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MBBS in India or MBBS Abroad- What is Better for Indian Students


While many still think that studying MBBS abroad is expensive, they must realize that this is just a myth. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: MBBS in India or MBBS Abroad- What is Better for Indian Students

MBBS in India OR MBBS Abroad
What is Better for Indian Students
MBBS Abroad V/S MBBS in India
  • For students all over the world especially in
    India, medicine degree is a prestigious thing in
    itself and it is also one of the difficult degree
    to achieving.
  • Students who do not get admission in a
    government college in India due to high
    competition are left with two options i.e. either
    study in a private college in India or pursue
    MBBS abroad.
  • While many still think that studying MBBS abroad
    is expensive, they must realize that this is just
    a myth. To study MBBS in a private college in
    India, the cost required is about INR 80 to 90
    lakhs or more while it is INR 20 to 50 lakhs in
    many foreign countries like MBBS in Russia,
    Georgia etc.
  • And hence there is a significant rise in the
    number of Indian students applying for MBBS
    abroad every year. 

Let us compare MBBS Abroad and MBBS in India to
have a clear idea about each
Availability of Seats
  • There are about 500 medical colleges in India,
    and very few number of them are government
    colleges which is affordable for all and the
    seats get filled up fast by high scorer students.
  • When it comes to applying for MBBS abroad, the
    numbers of choices are abundant. Many
    universities abroad have MBBS seats available and
    invite international students to apply. Most of
    them do not even require an entrance examination.

Quality of Education
  • A medical degree from India is most valued,
    especially if it is obtained from the Indian
    government colleges, after the USA, study in the
    UK, Canada, New-Zealand and Australia. The top
    private and governments colleges in India provide
    excellent quality of education. However, the same
    cant be said about the government colleges in
    remote areas or the average private colleges.
  • MBBS Abroad, on the other hand, is it doesnt
    matter in which abroad medical university you
    enroll in, the education system is much more
    advanced and developed than in India. With more
    focus on practical knowledge, advanced equipment,
    and exceptional faculty you cant go wrong in
    pursuing a MBBS degree from abroad.

Financial Aspect
  • Perusing your MBBS degree in Indian government
    medical college can be more affordable than
    studying abroad with facilities such as food,
    lodging, and commuting work are cheaper.
    Unfortunately, thats not the case with private
    medical colleges. Most of them require donation
    and hence fees is high and up to 1 to 1.5 cr. for
    the entire MBBS course.
  • Compared to MBBS in Private medical colleges in
    India there are many countries like MBBS in
    Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, China, Georgia,
    Belarus and many more that can provide you the
    same degree in a very affordable amount. In most
    of these countries, an MBBS degree is possible
    within minimum budget of 18 to 20 lakhs.

Experience and Exposure
  • The international exposure offers as a student
    studying MBBS abroad is far more than compared to
    your native country can offer you.
  • Meeting new people in a totally different
    country and overcoming various difficulties on
    your own in a foreign land boosts your confidence
    to a new level.
  • While in India you will always be in your
    comfort zone. There are very few chances where
    you will face challenges on your own

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