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Title: Lost on the Road Goes Official

Lost on the Road Goes Official
Written by Kristopher Wright
Table of Contents Pitching the Show to
Nickelodeon Page 16 Same, Different or No
Theme Song Page 18 Getting New Writers Page
21 What I Look for in Cast and Crew Page
24 Conclusion Page 38
Lost on the Road
Written by Kristopher Wright Illustrated by Devin
Lanning Published by Food Dye Studios
This book has been rewritten to reflect the
changes in the show. There going to have some
similarities to the original release, but some
changes were made to reflect the final product of
the show. This was first introduced in 2014.
Since, its publication following issues
released. After the 25th Issue of The Building
Showdown. It was planned to air online, but was
pause during the making of the 2nd Comic Book
Series called, The New Adventures of Super T .
This was back when Wright's Theater was used
as its name, before it changed to the finalized
name called, Food Dye Studios. This came to a
conclusion in 2017, not include The Fairytale as
this isnt Canon to Lost on the Road. Super T
looked way different and the design drawn by
Devin himself, wasnt in the original issues of
The Building Showdown. This has been re-edited
for this reason and many others. Just sit back,
relax and read the comic that started the show
called, Lost on the Road. Luncher was sitting in
silent lunch. He met a guy who's nickname is
Mister Tough Guy. Mister Tough Guy asks if he's
doing okay, and tries to befriend him, with only
ends in failure. Luncher tells him to meet him
at the Building Showdown. Mister Tough Guy goes
there and Luncher attempts to throw him off the
roof. Super T flies up and throws Luncher in
jail. Luncher vows to return for his revenge.
Super T goes home to find out that Luncher broke
out of prison. Super T sees Luncher freezing the
Town with a freeze gun. Super T takes away the
Freeze Gun and locks Luncher up in prison. The
following month Super T was at a golf tournament.
Luncher interprets his shot. Super T attempts to
put Luncher inside a crayon box. However, Luncher
got the upper hand and breaks Super T's whole
body, a feat that no other person has been able
to do. After 3 failed attempts at killing Super
T. Luncher hires Bull and Bird to take out Super
T. Bull runs over his cape and Bird bites him.
Super T whos mad at Luncher and in pain. Then,
tells them their going on a road trip. Super T
warns everyone to get of the bridge and Luncher
was caught up on the bridge. He was captured by a
Sea Monster and helpless Super T looks down with
terror wanting to help Luncher and was forced to
let Luncher die. Bull and Bird are sad that
Luncher is gone and go to find a new leader. They
find a beautiful Chinese Woman whos named Math
Queen I, and was a predecessor to Kate Black.
This woman had a very evil plan, and was out to
destroy Super T once and for all. Super T returns
to find that Math Queen I had been there
tracking his movements. He goes to find his son
named, Alexander Tough Wright Junior who goes by
Obvious. He gives the cape to Obvious. Obvious
thinks of a plan to take down Math Queen I.
Obvious finds her attempt to stop Evil Octopus
release the stop goal Obvious has. Obvious and
everyone else plan to stab the stick into Evil
Octopus. Only for Bird to unleash him unto the
entire world. Evil Octopus eats all the trans
people and wants to feed off of them to them
being freaks" in his eyes. Obvious gets in his
way and was going to shallow him, but the shield
protects him. He then stabs the stick into Evil
Octopus. The Town was peaceful at last. Super T
was once a kid named, Alex Wright. Ryan Smyth
threatened his best friend Kris Scott to build
the project, or he would hurt Alex Wright really
bad. Kris Scott worked on this and a bug bit
him. Super T flew uncontrollably and froze Miss
K. Super K gets mad and vows revenge. Super T is
at the dance with a pretty woman named Susan
Popsay. She gave birth to Obvious and Super T
raises him to be a superhero. Obvious grows up
and is out of the house. Obvious has a track
planted on him. Super K is about to throw Obvious
off a skyscraper. Super T flies in to save him.
Obvious thanks him and Super T takes down Super K.
Have an interest in Comic Book writing?
You can practice this at home or even Storyboard
That. This will help you become a professional
comic artist. Youll be interested in world
building too. If you have your pictures with you.
You make this into a PDF either by using Adobe,
or an online converter. Once, this is done.
Youll have your issues to publish on your
Lost on the Road is planned to have the same
theme song, in a Nickelodeon show called, Super
T. This should remain the same because, the song
is catchy and it connects to what came before.
The Lost on the Road Theme Song is what makes
the shorts special and something people could
hear and wanting more of them. Something that
needs to remain in the new show. This show isnt
just for old fans, but new fans as well. Even,
Cartoon Reviewers would look at the song, to see
if its any good, before criticizing the rest of
the show. If its a new song, or none at all.
This isnt good because, it loses it charm and
appeal to both adults and kids alike. This song
while action packed and not a comedic one. Does
mean kids and adults wouldnt watch because of
it. On top of that Nickelodeon does want comedy
in it, but doesnt mean other genres which
includes action. This action pack song would
definitely fit what Nickelodeon is looking for.
When, you turn it on Nickelodeon and this show
comes on. You would hear this song playing,
before the episode beings playing. This is not a
new song and while it wouldn't debut on TV until
2023. This doesnt mean that this is a song for
that year. While, new fans dont know this fact.
This song is actually from a 2017 film called,
Super T The Movie. This itself was made as 2
separate cuts. Some things that were intended in
the original airing was cut and saved for a
possible re release. These eventually aired in
2022. The Theme Song itself was debated. Weather
it was the classic version with words, or the
instrument version without the words. The one
with the words was thought off by me and the one
without was thought off by Devin himself. So, in
the show it would be my version at the beginning
and at the end being Devin's version. This makes
any seeing this very happy to hear each version
together on TV. Would this be included on
Paramount and DVDs? This will be on both only if
the show is greenlit and I get a say in it.
Then, yes it would be on Nickelodeon, Paramount
and DVDs. Thats when I come up with different
words, to make this both original and unique. I
put the song I made for Lost on the Road in
Super T The Movie and used this song ever since.
