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Amadeus Travel Software


FlightsLogic integrates Amadeus Travel Software, Amadeus Airline, Amadeus GDS System to travel agencies, tour operators and travel companies worldwide. If you want to know more, Please visit our website, – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amadeus Travel Software

Amadeus Travel Software
What Is Amadeus Travel Software?
  • As a travel technology company, FlightsLogic
    provides consulting, development for all the
    aspects of B2B B2C Amadeus GDS /Amadeus XML/
    Amadeus API Integration.
  • The Amadeus Booking System / Amadeus Software
    includes the Amadeus Airline booking system for
    airline reservations, Travel Software, Amadeus
    Software, Amadeus GDS, Amadeus Airline, Amadeus
    Booking System, Amadeus API.
  • Amadeus Software offers a solution for the
    airline, and tour operators, etc. Integrating the
    Amadeus GDS system supports to maintain and to
    disseminate information regarding the airline,
    and extra help from various channels and
  • The Amadeus Software assists in enhancing the
    marketing solution for travel companies,
    organizations, airlines, etc.
  • Our Amadeus GDS Software helps the travel agents,
    companies and their clients to access the travel
    knowledge by comparing rates, booking choices,
    access scheduling and inventories (airlines)
    along with choices of permitting the customers to
    book tickets online.

  • Our industry-leading Amadeus Software tailored to
    specific travel needs for flights. Along with
    this renders you to select from many
  • If a travel company aspires to expand, it's very
    necessary to combine a robust global distribution
    system along with Amadeus GDS software.
  • FlightsLogic provides technology solutions that
    keep the travel business moving from initial
    analysis to booking, from evaluation to
    ticketing, from reservation management to
    management of check-in and check-out processes.
  • We develop Amadeus GDS Software and are designed
    to produce skilled travel portal solutions. It
    helps agents quickly and with efficiency
    establishes complete travel itineraries.
  • The Amadeus GDS has all the essential skills and
    deserves to achieve the future, not only because
    it's an entire travel management system, but also
    because of its diversity within the aggregation
    of travel content. Amadeus operates in 195
    countries and includes a global team of over
    11,000 people.
  • Over 90,000 travel agencies around the world use
    the Amadeus system and 58,000 airline sales
    offices use it as their internal sales and
    reservation system.

  • Amadeus provides access to the reserved content
    of 435 airlines (including sixty affordable
    airines), 200 tour operators, etc. With wonderful
    technical support, this can be necessary for
  • The integration of Amadeus GDS web services will
    definitely take the travel agency to a different
    level since it can access the large array of
    travel content regulated by Amadeus GDS. Travel
    operators around the world use the Amadeus API
    for flight booking and other travel bookings.
  • The travel business is experiencing the rise,
    high expectations, fierce competition and
    pressure on margins. Amadeus, the world's leading
    global distribution system (GDS) and also the
    world's largest travel booking processor.
  • Amadeus GDS is one of the most preferred GDS
    systems these days. Global travel management
    companies use Amadeus GDS to access online travel
    content, including flights and other value-added
  • Amadeus GDS processes the biggest range of
    transactions daily. Over the past eighteen years,
    Amadeus GDS has become the biggest GDS system and
    also the largest travel content aggregator within
    the world.
  • Amadeus GDS helps you and different players
    within the travel business to do business and
    increase your revenue. Amadeus GDS helps travel
    agents and tour operators to serve travelers and
    enhance their business expertise and engagement.

Amadeus Airline Reservation System
  • FlightsLogic is a travel technology company
    providing travel technology solutions to the
    travel trade. Our travel technology software will
    encourage you to show your recent ideas and
    perceptions. We are a fully-fledged travel
    software company in GDS API / XML integration.
  • FlightsLogic's integration of Amadeus Flights
    permits you to attach to GDS Amadeus via an XML
    API for online booking of airline tickets.
  • Amadeus provides an extremely efficient and
    interactive booking solution that helps online
    travel agencies expand their booking scopes by
    distributing air and non-air content to large
    distribution channels.
  • Access real-time and up-to-date data regarding
    flight status, actual costs and create bookings
    instantly - and reduce your overhead prices
    within the method furthermore.
  • Amadeus Flight Booking provides the technology
    that keeps the travel trade going. From Amadeus,
    flights search to the reservation, cost
    accounting to ticketing, the handling of
    reservations to the handling of the entry and
    exit procedure. Amadeus Flight API integration is
    in great demand by travel operators, destination
    management companies, etc.
  • The Amadeus reservation system covers the whole
    solution, from the initial search to the
    completion of the booking. Creating an online
    booking is straightforward with Amadeus airline

