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Amadeus Flight API Integration


Global GDS provides Amadeus Flight API Integration for the travel agent to incorporate Amadeus' huge flight data; flight search, flight booking, and in-destination content in the online travel portal to maximize revenues. Amadeus Flight API Integration is essential for all online travel companies. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amadeus Flight API Integration

Amadeus Flight API Integration
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Amadeus Flight API Integration
  • Global GDS provides Amadeus Flight API
    Integration for the travel agent to incorporate
    Amadeus' huge flight data flight search, flight
    booking, and in-destination content in the online
    travel portal to maximize revenues. Amadeus
    Flight API Integration is essential for all
    online travel companies. Amadeus Flight API
    Integration helps to distribute the services so
    that the target audience or clients can obtain
    the best result.
  • Amadeus is recognized as one of the world's
    top global distribution systems. Amadeus GDS
    assists travel agents and agencies in serving
    travelers and enhancing their global business by
    assisting their clients in finding the best deal.
    Amadeus GDS assists you in managing your travel
    business by lowering costs and increasing
  • Amadeus provides an interactive booking solution
    that enables customers to book flight seats
    online without consulting a travel agent. Amadeus
    GDS is among the best for all types of bookings
    and reservations, especially airline tickets. As
    such, Amadeus can help your travel agency succeed
    in the competitive travel industry.
  • Amadeus not only focuses on airlines, but also on
    hotel/accommodation reservations, rail tickets,
    cruises, car rentals, and so on. The Amadeus
    airline booking system is available in more than
    200 locations across the world, with over 45000
    terminal installations and 5200 online travel
    agents integrating the Amadeus API in travel
    software or websites. Amadeus Software works with
    approximately 300,000 hotels and 288 hotel chains
    in 195 countries.

Amadeus Flight API Integration
  • Amadeus offers an interactive reservation
    solution that assists Travel agents in expanding
    their bookings by providing airline and
    non-airline content via distribution channels. It
    delivers real-time data, allowing you to receive
    real-time updates on flight status and pricing,
    making online bookings simple! Integrating
    Amadeus GDS into your booking engine or travel
    site can deliver massive real-time data for
    online flight booking!
  • We provide Amadeus GDS Integration services such
    as Amadeus Airline Reservation System, Amadeus
    Hotel, Amadeus travel packages, Amadeus cruise
    booking, and more. Amadeus GDS assists travel
    agents in expanding their worldwide business and
    increasing their ROI. We also provide Amadeus
    GDS, Amadeus XML, and Amadeus API integration
    services to travel companies all over the world.
  • Using the Amadeus Flight API, our team of experts
    delivers comprehensive Amadeus Flight API XML
    Integration. Using Amadeus Flight API
    Integration, we deliver the best Flight XML API
    technology for the travel industry. We provide
    Amadeus Flight API Integration with travel
    agents' web portals using Amadeus Flight API,
    allowing them to increase their business
  • Travel Agents can incorporate Amadeus Airline API
    XML Integration into their Travel Portal/Website
    to give consumers the best options for hotel,
    flight, car rental, and more at competitive

What is Amadeus Flight API?
  • Global travel companies are not complete today
    unless they've incorporated the Amadeus Flight
    API. Integration of Amadeus flight API is
    prominent among travel operators, destination
    management companies, hotels, and others.
  • By using the Amadeus airline system, travel
    agencies and corporate clients can aggregate
    their business with more elevated and diversified
    selections of travel content for flight booking
    with real-time flight data and best offers.
  • Amadeus Flight API is an airline API that assists
    travelers in finding the best flights by
    comparing flight deals from 400 worldwide
    airlines via flight search APIs with access to
    advanced flight booking features such as flight
    inspiration, calendar view, multi-city search
    option, and more.
  • Amadeus Flight API obtains flight data from
    Amadeus, which connects with hundreds of airlines
    to integrate into the web portals of travel
    agents or travel management companies according
    to their needs.
  • Amadeus flight booking provides the technology
    that keeps the travel business going. From
    Amadeus flight search to the reservation, costing
    to ticketing, booking management to entry and
    exit procedures.

What is Amadeus Flight API?
  • From the initial search to the completion of the
    booking, the Amadeus booking system provides a
    complete solution. The Amadeus airline
    software makes it simple to make an online
  • To book a flight, the customer does need to use
    the Amadeus airline booking system. Amadeus
    Flights integration offers online flight ticket
    reservations to GDS Amadeus through XML API.
  • Amadeus provides a highly effective and relevant
    booking solution, allowing OTAs to broaden their
    booking scopes by providing air and non-airline
    content through several distribution channels.
    Real-time and up-to-date information regarding
    flight status, realistic rates, and immediate
    reservations - all while lowering your operating
  • Amadeus provides a wide range of data solutions
    to assist airlines in better serving their
    customers and marketing themselves. Amadeus is a
    cost-effective and reliable distribution system
    that enables airlines to expand their market
    reach to leisure and corporate travelers. Our
    experts at Global GDS can help you gain a
    decisive competitive edge with our detailed
    Amadeus software integration services.
  • With our help, you can leverage the Amadeus
    booking engine for running your business in an
    efficient and effective manner. We aim to help
    you get all the features provided by Amadeus such
    as its real-time availability, booking, pricing,
    and centralized display of data. After all, we
    are solely committed to serving the needs of the
    international travel sector.
  • We help you serve your clients better with our
    Amadeus airline reservation system integration
    services. With Amadeus, you can empower your
    customers and sell to them more efficiently and
    effectively. We take the time to understand your
    consumers' demands so that you can achieve
    greater success.

