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Flight GDS And LCCs


FlightsLogic is a leading GDS integration travel technology company that specializes in GDS integration (GDS). With so many additional features, our Flight Booking Engine helps customers book international and domestic flights from any location and offers better inventory, prices, and other information to travel agents as well. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Flight GDS And LCCs

Flight GDS And LCC
FlightsLogic provides Flight GDS and LCCs,
Amadeus Flight API, Best Flight API Provider,
Flight Booking System Design to the global travel
  • Visit https//www.flightslogic.com/flights-gds-an

What is the GDS-based flight booking system?
  • Global travel companies are not complete today
    unless they have integrated the GDS flight
    booking engine. The GDS flight booking system is
    an essential requirement for all online travel
  • GDS flight booking system is a computer
    reservation system that serves as a single access
    point to view airline schedules, book airline
    seats, and issues airline tickets.
  • GDS Airline is an online tool used by travel
    agencies (both IATA and non-IATA agents) to
    provide their customers and partner travel agents
    with a hassle-free flight booking experience.
  • The software incorporates popular GDS
    systems such as Amadeus, Sabre, and Galileo to
    provide real-time inventory and the best prices
    to its end customers (B2B or B2C). Furthermore,
    the system supports multiple currencies and
    payment gateways.

  • The GDS System offers an interactive reservation
    (CRS) solution that assists travel agents in
    expanding their bookings by distributing airline
    and non-airline content to distribution channels.
    It offers real-time data, accesses real-time
    updated flight status and rates, and facilitates
    online reservations.
  • Integrating the Amadeus GDS (Global Distribution
    System) into your booking engine or travel portal
    can provide a massive amount of real-time data
    for online flight booking.
  • The GDS airline software simplifies the process
    of making an online reservation. The customer
    only needs to use the GDS airline booking system
    to book a flight. GDS Flights integration enables
    connecting to GDS Amadeus via XML API for online
    flight ticket booking.
  • The GDS flight booking system is ideal for all
    online travel businesses. With the GDS airline
    application, you get wide access to several
    essential functionalities such as booking,
    inventory management, passenger profiling, and
    PNR generation.

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How to develop a flight booking system with a GDS
system like Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre? 
  • FlightsLogic is a leading GDS integration travel
    technology company that specializes in GDS
    integration (GDS). With so many additional
    features, our Flight Booking Engine helps
    customers book international and domestic flights
    from any location and offers better inventory,
    prices, and other information to travel agents as
  • The customer only needs to use the GDS airline
    booking system to book a flight. Flights GDS
    integration enables users to connect to GDS
    Amadeus for online flight ticket booking via the
    XML API.
  • Using API, connect your airline reservation
    system to GDS flights. The integration gives the
    travel industry access to the entire database of
    airline companies. In addition, booking system
    integration with a renowned payment gateway
    allows for seamless flight booking.
  • Manage your tourism business with our
    sophisticated and efficient GDS API integration
    service. Travel agencies can reach the global
    market through a global airline distribution
    system, which integrates hundreds of airlines and
    a global network of travel agents.

The advantage of incorporating and managing your
GDS flight tickets and other travel products in a
single software solution is clear it increases
the effectiveness of travel agencies and reduces
costs. Travel agencies experience features
including real-time costs, automated inventory
and content updates, real-time inventory
management, and the ease of connectivity. It
gives travel companies access to a wide range of
channels for utilization and distribution.
Why should Travel Agents/Tour Operators and
Travel Management Companies use GDS Airline
Reservation System?
  • The travel industry has been revolutionized the
    integration of the Global Distribution System.
    The Global Distribution System is a must-have for
    all online travel companies.
  • Your online travel agency can maximize the reach
    of the GDS Flight API integration services of
    Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre, or Travelport to
    increase your worldwide audience and dramatically
    improve your revenue.
  • With the emergence of the Airline GDS system,
    flight bookings have become much easier, as you
    can now compare airlines, their service, ticket
    accessibility, and the cost of an air ticket
    before proceeding with the booking process.
  • GDS Networks provides access to travel data to
    travel companies, agents, and their customers by
    comparing rates, booking options, access
    schedules, and inventory options, as well as
    allowing customers to book airline tickets
  • FlightsLogic will assist you in leveraging our
    airline GDS services to expand the scope of your
    business, bring in new customers, and provide
    opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.
    In short, you can start using custom travel
    technology tools to utilize the online platform
    more effectively.