Lost on the Road Theme Song goes like this. Lost
on the Road We're traveling around again Were
traveling on the streets Were traveling in
time Were are traveling on the roads again
Super K is Super T's archenemies Thats just who
he is Fighting for America The original
narration was Lost on the Road The Animated
Series. This was later changed to Lost on the
Road being written in text. To give it that
professional look to it. That way you can see it
similar to how it would be with Super T. It
would have Super T on screen without any
narration. Would this air on other networks?
Thats a good question. This is one thats hard
to answer because, who would pick it up for
re-runs. What impact does Super T have? The
impact will encourage others, to create their own
shows and movies. This means by simply airing.
Kids will see this and will want to capitalize on
that. Theyll make creative shows, weather it be
at home, or in studio. This will leave a lasting
impact on kids. The major takeaway here is
encouraging kids to be themselves. Weather it be
traditional masculine activities, or it be
dressing up in womens clothes. Kids shouldnt
feel scared and have to hide who theyre deep
down. This is something each character has to
learn and accept as the series continues. This
something kids and even adults experience.
Everybody has flaws and struggles. It can be hard
to communicate with others especially those who
disagree. Of course, someone whos progressive
is going to have, a hard time with traditional
parents. This is true visa versa. For equality
this will play a huge part in Super T. Super T
is more traditional leaning and has hard time
accepting new things. Same with Luncher and
Super K despite being on opposite sides. Thats
because Super T is more happy and carefree,
while Super K is not. Super K is quite literally
a killer. He kills people for a living, while
Super T sells newspapers for a living. Super T
goes back and fights Super K. Super T doesnt
accept a guy in a dress at first and looks at
this in digest. He later accepts this when Super
K captures them and prepares to kill them. Super
T comes in and saves them. Super Pretty BLOR is a
tomboy and she's wearing mens clothes. Showing
this balance is a good thing for kids and adults
to see. They are willingly to accept a girl in
mens clothes, but not the only way around. Plus,
not too many real life crossdressers are
represented in movies. This is something Super T
is out to fix. This isnt a bad show and it isnt
going to be anything outside their clothes. In
the show, it will be written in a way that any
person would behave thats not political.
Meaning despite being in character, theres to be
no gay kissing, no trans flags and any other
things that people dont want in their movies.
Theres no political stuff in it at all. So, I
would do something similar in my story. Fashion
isnt political to the point of a movie failing,
but you definitely should have something
balancing it. Which, I do Super T will help
balance the new characters in a show of the same
name. They arent going to be liked by
conservatives and thats okay. Super T is more
traditional and they would like him more. Thats
not saying they wont have any role in the series
and the movie, but the show isnt about them.
Super T is who the show is about. Theyre
included to show people that everyone should
have equality and that people shouldnt feel
alienated. However, conservatives disagreeing
with that is okay. Its not in your face and your
not being dragged down. They just to happen to
dress this way in the story, but episodes related
to problems that either guys, or girls have.
Girls have trouble walking in heels and finding a
dress to wear. For guys to get videogames to play
with and to make movies. They will even start
from the comics first and then make that into a
Writers is the heart of the show, not actors and
not showrunners. Showrunners are only in charge
of making sure the writing lines up with their
vision. The dont decide how the show is written,
but check to see if there any continuity errors,
or not. If its going to be episodic, or not.
They dont have complete say, but they do make
an impact overall. Think of like this,
Nickelodeon are the ones who own the show and
make money. Creators are more in that boat too,
but a little lower down. However, writers bring
that show to life and they have a lot of say in
it. They do need approval, but thats about the
only challenge. Writers get to decide how the
story is going to go. For Super T the writers
will come up with names for 2 new characters
played by Samantha Linehan and Jessica Charms.
These 2 characters will need to be relatable to
kids, but cant have any propaganda stuff like I
talked about before. Fashion and equality doesnt
have to mean, gay kisses and trans flags for
every scene of every episode throughout the
series. It can just be them doing activities,
commonly associated with guys, or girls. That can
be something that talks to kids as well as
adults. This can be anything related to playing
videogames, TV Show/Movie pitches and even
writing a book. These are activities that men
typically do thats written in a way that
includes everyone including women. Same with
activities associated with women. For women this
includes being a fashion model, nail art, makeup
and other things that is aimed towards a female
audience. This can be inclusive to men too. This
kind of writing can work and can apply to anyone.
Some episodes are more female lending than
others. Thats an okay thing and beautiful thing
to write into a show. Someone with that kind of
story is really good. However, lets not forget
the action scenes. Super T is a character who
fights crime and that means Super T stopping
their plans. Super T flies up, beating up
villains and throwing them in jail. There will
possibly be romantic scenes, but its hetero
relationships. Any kissing scenes will be guys
kissing girls and visa versa. Thats because
people dont like gay relationships on screen as
they find that gross. This has nothing to do with
if youre bisexual, or not. I understand
bisexuals wanting to write themselves in.
However, most audiences dont like that and will
need to wait until Season 3 to consider writing
that in. When, the show is successful you can
sneak that in, but that doesnt mean I agree with
it. I have no problems with bisexual women, other
than they might cheat on me. If they dont I
wouldnt mind that. However, personal doesnt
line up with television in most cases.
That includes them, much to their frustration.
They cant make money on bisexual characters.
People are used to straight characters and is
normal to see that on Television. Other attempts
away from this constant fail. Its better to
stick to what works, and what doesnt. Anything
thats involving them, people cant stand
including people that are bisexual. Thats why
sadly as much as bisexual women may not like
this, they cant be included right away. They
will have to wait until midway into Season 1 to
write it however they want. This isnt me trying
to be mean, but I'm about saving money not losing
it. I'm including fashion in the show because, I
do want crossdressers to be known and recognized
for who they really are. Crossdressers are often
misrepresented and not seen in a positive light.
