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Why Is Guyana the Top Choice for Studying MBBS Abroad?


students head to Guyana, which is a prime destination for those who want to study medicine abroad. We look at the reasons why Guyana is the best country to study MBBS for Indian students. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Is Guyana the Top Choice for Studying MBBS Abroad?

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  • There is a constant demand for additional doctors
    in the Indian Medical industry. As per the 2019
    National Health Profile in India, there is
  • 1 government recognized allopathic doctor is
    available for 10,926 people.
  • Only 41,371 doctors with required qualifications
    are registered under the MCI act in 2018.
  • The number of allopathic doctors does not meet
    the standards of the WHO for the
    doctor-population ratio. However, the process of
    becoming a doctor is expensive within India.
    Students also have to pass the NEET exam to get a
    medical seat.

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Increasingly, the NEET exam is preventing many
from applying to medical school and pursuing an
MBBS degree. Students who have passed their 12th
exam/PUC attempt the NEET and many do not get
through. After failing the NEET, instead of
getting discouraged, many are opting to study
medicine abroad. In 2019, the number of
candidates that passed the NEET exam stood around
7,95,031. As a result, there is an ongoing
shortage of medical college seats for even those
who pass the NEET exam.
In India, there are only limited medical college
seats. Over the coming years, the government
plans to open 75 new medical colleges. These new
medical colleges will result in an increase of
undergraduate MBBS seats by 15,700 by 202122.
However, currently, the number of available seats
cannot accommodate those who pass the NEET exam.
Even with the addition to the number of MBBS
seats in the coming years supply will still lag
demand. So, many students prefer to study
medicine abroad. As they cannot do MBBS without
NEET, they are attempting and finding the best
country based on their cutoff marks.
Aspirants for medical seats have to pass the NEET
and then pay to get a seat for an MBBS degree. In
India, the cost of a medical seat available under
the management quota is about 15 lakh. In private
medical colleges in India, those who want to
avail of the management quota still have to pass
NEET. The new rules regarding the management
quota medical seats are applicable this year.
Therefore, in India, it is almost impossible to
do MBBS even though they get through NEET.
Students prefer to study MBBS abroad because, in
several countries, there is less competition for
medical seats. Especially students, who have
limited funds to secure a seat, find the option
of studying in medical colleges abroad
attractive. By choosing to do an MBBS in foreign
countries, students also do not have to pay any
Students who aspire to study MBBS know they can
get a degree in a foreign country. They can even
pick from several countries that offer a stellar
medical education. Importantly, India and the
United States recognize the degrees awarded by
colleges in Guyana if they clear the required
qualifying exam. As a result, Guyana has
consistently ranked as the best country to study
MBBS, especially for Indian students. Another
aspect that makes Guyana an attractive option is
that the cost of living in the country is low.
The fees charged by private medical colleges in
India for a seat and yearly tuition are quite
high. Getting a medical seat in Guyana is
comparatively cheaper, and the tuition is also
less when compared with Indian colleges. The cost
of studying in Guyana is also much cheaper when
compared with medical colleges in the United
States. All of these factors have made Guyana the
best country to study MBBS for Indian students.
Colleges in Guyana are offering quality medical
education that equals the best medical
institutions in India.
Colleges in Guyana adopt the latest and best
safety measures, and students prefer them when
looking for medical colleges abroad. As a result,
students can focus on earning their MBBS degree.
Additionally, the college campuses in the country
are inviting, and students feel at ease among an
international crowd. Students who take advantage
of the many safety features can ensure they never
have to face any untoward incidents.
The cost of living in Guyana is affordable and is
appealing to those looking to enroll in medical
colleges abroad. Students studying MBBS abroad in
Guyana can easily manage their monthly expenses
to ensure they do not overshoot their budgets.
Several of the medical colleges in Guyana also
offer hostel space and mess facilities to
students. All of these positive elements make
Guyana a top destination for those looking for
medical colleges aboard.
Indian students in Guyana never have to look far
to find Indo-Guyanese. This section of the
population can trace its origins to people who
arrived from the sub-continent. Most of those
with Indian heritage arrived in the country as
indentured laborers when India was under British
rule. Since then, Indian culture has become part
and parcel of the country. Importantly, the
Indo-Guyanese currently constitute about 40 of
the population.
Students looking for a taste of home never have
to venture far to experience the best of Indian
cuisine. As they earn their MBBS degree, they can
discover sumptuous Indo-Guyanese dishes. Included
in the local offerings are a variety of familiar
Indian vegetables such as eggplants, pumpkin, and
okra. Even if students want to satiate their
craving for Indian sweets, they can opt for kheer
and gulab jamun available. The food is one of the
several reasons that make Guyana the best country
to study MBBS for Indian students.
Texila American University in Guyana (Texila) is
a premier college to study medicine abroad. When
students pick the university to study MBBS
abroad, they get top facilities. Also, the
college allocates seats on merit, and students
study MBBS abroad. At Texila, the admission fees
are not high, and students can get an MD (MBBS)
in medicine with ease. Students can also take
advantage of English language instruction to
easily keep up with classes. Students, when
studying MBBS in foreign countries such as
Guyana, face no pressure to study an extra
These unique advantages make Guyana the best
country to study MBBS for Indian students and
Texila, a popular choice. Students applying to
medical school in Texila learn from experts in
the field of medicine who teach in interactive
classes. Graduates also receive progressive
clinical training and are better at treating
diseases and adapting to changes in the world.
Importantly, students in the university get
superior guidance that helps them on the path to
an MD in medicine.
Note Indians who aspire to be doctors should not
abandon their dream if they do not get a medical
seat. They can reach out to Texila and get onto
the path of becoming a doctor.
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