  • We are an experienced travel software company
    that specializes in API/XML integration with GDS
    such as Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre to provide
    your users with a wide range of travel outputs
    such as 24/7 presence, details, tariffs, laws,
    and policies.
  • We have a track record of successfully
    integrating GDS systems for airline bookings,
    including B2B, B2C, and B2B2C options, as well as
    the admin module. Our GDS Integration Service
    will assist your travel agency in booking
    thousands of airlines online.
  • Whether you have gained access to Sabre, Amadeus,
    Galileo, Travelport, or Worldspan, we offer our
    clients the best solutions when it comes to
    XML/API integration.
  • FlightsLogic provides comprehensive and efficient
    Airline GDS solutions to maximize the benefits
    for suppliers and travelers. When you use the GDS
    API Integration Solution on your travel website,
    you will get the best results for your service

Which are the top flight GDS, APIs, suppliers for
airline reservation software?
  • FlightsLogic provides travel agency software that
    is integrated with these travel inventory
    supplying GDSs, allowing end-users to book
    flights from various LCCs and airline companies.
    As a result, we are helping our partner travel
    agencies and OTAs grow their businesses.
  • FlightsLogic thrives in the domain of Flight
    Booking Software for clients worldwide, with a
    wide range of inventory in the flights GDS and
    LCCs, as well as several flight API providers
    globally. As a result, we effortlessly serve
    various geographies with domestic global flight
  • We provide flight booking software that can be
    integrated with GDSs and third-party suppliers.
    It's a one-stop-shop for automating your travel
    agency operations so you can scale up with speed
    and flexibility.
  • We work with leading GDS, XML, and API suppliers
    such as Amadeus, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai, Air Asia,
    Spicejet, Indigo, Go Air, Yatra, Expedia, Travel
    Fusion, and Mystifly. Many reservation systems
    have only a few distribution channels, but we all
    have them. And, when combined with the 3rd party
    XML API integration, you will be able to reach a
    large number of customers.

  • FlightsLogic offers a reliable integration to a
    diverse array of GDSs (Global Distribution
    Systems), flight consolidators, and low-cost
    carriers. The powerful Flights API connection
    enables your travel agents and travelers to book
    flight tickets online through your B2B, B2C,
    and Corporate Booking Systems.
  • Flight GDS and LCCs Integration from FlightsLogic
    connects your travel agents and travelers to all
    major airlines. The Flights API will assist your
    travel company in expanding its inventory and
    providing travelers with a comprehensive set of
  • By offering flight reservation services from
    world-renowned GDSs, consolidators, and low-cost
    carriers, you can expand into the global market
    and increase your revenue. Offer competitive
    airfares and best-scheduled flight deals.
  • Using FlightsLogic's API/XML integration, you can
    manage your flight bookings with GDS, Flight
    Aggregators, or low-cost carriers.
  • With a global distribution system, you can reach
    a global market by connecting to hundreds of
    airlines and a global network of travel agents.
    With rising flight demand, whether you've signed
    up for Travelport Galileo, Travelport Worldspan,
    Sabre, or Amadeus, we provide the best XML/API
    integration solutions to our clients.

  • Most Popular API that we used for the Flight
    Booking System
  • Sabre Flight API
  • Sabre flight API provider is ideal for developers
    who want to create and customize booking
    applications for their websites. They can also
    utilize Sabre content within another application.
    You must know that Sabre Flight API is easier,
    safer, faster, and flexible. Without a doubt,
    Sabre Flight API is the most reputed Flight
    Booking Engine API provider.

  • Galileo Flight API
  • With Galileo Flight API, you easily get booking
    of plane seats, rental cars, hotel rooms, and
    many other travel industries. Galileo Flight API
    can be considered a one-stop shop for all of your
    travel booking needs. This is how you get the
    best prices available anywhere in the world.
  • Amadeus Flight API
  • Amadeus Flight API works by displaying a list of
    flights with seats available. You gain access to
    APIs for flight search, flight booking, hotels,
    and destination content.

  • TravelPort Flight API
  • Travelport Flight API, also known as Travelport
    Universal API, is an XML API that is integrated
    with a range of services and transactions.
    Travelport Flight API provides a wide range of
    services such as content, hotel, air, rail, and
    car rental, making it easier to develop a
    desktop, web, or mobile end-to-end travel
    application in a go.
  • Travel Boutique Online Flight API
  • One of the leading Indian B2B Travel
    Portals, Travel Boutique Online Flight API has
    everything in the bucket. They provide a wide
    range of travel services, including flight
    reservations, hotel reservations, transits,
    sightseeing tours, and holiday packages, as well
    as insurance coverage. They assist travel agents
    to tremendously serve their customers effectively
    with the best-suited inventory.
  • Travel Boutique Online Flight API provides agents
    with access to a large global flight stock from
    prominent air flight suppliers. This way they
    provide services to their customers.

  • Mystifly Flight API
  • Mystifly, A well-known brand with all-inclusive
    B2B airfare API integration. whether you are a
    travel business or an Online Travel Agent (OTA)
    company, Mystifly flight APIs offer all the tools
    you need to start and maintain your travel
    business worldwide. 
  • EaseMyTrip Flight API
  • EaseMyTrip, India's leading B2B B2C online
    travel portal company in India offers flight
    booking API. Travel agents can use the EaseMyTrip
    Flight API to gain access to a large global
    flight inventory from well-known air flight
    suppliers. This way they provide services to

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