If they see on TV that guys really do that. They
will be able to accept not only Tomboys, but
them too. After all, people are accepting of a
girl dressing like a boy. So, having that here
is good, because they will come to accept that a
boy loves dressing up like a girl. I know its
weird definitely for old fashioned people.
However, this will show kids that, people do this
kind of thing and this isnt another show of
girls, women and ladies dressing however they
want, but not men. Believe me I've seen this and
people know girls are Tomboys, but men are just
traditional. I know theres been a few attempts
before and I'm not the first one. Thats not
something this is doing. This is a superhero show
for majority of it. It just happens to have them
in it, but
they are not apart of the plot. This separates
itself from most crossdressing movies as its for
the entire movie or episode. This isnt the case
for Super T. It for its entirely is about a
superhero fighting bad guys through the
franchise. You can them without it being the
entire film. Thats something Super T does
differently and how it separates itself from the
rest of the franchise. Not only does this include
real life crossdressers as opposed to celebrity
based ones. This has them do something thats a
boy, or a girl activity. They get into constant
danger and have to fix their own problems to get
where they are wanting to go. Super T sees them
in danger and comes to rescue them, throughout
both the series and films. They are constantly
in risk of dying and they managed to survive
because Super T was always there to protect
them. This is showing you a balance between the
2. This doesnt force crossdressing topic down
people throats, but happens to be in it.
Something that other crossdressing films dont
do. They marketed it as look its a guy in a
dress" rather then a movie about Oh, look the
movie is about something else entirely, but
happens to feature a guy in a dress. Super T
marketing is more like Oh its a superhero who
fights crime, but happens have guys in dresses in
some parts of the story. Thats a way a story
can be told, rather then having it dedicated to,
a guy who loves dresses. See how I'm telling
a similar story, without it being a plot of the
entire show and film. Youre being creative in
that way and youre including them without
upsetting other people. Thats a good way to
handle a story. Remember to give people want they
are wanting. They aren't going to the movies,
just to see guys in dresses, unless there's a B
Plot and not much focus is given to it. Who I
want the new writers to be is 50/50. I want the
show to have both male and female writers. That
way I can get the story I want to tell. I can see
which women to hand the show over to. Most
Hollywood stories we often hear is, women are the
victims of abuse in the film industry and they
call it out. Men are usually been the ones since
as the controversy. While, here's an idea. You
hire the right people for the job. You fire ones
who dont do their job. This way you have no bad
people in Hollywood. Hollywood can be used for
good things and not only bad. They seem to hire
people with an ego. If you hire people, who are
genuinely sweet, and care for others. This can
be stopped and can come to an end. Thats what I
and female showrunner can do. Keep out the bad
people and only allow in good people. Feminism
maybe bad in most jobs, but in Hollywood its a
necessary. Even conservatives cant complain at
that. With a woman being in charge, has their
only complaint. With that said, I'm not handling
it over to a woman right away. I want to see if
they can write stories that line up with my
vision, but they will have a lot of creative
freedom, to write whatever they want. This means
that can write stories about the characters they
created, however the want depending on the topic
of the episode. The reason is not just to see
which woman can be showrunner, but I believe in
creative freedom. I do think having it 50/50 is
good to have because you can find it who you want
and who you dont. This isnt just to fire them
at will, but to see what stories they can create.
If they create a story you like and will make
money for the network. This can be a very good
thing, but theres people ho abuse their power.
This is what I'm looking forward to change. This
not just for my sanity, but for others who have
suffered through it. Women being showrunners
makes them happy and they smile at this idea. Of
course, you dont want just any woman taking
over. If you do that, it could end very badly and
you really need to make sure, who youre giving
it to. Dont give it up to a vampire (a person
who drinks blood.) This is happening in Hollywood
with a famous female celebrity. People letting
them have a say in it is bad. Leaving the blood
suckers to cry at home. Something, I know I dont
agree with. I understand may feel like they need
it. However, they shouldnt becoming showrunners.
If they are that desperate go do that some
elsewhere. Leave this out of Hollywood. I
personally know I hate giving blood and I dont
want a person whos like that but worse being in
charge of Lost on the Road. The Satanic rituals
have no place on my set and shouldnt be on other
sets either. My set will be free from all of
that. If youre on my set, you will be a sane
person, or you cant work for me. This is
something I stand strongly against and I wont
allow it on my set. I've seen bad things, not
only about Hollywood, but schools too. You think
I havent dealt with bad people I have and I will
kick them off my set, if I know about them. This
is something that, people working on Super T
cant be doing. I know I'll treat both men and
women right regardless of where I work. I have
worked on films since I was little and same with
writing. I've seen how they do it and I seen how
to make things. I dont know, weather the stories
about these women are true, but if thats the
case. It sounds like Hollywood, has no care in
the world. This is something that schools will
teach you, keep your hands to yourself. This is
something Hollywood is not enforcing. They will
tell you that love with women must be consistent
and abusing them is battery. You shouldnt treat
women and even girls like this. So, thats
something I'm definitely looking forward
to fixing on my set. You do your work, your put
thought into it and if you dont show any ounce
of care. I'll have you fired and you'll lose
your job. You'll need to find somewhere else to
work because, I believe in being nice to others
including women. Women arent just pretty people
who wear makeup, dresses and nail polish. They
have feelings too. You should treat them right
and treat them how you want to be treated. If you
dont want to be hurt, why hurt them? This is
something you just dont do and is mortally
wrong. Women will be safe working for me. If see
complaining to me about it, or I see it. I will
have him fired and shell be completely safe
from all of that. No women needs to worry. When,
I'm in charge I'll save her from abuse. Nobody
will be messing with her, I'll definitely say
that for sure. I care for people including women.
I was taught growing up, You shouldnt hurt
girls!!! Something these men seem to break all
the time in Hollywood. So, if they have another
job lined up. This will be good for them
because, they will be fired and will have to
start finding another place to work. So, you are
probably wondering about the cast. I'll get to
that at a later time. I was talking about the
writing and the writers. Women can be writers
too. Besides, women work at the time anyways.
