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Amadeus Hotel Search API


FlightsLogic provides Hotel Search API, Amadeus GDS, and Hotel GDS to travel agents, tour operators, and travel management companies all over the globe. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amadeus Hotel Search API

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  • What is Amadeus?

Amadeus is a leading Global Distribution System.
Its Central Reservation System delivers real-time
search, pricing, booking, ticketing, and other
post-booking processing services to travel agents
and service providers worldwide. From the Travel
Agencies' perspective, Amadeus provides Terminal
Solution - a backend platform for Travel
Businesses to search, price, book, and
post-booking activities and SOAP/XML API, which
allows travel agents to incorporate
travel-related content into their applications.
Adding GDS to Your Site will allow you to gain
secure real-time monitoring connectivity,
multiple stations for supplier supply, and
auto-updating of contents.
Build a Hotel Booking Engine With Amadeus APIs
  • The Amadeus Hotel Search API produces a list of
    hotel offerings for a particular area and time
    period. The results contain information on
    location, pricing, facilities, and other
    variables to assist the user in making their
    decision. Amadeus GDS delivers unmatched
    flexibility and scale of distribution for
    independent hoteliers and mid-scale chains.
  • Using this Hotel API, travel agents may obtain
    direct hotel bookings via internet booking
    platforms. Provide additional hotel search and
    booking tools based on cost, star categories, and
    reviews. Integrate Hotel API in your Travel
    Portal based on your needs to convert visitors
    into successful reservations and build your
    business in the travel sector

  • We are a leading Amadeus GDS development company
    that provides XML/White Label GDS integration for
    worldwide travel organizations. Our Amadeus
    developers use Amadeus GDS API to access hotel
    inventory, car transfer, cruise, and airline
    bookings. It's a low-cost way to build and
    improve your unique booking option that's
    integrated into your reservation system, whether
    for flights or hotels.
  • Our Hotel APIs enable travel companies to provide
    their clients with additional hotel alternatives,
    boost productivity, increase conversion rates,
    optimize revenue, and improve customer
  • It enables travel agencies to offer their
    consumers the best deals on hotels, flights, and
    even car bookings. Our developers provide you
    with the best Hotel API, which provides you with
    real-time hotel pricing and availability and
    hotel booking/cancellation information.
    Incorporating the Amadeus GDS framework helps to
    maintain and distribute information about the
    carrier, railroad, and motel, as well as extra
    assistance from various channels and conveyance.
  • Travel agencies may access all hotel data from
    global hotel suppliers via these API
    integrations, including hotel details such as
    hotel name, location, longitude, latitude, hotel
    room price, hotel room accessibility, hotel
    facilities, and other characteristics. Travel
    agencies may acquire direct hotel bookings
    through an online booking platform using this
    Hotel API. Customers should also be able to
    search for and book hotels based on pricing, star
    category, and review.

  • Our Hotel Search Engine will assist you in
    attracting more passengers to your business so
    that you can operate it effectively. The Amadeus
    hotels module makes it easy to search and book
    services from the Amadeus worldwide distribution
    system. With Amadeus API integration, your travel
    website will enable you to find discounts from
    over 300,000 hotels and 288 hotel chains in 195
  • FlightsLogic offers seamless hotel booking API
    solutions to travel agencies. Their smartest
    hotel API unifies all hotel providers into one
    API feed, removing the need for travel
    organizations to integrate several supplier APIs.
    Currently, the company provides 900,000 hotel
    inventory API with unique properties so that
    travel agents may provide diversity to their
  • Our hotel API focuses on boosting revenue per
    room through flexible pricing and providing
    smooth hotel distribution with optimal margins
    and reduced cancellations. You may provide your
    hotel portfolio to worldwide travel partners via
    our API while maintaining total control over your
    pricing and inventory.
  • FlightsLogic XML/JSON API offers a distinct
    sorted hotel with low costs from multiple API
    suppliers and wholesalers. Our API allows Online
    Travel Agencies (OTAs), Metasearch and Travel
    Management Businesses (TMCs), and corporate
    companies to search, book, and manage relevant
    hotel content.

