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best computer institute in pitampura


Dics is the best computer institute of pitampura they give great opportunities to students.they give 100%placement to the students .The faculties also very supportive and understandable also The give student of the month to the student who top in the exam .they also give practice of interviews the give recommendation money to the students and organized parties for students and teachers refreshments.we learn digital marketing course from this institute .this institute completed 28 years .in digital marketing we promoted our company and put backlinks in education sector.. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: best computer institute in pitampura

Power point presentation on digital marketing
  • by
  • Tanya Goel

  • Digital marketing, also called online marketing,
    is the promotion of brands to connect with
    potential customers using the internet and other
    forms of digital ...

What is search engine optimization(SEO)
  • Search engine optimization is the science of
    improving a websites to increase the visibility
    .when people search for products or services .the
    more visibility a websites has on search engine.

1. Directory submission
  • It is a process of submitting your websites URL
    to various web directories( websites) with the
    aim of building back links thus increasing
    business growth.
  • Social bookmarking submission
  • Bookmark title
  • url
  • Description with image scan

  • tags

Create a business pages
  • To create a business pages
  • Profile request likes ,dislikes
    avatar 5k followers
  • people reach () v/s people engagement
  • No. of followers ()

What is search engine marketing
  • The process of building marketing with the good
    of improving its position in search engine
    results . SEM includes both search engine
    optimization (SEO) and search advertising or paid

What is search engine result pages(SERP)
  • The page searches sea after theyve entered their
    query into the search box . the page that a
    search engine returns after a user submit a
    search query in to search box .the page that a
    search engine returns after a user submit a
    search query .in addition to organic search
    results .search engine result page (SERPs)
    usually includes paid search pay per link (ads)

Search engine optimization types
  • White hat (SEO)
  • Black hat (SEO)
  • Grey hat (SEO)
  • To work under the guidelines called white hat
  • To work against the guidelines called black hat
  • To work both combination in the guidelines called
    grey hat

Types of web traffic
  • 1.Organic traffic
  • 2. Direct traffic
  • 3.Social traffic
  • 4.Reffind traffic
  • 5.Indent traffic /or paid traffic( sponsored add)
    categories eg DICS Innovatives(category)

  • education

  • - tally
  • tags

  • -Java

  • To comes a traffic from other from other websites
    called back link.
  • Quality of back link
  • DA- Domain authority
  • PA- Page authority

SEO(organic result)
  • On page
  • 1.meta tags
  • 2.Google webmaster pro
  • 3.Google analytic
  • 4.URL redirection
  • 5.URL commercial
  • Off page
  • 1.Directory submission
  • 2.Social bookmarking
  • 3.Classified submission
  • 4. Blog creation submission
  • 5.Blog commenting
  • 6.Image optimization and submission
  • 7.Ppt submission
  • 8.Pdf submission
  • 9.Video submission
  • 10.Article submission
  • 11.Profile submission

Ppt submission
  • PPT submission is one of online marketing tool
    that help to create backlinks. With the help of
    attractive, informative and engaging PowerPoint
    slides, you can share high-quality content across
    the web.

Ppt submission
  • PPT submission can help your website get inbound
    traffic through backlinks, and is a good way to
    improve the page rankings. Fresh and quality
    contents when submitted through PPT can in the
    long run make others share your submission in
    their blogs and websites, which can help to bring
    quality inbound links.

Pdf submission
  •  PDF submission is an SEO backlink creation
    technique to promote your content as PDF or PPT
    or DOC format. Similar to PDF, you can also
    submit PPT and DOC files and promote your content
    in different PDF or PPT or DOC websites.

Video submission
Video submission refers to submitting your
distinctive products, company intro, or
publishing any type of service in the submission
sites. Video submission generally is done in two
ways. You can either upload the video to websites
like YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitter, etc.
Article submission
  •  Article Submission refers to an off-page SEO
    technique in which you write an article and
    publish it on the third-party website. It is a
    method by which you write articles that are
    related to your business and add them to the
    famous article submission directories.

Profile submission
  • When you feed information and create a new
    profile, you spread the word about your business
    to various potential visitors. When you are
    adding information about your business, you can
    also come up with targeted keywords that attract
    hordes of potential visitors searching for
    similar products and services online.

Blogger submission
  • It is an off-page criteria SEO planning in which
    the website owner publishes relevant high
    quality content .Blog submissions target is to
    turn onetime visitors into repeated ones.It is
    claimed to be the core off- page activity that
    can show tremendous result it is timely updated.

What is meta data
  • Data that provide information about other data.
    Metadata summarizes basic information about data,
    making finding working with particular
    instances of data easier. Metadata can be created
    manually to be more accurate, or automatically
    and contain more basic information.

Google webmaster pro
  • Google Webmaster Tools - now Google Search
    Console - is a free tool by Google that allows
    users to check how their website is performing in
    the search results and whether it experiences any
    issues that can affect that performance. It was
    launched in June 2005 as Sitemaps, an XML tool.

Google analytic
  • Google Analytics is a platform that collects data
    from your websites and apps to create reports
    that provide insights into your business.
  • Google Analytics gives you the tools, free of
    charge, to understand the customer journey and
    improve marketing ROI.

Image submission
  • Image submission is an off page activity which
  • Simply means to leave the images related to
  • Your content on the website attract the
    audience towards it.

Image optimization
  • Image optimization is involves creating and
    delivering high quality images in the ideal
    format size resolution to increase user

Affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing is the process of making
    online every time customer purchase a product
    based on your recommendation .This is an online
    sales tactic that allow you the affiliate- to
    earn a commission and helps the product owner
    increase sales.

Blog commenting
  • Blog commenting for SEO is defined as a simple
    strategy to start building links back to your
    site while building strong relationships with
    people in your industry

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