They dont just stay at home and watch the kids,
like old fashioned men are wanting to happen.
They go out and do things. Writing while
difficult isnt a bad thing. Women writing a
story can be relaxing for her. Not the writing
itself, but whats in the writing can be nice for
her to explore. Writing psychically isnt
relaxing, as it causes your hand to hurt. Women
dont like pain they say, but men are the ones
who dont like being in pain. Men hate hurting
all the time. Women love having babies which is
very painful. So, its that women hate being in
pain, or are they just saying that. Regardless, I
dont like seeing women in pain. I care for her
and her wellbeing. What women can do after that
painful writing, is to have a Spa Day, or go to
the Nail Salon. Women love having their nails
done and they find it very relaxing. They do go
to a nail technician to have their nails done.
They like how it looks and feels. They love
picking out multiple colors. They go for either
a manicure, or a pedicure. Once, theyre done
with that. They may go back into writing the
next day. They do love to write things down, not
just men. Women may write about romance and a men
may write about actions scenes. They have
different things they want in their stories. Men
make money, while women dont. Them going to
work causes them to not earn a paycheck. I would
consider giving a woman half of my money.
Before, she would become, a showrunner and she
can use that money to get royalties. This is
good not just for women, but for all people. Any
trans person can write for the show, but won't
be hired on as showrunner. This is because, while
I've nothing against trans people. They dont
know what theyre doing, when it comes to money.
Cisgender woman as trans people would call them,
are way better at it, than just someone who
identifies as a woman. Man of course make more
money than women, but trans people mess things up
when theyre in charge of a project.
People that are voicing the characters are a
mixture of both celebrities and new actors. For
any of the existing characters will be voiced by
celebrities. For any of the new crossdressing
characters will be voiced by new actors. These
actors who are new, will feel free to be
themselves on set. They will be able to dress up
for the role. This is something that, they can
bring out publicly. Crossdressing is wearing the
opposite sex's clothes. They act out their
fantasies by dressing as the opposite sex. Its
like acting to them and it beings them comfort.
Thats what this is, crossdressers as actors are
able to bring out the fantasies, as the opposite
sex. This is good for the general public, to be
able to see this. Kids look to TV for getting
real information about people. Other ways are
online, or even parents telling them. However, if
parents are old fashioned. There not going to let
them know about this. That way having it
portrayed on TV is important. They will be able
to go out and buy the merchandise. Parents would
take them, but wouldnt explain it to them at
all. They would get mad at them for talking about
it. Boys would be allowed to have traditional
items like LEGOS, Funko Pops, DVDs and even
learning to read books. While, girls would be
allowed to have things like dolls, makeup and
nail polish. If they live together, they can
share these things. Parents will complain about
these things anyways. I would find it
interesting, if Super T was made with this kind
of merchandise. Theres many of reviews that
could come from this. I would love it, if people
were reviewing my videos on their channel. I
dont like criticism, but I can take it. If
theres something you dont like. I may consider
what you said, but I'm not changing the main
story. B Story I'll consider changing that. The
cast I wouldnt change the cast unless it didnt
work. The writing if you dont want a certain
writer Ill consider a different writing staff.
However, as long as it's reasonable I'll
consider it. The animation I wouldnt change it
too much. Super T needs his iconic ST" and
Super K needs his iconic SK". This is how people
will know these characters. If I changed them
completely, no one would know who these
characters are anymore. Thats why animation
cant be changed from how I vision it. Super
Pretty BLOR can be drawn, however they want. As
long as theres no rainbow is on her shirt.
Rainbow in TV shows always equals gay. Super
Pretty BLOR isnt gay. However, there are gay
characters in Super Ts family. Nicole Waldo is a
primary example of this. Shes a bisexual women,
who fell in love with Nicholas Wright and had
Super T. She has been known to sleep with
girls. She finds both of them attractive and will
sleep with either one. Goodie is actually a trans
woman named Gwenline from an alternate reality
and is Super Ts great granddaughter. So, the
spectrum is definitely in his family much to his
dismay. Super Ts family tree isnt explained a
lot in the Nickelodeon series, but Super T's
family as been established in, both the comics
and home videos. This goes further in detail,
but some of it is quite questionable. Something,
the series wants to make clear. The reason
for having the tree explained clearly is because,
the home movies dont make it clear for audiences
to understand. Thats what the problem is and
the show is trying to fix that. Rangerville will
be further explored and will confirm when
everything takes place in. For something in the
Pilot it will be by decades, as these are
basically confirmed in both series and comics.
However, for something in the far past and future
it will say the exact year in the episode. To
conform weather past information is accurate, or
not. This is something that the new show will
make clearer. The same with family members
because, this is quite questionable. Is
characters like The Eraser Vampire amongst others
related to Super T and is Super T got some
vampire in him? If theyre not related, the show
will need to either state this, or just having a
list of his family tree, would be good. That way
people will get a clearer understanding of Super
Ts family. The family at the bottom isnt
questionable, as this has been confirmed. This
confirms this for Super Ts parents, children,
grandchildren and great grandchildren. However,
his generation and ancestors are left a mystery
for now with Super T and Super Pretty BLOR being
This is much intentional as I dont want women
feeling pressured to wearing lipstick, or even
excuse me for saying this, men. By changing this
from a requirement to being optional. People can
say, Hey, I'm dressing up masculine, or feminine
today. I get to choose how, I get dressed in the
mornings. I feel really good. Thats the
attitude I'm looking for. If youre a traditional
man you hate wearing makeup right? Since, thats
a yes. You can feel free to say, No more
lipstick for me!!! You can feel very excited
making videos the traditional way. Dont want to
look like a clown. Done! Dont want to dress like
the Hulk. Done! Dont want to be Santa Claus.
Done! So, for any animators out there guess what?