How to Connect Your Hotel to Amadeus GDS?
  • We utilize the Hotel Search API to search
    available rooms and pricing for a specific hotel.
    The API may search for more than one hotel,
    displaying pricing for numerous hotels for users
    to explore and compare.
  • Our hotel reservation systems connect your room
    inventory to multiple online travel agencies and
    global distribution systems, allowing you to
    reach customers, agents, and travel management
    companies across the world quickly and
  • Using our hotel reservation system, you may
    combine hotel inventory from several sources
    (direct contracts / GDS / bedbanks / channel
    managers) to give your clients the best possible
    rate. Your retail clients, B2B agents, and
    corporate clients may book the aggregated
    inventory online in just a few clicks, leveraging
    real-time pricing and availability.
  • In addition to room availability, Hotel Search
    API gives the complete specifications of the
    hotel deal, including cancellation policy,
    allowed payment methods, and a detailed
    explanation of what is included.
  • We provide Amadeus GDS-based travel services in
    multiple sectors, including air ticketing, PNR
    generation, booking confirmation and support,
    hotel booking support, car rental booking
    support, and other GDS-based travel services. Our
    multilingual customer service team is available
    24/7 to assist your clients. With Amadeus Hotel
    GDS, hotels and OTAs may have the following
    benefits in addition to increased business

Features of Amadeus Hotel Search API
  • Search for a hotel by city, category, hotel name,
    dates of stay, number of rooms, and tourists
  • View detailed hotel descriptions
  • View price breakdown per day
  • View information on penalty charges
  • Book hotels
  • Send order comments to the supplier
  • Change hotel orders (tourists names and dates of
  • Cancel hotel bookings

Amadeus GDS Integration For Hotel Reservations
Amadeus GDS assists travel agents and agencies in
serving travelers and enhancing their worldwide
business by assisting their clients in getting
the best value. By connecting your hotel to the
GDS system, travel agencies will have access to
real-time inventory information, allowing them to
sell rooms at your facility to their clients. A
global distribution system (GDS) is one of the
most important distribution channels for hotel
owners and others in the travel industry.
FlightsLogic is a GDS hotel booking system that
works for all types of accommodation hotels,
motels, hostels, BBs, lodges guest houses. Our
hotel booking system is linked to suppliers,
which helps hotels transform client demands into
bookings on your travel portal and increase
revenue via booking.
  • Amadeus GDS assists you in managing your travel
    business by lowering expenses and increasing
    profits. At FlightsLogic, we specialize in
    integrating the Amadeus hotel booking system to
    deliver travel information through a single
    platform. We can use this cutting-edge technology
    to run your business and serve your customers.
  • Integrating Amadeus Software will undoubtedly
    elevate your travel portal to new heights. You
    can implement features such as various payment
    channels, effective management of property
    information, and inventory distribution.

With Amadeus Hotel GDS, hotels and OTAs may have
the following benefits in addition to increased
business generation.
  • Real-time status of hotel rooms and price changes
  • Automatically allocate rooms to guests
  • Centralized Database of real-time time
    information regarding the availability and
    pricing of hotel rooms
  • Better Marketing exposure through hotel GDS
  • Integrating Hotel Global distribution can be a
    great source for corporate travelers to book
  • Reap the benefits of reaching the untapped
  • Broaden your reach to attract families and
    corporate traveler
  • Reduce manpower, save time, and lead to greater
    exposure for your property and travel business.
  • Start rating and guest review score
  • With effective use of GDS hoteliers and travel
    management companies can expedite their sales and
  • Improve your room inventory exposure
  • You can connect travelers globally
  • Help you grow your customer base

  • Using Amadeus Hotels, we can easily book a
    diverse range of high-quality content from
    well-known hotel chains, independent hotels,
    regional and global aggregators, and Amadeus
    Affordable Hotels. The Amadeus Hotel provides
    detailed information about room availability,
    pricing, and hotel facilities.
  • Hotel APIs are essential for any travel firm
    aiming to provide an exceptional client
    experience. By connecting with hotel search API,
    you may improve your chances of reaching more
    customers and increase the number of hotel
    reservations you generate. You will get
    visibility and the opportunity for worldwide
    distribution, allowing you to optimize revenue by
    generating more leads and bookings.

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