Amadeus Flight API XML Integration with Global
  • Global GDS is the ideal place to complete your
    Amadeus flight API integration. Amadeus Airline
    API is essential for online travel portals to
    have access to flight ticket information and
    discounts for a single trip, round trip,
    multicity, and group booking choices.
  • The Amadeus XML API technology enables travel
    agents and corporations to provide their clients
    with complete airline content. This enables
    travel businesses to expand their business by
    offering a worldwide reach to both leisure and
    corporate travelers. With the Amadeus travel
    network, travel agents can access a large number
    of airlines with exceptional deals, as well as
    real-time availability of seats, price changes,
    and flight status.
  • In other words, this is the most advanced system
    for travel agents to instantly show availability,
    rates, fare regulations and routings, schedules,
    seat maps, flight information, and PNRs.
    Integrating Amadeus GDS with travel agency
    applications or websites can assist travelers in
    finding the lowest-cost airline.
  • With Amadeus Airlines GDS, travel agencies and
    management companies can integrate their business
    with more enhanced and wide selections of travel
    content for booking flights with real-time flight
    data and best offers. GDS airlines platform can
    get associated with new API technologies through
    proven industry standards.

Amadeus Flight API XML Integration with Global
  • Amadeus Air APIs include the availability of
    seats and flight schedules, low-fare flights,
    price changes, and online ticketing. Amadeus
    Airline API meets all requirements, from shopping
    to flight booking. The Amadeus network includes
    400 airline partners who assist travel companies
    in increasing revenue, lowering costs, and
    effectively reaching leisure and corporate
    travelers worldwide across all continents and
  • Amadeus is a cost-effective and efficient
    distribution platform that assists airlines in
    expanding their market reach to leisure and
    corporate travelers. Amadeus provides a wide
    range of data solutions to assist airlines in
    efficiently serving their customers and marketing
  • Amadeus offers a highly effective and interactive
    booking solution that enables OTAs to broaden
    their booking scopes by providing air and
    non-airline content to a wide range of
    distribution channels. Accessing real-time and
    updated information on flight status, and actual
    prices, and making reservations instantly - while
    also lowering your operating costs.
  • Some of the benefits of our flight booking system
    include GDS integration, 24/7 reservations,
    increased market reach, and a wider distribution
    network. We are one of the leading providers of
    flight GDS integration.
  • We have a team of skilled developers that are
    experienced professionals in the development and
    integration of airline booking systems for Travel
    Management Companies, Online Travel Agencies,
    Tour Operators, and Corporates.

Why does your travel business need the GDS flight
reservation software?
  • Global travel companies nowadays are incomplete
    unless they have incorporated the GDS airline
    booking engine. All online travel businesses must
    utilize the GDS flight booking system.
  • One of the primary benefits of GDS flight booking
    system software is that it offers a centralized
    platform for all operations. Through this unified
    platform, travel companies gain real-time access
    to inventory and pricing.
  • With the introduction of the Airline GDS system,
    flight bookings have become much easier, as you
    can now compare airlines, their service, ticket
    availability, and the cost of an air ticket
    before proceeding with the booking process.
  • Global GDS is a company that specializes in the
    development of flight booking engines that
    integrate with GDS systems like Amadeus, Galileo,
    and Sabre. We understand the needs and
    requirements of global travel companies and tour
    operators, and that's why we offer an
    eye-catching flight booking engine design.
  • We have a track record of successfully
    integrating GDS systems for airline reservations,
    including B2B, B2C, and B2B2C options, as well as
    the admin module. Our GDS Integration Service
    will assist your travel business in the online
    booking of flights on thousands of airlines.

What do you get with Amadeus Software Integration?
  • One Way/Return/Multi City search option
  • view hundreds of airlines
  • Advance filter search
  • Get every detail about the flights like Flight
    Name, Flight Number, Segment Information,
    Departure Details (City, Date, Time), Arrival
    Details (City, Date, Time), Trip Duration, No. Of
  • Fare details
  • Baggage details
  • Scope for seat selection
  • Provision for frequent flier
  • Check PNR status
  • PNR to actual ticket generation

Why choose Global GDS?
  • Global GDS partnerships with global travel
    companies to provide robust online airline
    reservation software that guarantees 24/7
    availability and real-time reservations. You can
    also hire designers to create your airline
    reservation system based on your business size.
  • Our rates are reasonable, and since you do not
    need to pay a significant amount for airline
    reservations, you can simply launch your business
    in a short time frame. In case you are interested
    in a demo session on an airline reservation
    system or looking for a quote contact us now!
  • To find out how we can help your business
    leverage Amadeus GDS Integration, discuss your
    requirements with our team today!

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