You will be 50/50 too. This is because men and
women can both draw. They can decided how they
want the characters to look. They dont come up
with the designs, but they do decide on the
color palate. They can decide weather they want
to add in other key details. Like makeup, nail
polish, hats and so much more. They can only do
it within the creators vision. They can go
outside if its okay from the network and the
creator of the show. The animators cant draw
anything they please. I'm sure they would love
that, but no. They can only draw what the network
and the creator wants them to draw. If that fits
within reason. That can be theirs to use. They do
own the artwork, but they present what the
network is looking for. For animators theres
stories, but how accurate are they is unknown.
For animators some stories say that a guy and a
girl wear nail polish from working on the
computer all day. That sounds true, but theres
other side that says, they didnt have to do
that. That theres nothing to worry about. So,
thats good if thats true. However, there are
women who love and obsessed with guys with
painted nails. In other words, they are attracted
to feminine men. Theres nothing wrong with
that, but not all men like feminine things. There
are traditional men out there, who only like
masculine things. If a guy chooses it that fine,
but its hes choice not some woman's choice.
Women are fighting for equality I get that. If
men like that thats them, not you. No women
should force a guy to be something he's not. I of
course wouldnt mind a girl painting my nails and
I would let her. Most women around it wouldnt
bother. I have gotten my nails done and I have
gotten it done by a woman before. Shes paid to
do them and thats fine. I'm just point out how
women are abusing men for equality. I love women
but abuse is something you call out, or do
something about. Traditional this would mean
beating the crap out of you. You do something
like that you would get hit for it. This is
something I agree with. I dont think we should
beat them up. I love women and we should take
care of them. They are fragile and we should love
them. I'm saying thats what people do to
abusers. So, ladies can you let a men choose and
decide? This isnt a hard question to answer.
You should treat men with respect, love and care.
Just like men should as well. I dont think
violence is the answer, if I'm being completely
honest. No, we shouldnt hurt girls. Women are
usually sweet and caring. Why beat up sweet
people thats like murder your best friend.
Theres no reason to that to a sweet lady. If you
beat up anyone, sweet ladies arent it. Murdering
your best friend isnt really your friend. Beat
up evil as least makes sense. So, for cast and
crew finding people is hard. However, its not
the destination, its the journey and people you
love meet along the way. Making scripts
for actors to read is very hard. You need to
write a lot for them to act out that scene.
This isnt something you can do one night and be
done the next morning. This takes time and
effort. This takes months to do even years, if
youre writing a movie. Of course, I can boil it
down to 1 year. This is because, I can write very
quickly, and with a team of writers. I can get
things done a lot faster than that. So, to me
this would be the same amount as a TV Episode.
This isnt a talent that everyone has, but I do.
I have a vision of how I like things to be done.
My stories I have beginning, middle and end all
planned out. The team of writers would figure out
how to bring that to life. This isnt what
everyone can do. Most people have to think out
the story. Step by step with no clear plan. This
was able to be done in 1 year, but with writers
it could be done in several months instead of
years. This is something thats really cool and
something no writer has done before too. This is
something I wanted to write down and explain to
you the fans. Weather youre an old fan, or
youre a brand new fan whos watching the
franchise at large. This is showing you the
basic people working at animation. How does the
story and animation change with women as opposed
to men. Well, we can get more romantic scenes,
talking out the problem at hand and have in
things that mainly women relate to. Men can be
feminine, but not all are. You get more of that
from women. Women are more creative with their
stories, than men are. Not saying men cant be
creative either. However, men as writers and
animators focus more on the action and the money
they make off of it. Women can do this, but not
as often as they say they do. Women have a
passion for storytelling, but men focus on will
this make money. So, having women involved is
always nice to have. Handling my show over to a
man in Hollywood could lead to bad things
happening. Like with men who have sexuality
abused little girls, lied, or bribed about it.
Then Networks not doing anything about it. This
causes little girls to be killed off screen and
fired from set over calling them out. This is why
in order to fix this. I would need to find the
right women, to hand my show over to. This would
prevent that, from ever happening again. Thats
exactly why handling over to a man is bad idea. I
get why people say that, men work and women
dont. In most jobs it works fine, but not
Hollywood. If it did that would be interesting,
but sadly it doesnt. This has been the center
of why people are Anti Hollywood and not Pro
Hollywood. This is why people say they shouldnt
work there is from this. If it were changed and
it can be. People
would praise Hollywood. Think about how a woman
in change of my show would correct a lot of
things. It means I wouldnt have to work there
anymore. I could go find another job like
selling bread, or whatever job the girl wants me
to have thats not in Hollywood. Im not a huge
fan either, but I have to put up with it, until
its successful with 40 episodes and a movie
under my belt. Then, I will leave as soon as I
psychically can. I would rather have a job
elsewhere, but Hollywood isnt going to change,
unless I'm a showrunner. This means that I will
need to remain in charge, until I find a
woman that I can trust. I'll hand it over to that
woman. She will run that franchise in Hollywood
and she will make decisions that changes
Hollywood for the better. I will leave that
place and do things that I like doing. I will
leave California, as I never liked it there to
begin with and move back to Georgia. I want to be
in a place that safe and where I grew up.
Georgia to me is a sane place to live and
California isnt. I put up with it for a job for
2 years and then I'm gone. I know how insane
California is and there laws are really
horrible. However, people go through hard times.
My intent of going there is for good and to
change something, means me going there and having
my stuff with me and a vehicle to take me home.
You are probably wondering why I say this.
California schools isnt good there. Those
schools have something bad they teach to young
children. I dont want that in my show. My show
sure it will break gender norms, but in a
good, healthy and necessary way. Boys are taught
by traditional parents that they cant cry, wear
shiny things, like certain fashion and dolls.
Schools there are saying kids must reverse
gender norms completely and have their privates
cut. They take them you must start on puberty
blockers. This is something Super T doesnt
encourage. Thats why even though trans people
may write the show. They cant put identity
politics into it. They can have a trans
character yes, but establish it without encourage
this behavior. California doesnt need a reason
to further push their agenda. So, it must be cut
unless it serves a point in the story. Gay
characters cant be shown kissing animated or
otherwise. This should be established as to why
too. This is because they think about an agenda
without thinking about the kids for moment.