What Do You Get With Amadeus Software
  • FlightsLogic is a worlds leading Amadeus GDS
    Integration Service supplier and has favored
    thousands of travel portals thus far. It
    integrates all the services at a place and this,
    in turn, helps the travelers realize the best
    deals that are obtainable across the globe.
  • Amadeus GDS Integration distributes services
    equally to desired destinations so that travelers
    and service suppliers can benefit from the same
    within the best method and cost-effectively.
  • We offer GDS Integration Solutions for travel web
    portals which will facilitate them get the most
    profitable business for their website.
  • We are dealing with the Amadeus API Integration
    solution, which is one of the most trustworthy
    and reliable software solutions for the travel
    website. Travel operators around the world use
    the Amadeus API integration for booking flights,
    and totally different travel reservations.
  • Our Amadeus GDS integration solution, that helps
    the travel trade to grow and also to realize the
    best profit within the market

  • We are professional in Amadeus API integration,
    Amadeus API XML integration, Amadeus GDS API
    integration, Amadeus web services development,
    Amadeus airlines GDS Integration. Our GDS
    integration service will facilitate your travel
    company to book thousands of airlines online.
  • Amadeus, as the best global distribution solution
    supplier within the world, brings an unmatched
    experience to the travel and touristry business.
  • They are most specialized in airline travel
    products and services, which include various
    business necessities, not restricted in size,
    market segments, or business models.
  • Amadeus travel software combines leading travel
    assistance suppliers. Along with this causes you
    to make a choice from many alternatives. This
    allows travel solution suppliers to
    cost-effective ways to create bespoken travel
    booking applications with stable and secure
    access to GDS content.
  • If a travel company aspires to expand, it's vital
    to combine a robust global distribution system
    with Amadeus GDS software. There's no better
    variety than this. This software is a one-stop
    destination for using innovative technology to
    extend your conversions.
  • This offers users the most effective search
    results instantly as it needs less effort in an
    online booking system. This needs stripped-down
    maintenance efforts for customers through better
    interface flexibility and stability for the
    Amadeus system.

  • Why Amadeus GDS Integration?
  • When integrated into your online travel booking
    application, Amadeus connects you to the global
    travel market and offers great potential for your
    travel business to grow. This is why the
    integration of Amadeus GDS is very important for
    your travel business
  • Instant access to the richest and most relevant
    travel content
  • Easy integration and maintenance
  • Opportunities to explore new revenue streams,
    cross-selling and integration with other vendors.
  • Travel management solutions that are relevant
    and tailored to save costs and generate more
  • Optimized business processes, procedures and
    reporting, business intelligence reporting, and

Where is Amadeus GDS Used?
  • Currently, Amadeus GDS is used by travel
    management companies, travel agencies, and travel
    agents around the world to attach consumers and
    sellers through travel agents, online, and
    corporate travel channels.
  • Amadeus GDS System
  • As the travel business continues to become more
    saturated, businesses must utilize Global
    Distribution Systems like Amadeus to realize
  • Amongst the numerous Amadeus GDS systems is way
    most well-liked by travel operators. Amadeus
    Global distribution systems are widely
    responsible for the expansion of the travel
    business and therefore the stepping stone of most
    internet-based travel services.
  • This GDS system can play a crucial role in
    serving to you manage technology and market
    trends, observance of global travel and more.
    FlightsLogic can seamlessly integrate to the
    Amadeus GDS and extend your travel offerings
    permitting your business to grow.

  • Amadeus GDS system had maintained its position
    because of the global leader in travel technology
    and travel distribution solutions for the tourism
    industry, by perpetually introducing innovations.
    Amadeus, one of the leading GDS suppliers, is
    modernizing and dynamic the traveling industry
    with its travel marketplace.
  • Their system is used by thousands of travel
    suppliers and buyers to facilitate market
    designing, selling, business operations and more.
  • It's no surprise that Amadeus is a popular choice
    as they partner with companies around the world
    that provide over 435,000 travel intermediaries
    access to their platforms.
  • Amadeus Global Distribution System contains a
    great amount of helpful information that OTA can
    use to supply to consumers.
  • In one platform, travel agents have access to
    real-time inventory and costs for airlines and
    more. Integration into Amadeus GDS can be
    organized to present information in a clear and
    unbiased manner.
  • The feature can be often applied to match several
    factors like price, location, date, airline seat,
    and time. Having all the data in one place in a
    user-friendly interface will promote whole
    loyalty and provide you a competitive edge.

Key Features of the Amadeus GDS System
  • Manage your travel business intelligently
  • Target promote your travel business
  • Distribute sell through more channels
  • Enhance the buying experience
  • Better market business insight
  • Exposure to worldwide Inventory
  • Travel agents can book and issue tickets directly.

  • Extensive series of flight/car/hotel/passenger
    name record / miscellaneous services to access
    Amadeus content
  • Provides a single point of access to the Amadeus
  • Easily expand your coverage with travel agents
    and agencies
  • Uses XML, SOAP and travel industry standards
  • Allows you to integrate any feature enabled by
    the web service into your own custom
  • Using Event Notification Services reduces
    mid-office robotic polling and can reduce scan
  • Opening inventory to new distribution channels
  • 24 / 7/ 365 access to travel agents and travel
    agencies to all inventory

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    more details, please visit our website
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