We aim to help you get all the features offered
    by Amadeus like its real-time availability,
    reservation, pricing and centralized display of
    data. After all, we are dedicated exclusively to
    meeting the requirements of the international
    travel industry.
  • By choosing the Amadeus travel agency software,
    you can access several benefits that arise out of
    the community around Amadeus and the single but
    comprehensive data source it offers.
  • At Travelopro, we can deliver you with a unique
    but robust travel marketplace. We constantly
    develop better ideas to assist in creating a more
    connected future for the travel industry and
    consumers as a whole.
  • With our Amadeus airline reservation system
    integration services, we assist you serve your
    clients better. With Amadeus, you can inspire
    your clients and sell to them in a more efficient
    and interesting way. We take time to understand
    the needs of your clients so that you can achieve
    a better level of success.

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