Theres a way to have that in schools, without
adding fuel to the fire. I do care about the kids
education and I do want to allow them to explore
their identity without the fuel. It's theirs to
make, and to do so with the wood they have. Kids
can decide who theyre and want to be growing up.
Trans and Gay topics in general arent good for
several reasons. I will listed why on here in this
book. You will see what I mean here and you can
read up on it. Theres a way to handle inclusion
and diversity. Theres a correct and incorrect
way of doing it. Correct Way Correct Way 1
Having it in a sense of exploring who they
are. Correct Way 2 Having it thats portrayed
in accurate way, that serves the story
best. Correct Way 3 Breaking gender norms in a
secretive way. Like them get products that
easily fit anyone. Not including dresses, or
clothing they cant get that passed parents.
They would know because, they would have to get
the dress resized for a boy. Parents who are
traditional arent going to do that. Its easy on
a DVD yes, but merchandise would have to be
something that works and fits them. So, dolls are
sneak able because, they can have it, stand next
to the toy, thats for boys like LEGOs, or Funko
Pops. With makeup products and nail polish they
would take their girls to buy them. They can buy
multiple of them and its sneak able as its
flexible and portable. So, they paint
their siblings nails and put makeup on their
face. The parents wouldnt like it, but arent
going to be mad. They will more than likely say,
I dont think boys, or girls should do that.
However, you can keep whatever you have. They
dont encourage it though. Incorrect
Way Incorrect Way 1 Making it an political
agenda and having identity politics surrounding
it. Incorrect Way 2 Having it in a way that
serves in, a non meaningful way to the overall
story and having no reason of being
there. Incorrect Way 3 Having a kid put on a
dress, without the parents permission. This
isnt a good thing to do. It leads to all kinds
of bad things. Making the grandfather mad
and causing him to film a teacher for it. Just
dont do it. Breaking gender norms doesnt
have to be feminine clothing although it
certainly can be. If you handle this in a correct
way. People will like it more and there will be
no feul that California schools can add. This
isnt something that people get over and accept.
They dont like this at all. However, if you
give them something they like and balance it
out. Then, theyre less likely to leave youre
show entirely. You want to keep the
viewers engaged in the content youre selling.
This is fun story that I've written thus far. I
hope you find this helpful and somewhat
entertaining. I dont like talk negative, but I'm
a realist too. Im not going to lie to any of
you. I tried to be as truthful and accurate as
I possibly can. This book isnt meant to talk
negative about filmmaking, but you do need
to be warned of the possible dangers of it. If
you want to make films I'm totally fine with
that. I love making movies too. Thats why I care
about how the show and movies are made. I like
to know whos all involved and why they are part
of it. I want my stories to be uplifting and
inspiring. If youre a writer and worried that
you cant write for this show. Youre not going
to be fired. If you believe men should be strong,
not wear anything thats feminine like with nail
polish and play sports. You can add that in
certain scenes too. I just dont want it be all
they see, but there guys who are like that in
real life. So, having Super T be more like that
is totally fine. However, if they dont see how
guys can feminine at all. Then, they could feel
alienated and crossdressers feel like this all
the time. Thats why this show is going to
include them. So, do be aware of that. I will
welcome lot of new concepts and ideas for my
show. I'm open to people showing equality in
shows. Nickelodeon even says this and wants it to
talk positive to kids. This I do feel is very
positive, but gender stereotypes are definitely
welcomed in my show. Im doing this because,
while men who are traditional do exist. We need
to know crossdressers exist too. The reason for
including them is because, I do want people to
feel comfortable on set and to be themselves. You
can express however you want and be as creative
as you want within limitations. You cant show to
much femininity or masculinity in the show. This
is because kids, see items weather traditional,
or not as fun. I get why companies make toys is
to make money. Nickelodeon should continue doing
that but, I do want there to be more than, just
toys. I want there to be a nail polish line
based on this show. I'm a huge fan of nail polish
and having this can make money. On the side I
get to paint my nails. Which Nickelodeon is fine
with and does encourage. So, not having this is
I fine is a missed opportunity for them. This is
good to include in merchandise. I wont be doing
clothing. I love shirts, however clothing comes
in different sizes and has to resized to fit
another gender. Even a dress is like this. So, as
much as people, may complain about it. I dont
want my show being on a shirt. I get why and if
you want it. You can make yourself an ST and put
on your shirt. The letter I will include, but no
shirt. You can purchase an ST and SK lettering.
You can add it to your shirt. Im willingly to
meet you half way. I was not trying to be mean
and make any of you mad. This is included
because, people including reviewers need to know
this stuff. You shouldnt classified this kind of
information. However, somethings you do. The
reason why being open about this, is important is
because, they could get upset and have a bad
idea of what youre actually looking for. What if
you dont like nail polish and dont want it.
You can still purchase the toys. However, boys
who do want it can get it. Just like girls can
have lettering to go with their shirts. They can
have LEGO, Funko Pops etc. This isnt saying
that cant buy traditional stuff, but parents
excluding kids from painting their nails is
wrong in my opinion. They want it they can have
it. This is another
way of being creative like writing and drawing
is. This adds to their play and fun. To be
honest, they shouldnt have to hide this from
you. However, if you suspect them to trust you.
You should at least have care and thought poured
in. You purchase things without thinking, What
does my child really want? No, I'm not
encouraging anything that would harm them and I
do care about kids. Kids like something and if
its bad and harmful. I get wanting to shield
them, but things that arent, you going to tell
them that they cant because, youre a certain
gender. To me that very limited and actually
toxic. This is something that old fashioned
people believe. I understand this, but thats why
I wanted to make something special for the kids.
I know if a boy asks his mom, Can I have nail
polish. She wouldnt take him. Same is true with
his dad whos like this. Thats why this needs
to exist because, boys get have something they
like and not just girls. Parents who are
accepting will take either child to get their
nails done. However, for old fashioned parents
they have a girl they take her. He can ask his
sister for it and she will do it anyways,
regardless of what the parents want. So, it can
grow quicker then they realize and this is good
thing. I often see people shoveling kids into
this box and I dont want that. Kids should be
creative and allow to explore this. How do I know
about these people because, my mom is one. Thats
right she tells me, she wont take me to buy nail
polish, even though she knows that I want it.
She thinks because I'm a guy I'm not allowed to
have it. When, I do wear it shes not mean about
it, but she makes her opinion known. I dont like
seeing boys and girls feeling like nobody loves
them. I care for people and I dont want them
feeling hurt. I encourage creativity and this is
apart of it. This line isnt to insult parents.
Nail polish is paint for your nails. I dont like
how people cant get pass that. Yes, I know
theres better process and I love that. I love
how Glossy Boys exists, but I dont like nail
polish looking like a marker. This is hiding it
when you dont need to. I get why and his
message is clear. I do think nail polish for men
can still be in my eyes, this glossy paint in a
glass bottle. I dont think it needs to be
different from, womens nail polish. The only
difference is the colors, will be based on the
cartoon and thats about it. This can be in
turn, presented in Live Action. This is good to
me and I like this. This would be psychical
objects in the background. The audience will
actually see in it the real world. Just like
how, you can pay for it in real life. So, yes I
get people not liking Animated and I get it.
There are people who do and women love cartoons
too. Thats why to make both cartoon and live
action fans happy. I'm giving you a movie that
contains both of them. So, if you are wanting to
see real world objects, characters and settings.
You will see that and if you like animation you
have that too. So, I see this as a win win
situation. Its better than having you watch 2
separate movies and experiencing with one and it
failing because that fan wasnt happy. Thats
something past Nickelodeon shows do. It can do
well, but it can fail too. Thats why to try new
things for
movies. I think we should try both and that way
one will win out over the other. After the movie
premieres I would like to have a poll for which
one you like better. To make the sequel way
better. I wont be writing the sequel, but I
would love to reprise my role as Super T. The
sequel will more likely be headed by, a female
showrunner just like the show will be, starting
with 3rd Season depending on, if the show does
well in ratings. This is good for women because,
they can have the story they want. They would
have a smile on their face. I do think she
should keep the nail polish line going, besides
most women love nail polish. That wouldnt
bother me and I'm pretty sure, it wouldnt bother
her either. For a female showrunner, it doesnt
just mean shes the boss. It means that she can
kick the abusers off set. This is good for them
because, it shows that shes not playing and that
she's actually serious. The abusers wouldnt
stand a chance anymore. While, Nickelodeon seems
to back their creators, and not people
underneath. The creators, who are good can do
something, that Nickelodeon wont do anything
about. This in turn helps businesses thrive, in a
very good way instead of a bad one. Being a
business man isnt a bad thing. Business is you
know business not personal drama. Something that
people arent doing in Hollywood. No one seems to
like them anymore and for good reason. They have
the wrong person in charge, instead of the right
person who can get the job done. You are asking
why this matters to me. I was a bread man for
some time. Bread man deliver the bread. Milk man
delivers the milk. Thats what regular people do.
I know what business is when I see one. Hollywood
isnt acting like a business at all. This is very
sadly for me, as someone who loves movies and TV
Shows. So, Hollywood in this direction is not
going in a good way right now. I want to make it
steer in the right direction and having business
being business. Women treated right not left to
being abused. I love there being people who get
along and fighting anyone if I can help it. This
isnt a bad thing of what I have planned for
people in the film industry. My intentions are
good, honest and are laid out. So, people please
be kind to one another. I care about all of you
and I want you having a positive experience
working for me. I know theres collaboration
that happens in Hollywood. However, that can
happen when you have a positive experience, not
a very negative one. I dont just play Super T,
but I write him too. In the new show that
changes as I dont play Super T other than Future
Super T. Future Super T is the one from the home
videos and comics. The younger one is
the Nickelodeon Version only. Thats why there's
2 Super Ts through the films. I hope this can
make sense to you. I try not to spoil to much.
You cant watch the original on TV and it will
never be. Thats because it was made before my
pitch and I believe in keeping anything and
everything online. Thats because you can create
what you want and dont have to deal with
Hollywood. Super T was thought off, from a list
of characteristics that I had, one of them was
Tough. However, Super T's original name was
Mister Tough, for his secret identity. It was
later changed to Alex Wright by, Devin Delvis
Lanning. He
wanted to have Super T's name to be his middle
name and my last name. So, with Mister Tough now
being a nickname. With him called, Mister Tough
Guy. This resulted in Super T's middle name
being created. Super Ts superhero name wasnt
originally Super T. His full name was Super
Mister Tough, but its sounded weird and
unnecessary. He was later shorten to Super Tough,
and later came the name we know of him today,
Super T. So, thats a backstory about the
character and the show itself. This sounds
interesting I know. Youre reading this book to
know the behind the scenes and why this new show
would even exist. Super Ts character design
isnt like today either, or even like what the
Nickelodeon version could look like. This
character was initially drawn with only one
letter. It was later changed to 2 and has
remained ever since. The reason for the
lettering in general and why it must stay in the
Nickelodeon version of the franchise is that.
The lettering helps separate Super T from the
crowd. This helps the audience to know who's
who. If he had no lettering, how could you know
who Super T is. It was adopted to Super K and
Super Pretty BLOR as well. I since removed it, as
Super Pretty BLOR doesnt need it. She can look
masculine, or feminine and people can still
recognize her. Weather she has powers, or not.
The continuity aspect will remain in both the
movies and the TV Show. This will help fans get
more and clearer answers than my own materials
have done. We only know certain characters who
without a shadow of a doubt are related to Super
T. These characters are related to Super Pretty
BLOR too. As she and Super T are cousins. The
reason of how Queen of Math became Super
Ts grandmother is that Super Pretty BLORs
grandmother was written in as Super Ts
archenemy. With Super T being her cousin, it
accidentally made them both related to, the
mastermind herself. Yes, this is behind the
scenes reason, not the story reason. I had no
intentions of making the 2 related to each other.
Queen of Math being Super Ts archenemy with no
relation was my actual plan behind the scenes.
This mishap happened when I was writing one day
and has remained ever since. This story is
interesting to think about and thinking it
though. Okay, we are going into Super Pretty
BLORs powers. Okay, this well be a fun one to
talk about. Super Pretty BLOR was originally
written as a normal woman with no powers. This
was later changed where she cast magical spells
and enchantments on people. She uses her powers
to protect characters, from what would be an
otherwise onscreen death. So, if theres a
chainsaw and she lefts them from it. This would
alter a scene from a character being sawed in
half. Since, we cant have too many horrifying
scenes because, this is a childrens show after
all. Thats why Super Pretty BLOR will exist in
this new show. The original show actually has
horrifying scenes. It shows blood a couple of
times, torture scenes and even fire throughout
the original run. Thats the scenes that are now
completely cut, from the franchise, starting with
Super T. The original was more mature themes. It
even has cussing throughout parts of it. It was
later completely cut and the book was later
throw away. This wasn't intended and not suppose
to in there. A
concept artist said the actual words for OMG".
It was eventually pulled from syndication and
now longer airs online or DVD. When drawing
scenes from the show for one book. The cuss
words were censored, but one word made it. The
words were a rude way of saying, Ticked off".
The book was later thrown away and is no longer
in print. The reasons for less violence is
because, of it being for kids, inclusive and
comedic. This changes the over tone of the show.
Inclusive wasnt presented that much in the
original show. It did good for certain
characters, but most of was rewritten.
Crossdressers barely exist in any of the stories
for, Food Dye Studios in general. It does have
one, but with this show, it will now have 3
Crossdressers overall. This is really good news
for crossdressers. 2 of them in this franchise
alone and with real crossdressers being
presented, is a very good thing. I find it
interesting how the story is possibly being made.
Theres a lot of directions and possibilities
that can happen. When a successful franchise like
this is greenlit. You can have multiple stories
ideas, spinoffs and more. Multiple Lost on the
Road Spinoffs can work and is certainly
possible. However, from my experience they end up
being a miniseries, if they can be expanded
further thats fine. Super Pretty BLOR can work
as her own spinoff explaining her backstory and
why shes a witch today. This way the audiences
can understand the reason why. This will further
add core and depth to The Eraser Vampire herself
despite not appearing, or at least shouldnt
anyways. She doesnt appear in the story until
after the Final Battle. Something that shouldnt
happen in most of franchise. If successful the
Vampires as no reason to exist. I really dont
like Vampire characters even pretty ones. I'm
saying that she shouldnt because, continuity
wise she doesnt until much later. I know theres
people who obsess over them. Vampires to me are
very gross. I know for women they love them
kissing the men. However, they really arent as
they are technically eating them alive, and
them as skeletons. They bring them back to life
as people who grew fangs, and thirsty for blood
instead of water. This is something I dont like
and is the reason why I cancelled future
appearances of this character. As well as not
having this recommended, or listed. You can find
them online, but its storyline I wouldnt look
out for. However, if you are wanting to see it
you can. Its available to watch on Everybody
Wiki Bios. Through this you can watch all the
parts of this series of short films. This is on
DVDs releases, but you cant get them. To get
Food Dye Studios on DVD would mean, creating
your discs by simply, downloading all of them.
You then can burn them on to your blank discs.
You can run them through Wonder Share DVD Creator
and there you have your collection. You will
need cases that can hold 6 Discs. Slip paper into
the case and you can make your own guide. This
is good to know because, most people wouldnt be
to get the discs exactly how I have them. The
types you do need are DVD-R DVDR DVD - RW DVD
RW After you have one of the 4.Then, make your
DVD collection and youre all set. This isnt
something that most people can do exactly. I give
you information on how this DVD Collection was
made. So, you can get it just like, how I have it
at home. When, you have this made you can watch
these on your TV. This is much better alternative
than only watching them online. I do want these
to be available to watch on these cartoon sites
because, I want people to be able to access these
classic shorts. If they can watch them it's good
because, theyre old fans who watched, some of
these already. For new fans it's new content to
explore. This cant be on the FDS for much longer
do to Copyright reasons. Thats why I want them
to start advertising them as quickly because of
the fact it wont be legally mine anymore. This
still needs to exist because, new fans need to
watch these episodes. I dont think they should
have me, sending them links all the time, or them
searching it up on their own. Its hard to look
these up. If its on Watch Cartoons Online.
People could sort through them. It contains older
content on it for Pilot Episodes and this should
be no exception. Not all of it is on TV. Theres
ones from Netflix on here. This is from online
too. Super Pretty BLOR was originally undecided,
if shes going to a good witch, or a bad witch.
She was ultimately made as a good witch. This is
something thats part of Super Pretty BLOR sense
of self. She does care for others. She isnt
mean to anyone, unless they hurt her friends, or
they insult her belief in the craft. This is
coming to a close and I'm excited to wrap up this
book. Lets go into
the final solo word page. This if not talking
about the conclusion, or 2 images is the last
page in this book. I'm fine with female
animators. I would love to have females almost
all across the board, but of course men should be
included too. The reason why is females do a
good job and care for others. On top of that
having females there is good for show business.
They want to be on there because, they have a
story that only they can tell. Women want to have
feminist messages, throughout their stories.
Super T isnt like that. Sure it has it, but
its main focus is on titular superhero fighting
crime. The reason why is because, of people not
wanting stories that arent traditional. Thats
why anything thats progressive, is being kept
to one scene of an episode, or 10 minutes of the
movie. This way crossdressers can still feel free
to be themselves. They just cant be an entire
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