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Top 25 Tricky Interview Questions for Selenium


It offers testing across a variety of browsers and covers the majority of widely used programming languages. When considered collectively, all of these features help to make Selenium the top option for Automation Testing Training. Given its usefulness and popularity, many of you would undoubtedly wish to become proficient in using the instrument. So, you've come to the perfect site if you want to ace a Selenium interview like a pro. You will receive a well curated PDF of Selenium Tricky Interview Questions. According to current market demands, this list of Selenium Tricky Interview Questions has been created. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 25 Tricky Interview Questions for Selenium

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  • Top 25 Tricky Interview Questions for Selenium

Selenium has established a wonderful reputation
for itself among the variety of different
Automation Testing Tools that are readily
available on the market. It is a portable
framework that may be used to test web
applications without the requirement to learn a
particular test scripting language. It offers
testing across a variety of browsers and covers
the majority of widely used programming
languages. When considered collectively, all of
these features help to make Selenium the top
option for Automation Testing Training. Given its
usefulness and popularity, many of you would
undoubtedly wish to become proficient in using
the instrument. So, you've come to the perfect
site if you want to ace a Selenium interview like
a pro. You will receive a well curated PDF of
Selenium Tricky Interview Questions. According to
current market demands, this list of Selenium
Tricky Interview Questions has been created.
We'll examine the Top 25 Selenium Tricky
Interview Questions for Experienced in this blog.
These challenging Selenium interview questions
were carefully selected from the group of
questions thought to be most crucial for people
with advanced or experienced knowledge. Let's
look at these Selenium Tricky Interview Questions
without further ado.
  • Tricky Interview Questions for Selenium
  • 1. How do I debug tests in Selenium IDE?
  • One of the traditional Selenium Tricky Interview
    Questions is this one.
  • You must first put breakpoints where you wish to
    debug then step-by-step run the test after doing
  • The test case is then executed.
  • The execution then comes to a stop at the
    breakpoint's maintained location.
  • Once this is complete, you can click the Run
    button to continue running each command in turn.

2. Why should TestNG be used with Selenium
RC? TestNG aids in delivering the crucial
flexibility required in particular circumstances.
For instance, we will be forced to run the test
cases from the command line if the automation
test suite's specification calls for it to
function with various client platforms and
servers. Additionally, it will be necessary to
add flexibility in the test-creation process and
to provide for the regular output of reports.
This is made possible by TestNG. Read our blog
post on "What are TestNG Annotations" if you want
to learn more about them.
  • 3. How does Selenium WebDriver handle frames?
  • The inline frame, often known as the iframe, is
    used to embed one HTML document inside of
  • As a result, you have several choices.
  • Choosing an iframe by ID
  • "ID of the frame," driver.switchTo().frame
  • Finding an iframe using tagName
  • driver.switchTo().frame(driver.findElements(By.tag
  • iframe location using index
  • frame(index)
  • driver.switchTo().frame(0)
  • "Name of the Frame" in frame
  • "Name of the frame," driver.switchTo().frame
  • frame (WebElement element)
  • the Parent Window option
  • driver.switchTo().defaultContent()

  • 4. Take the following example Selenium Script
    works in Chrome but not in IE. How can you fix
    the problem?
  • A script's ability to run on IE may be hindered
    for a variety of reasons. You can, however, make
    an effort to fix the problem in a variety of
  • Be sure to use the most recent version of the
    Selenium IE Driver.
  • ensuring that the IE driver and the working
    environment are compatible
  • Setting the 'Enabled Protected Mode' option on
    the Security Tab to the same value for each zone
  • Continuing to configure the IE driver by
    importing dependencies and using the setProperty
  • minimising exceptions by using CSS selectors
  • the creation of a registry entry
  • While running the script, Internet Explorer's
    internet security settings ought to be disabled.
  • utilising modern selenium jars
  • when clicking items, using JavaScriptExecutor
    rather than native click
  • enabling JavaScript support in the IE browser

5. Is it possible to test responsive web design
with Selenium? Applications are now used much
more frequently on smartphones and tablets as
well as laptops. Additionally, this has raised
the requirement for testing responsive web
design. However, it would be a very
time-consuming and laborious process to
personally test every programme across every
single platform. Additionally, it might cause
needless delays in the product's release.
Therefore, it makes sense to automate RWD
testing, and one may do so by using the Galen
framework. With its assistance, one may run tests
in the cloud and carry out parallel testing
because it operates in Selenium Grid.
  • 6. What kinds of listeners are there in TestNG?
  • TestNG's listener types include the following
  • IConfigurable
  • IExecutionListener
  • IAnnotationTransformer
  • IHookable
  • IInvokedMethodListener
  • IInvokedMethodListener2
  • IConfigurationListener
  • IReporter
  • ITestListener
  • IMethodInterceptor
  • ISuiteListener

7. Which API is necessary for Selenium WebDriver
database testing? The Java Database Connectivity
(JDBC) API will be needed for this. It makes it
easier to run SQL statements.
  • 8. Can Selenium handle window pop-ups?
  • Selenium does not support handling of window
    pop-ups because it only supports testing online
    applications, not mobile or Windows-based ones.
    The handling of such pop-ups necessitates outside
    assistance. The external tools Autolt and Robot
    Class are two examples. An alert is displayed as
    a pop-up window with a warning message. There
    aren't many possibilities here.
  • Dismiss the void ()
  • When you select the "cancel" button in the alert
    box, this approach is activated.
  • I accept void ()
  • The "ok" button in the alert box calls this
    technique into action.
  • text from a string ()
  • This procedure is used to record the alert
  • False sendKeys (String stringToSed)
  • When you want to transmit some data to an alert
    box, you call this method.

  • 9. Can Selenium WebDriver be used to take
  • Yes, as stated in the question above. The
    TakeScreenshot function can be used to take
    screenshots. In order to save the screenshot, you
    can use the getScreenshotAs() method.
  • ((TakeScreenshot)driver) File scrFile
    (outputType. FILE) getScreenshotAs
  • 10. What Does a Robot Class Mean?
  • The Robot class assists in giving the mouse and
    keyboard devices control. It contains
  • KeyPress()
  • when attempting to hit any key
  • KeyRelease()
  • invoked to cause the keyboard's pressed key to
  • MouseMove()
  • used to command the mouse to move in the X and Y
  • MousePress()
  • asked to click the mouse's left button

11. What do Selenium assertions mean? What kinds
are there? The usage of assertions as checkpoints
aids in maintaining the orderly flow of commands.
They serve as validating tools that help
determine whether a test case is acting in
accordance with expectations or not. Some test
suites, like a sanity or a regression suite, run
for extended periods of time. It may not be
feasible to manually monitor the execution in
such circumstances. Testers use assertions to
designate test cases as passed or failed.
  • There are primarily two categories of statements.
    Which are
  • Softly imply
  • Only the condition and the result are verified
    and provided by this statement. In the event that
    the test case fails, it does not lead to the
    termination of the test case execution.
  • Firmly assert
  • This assertion checks for the anticipated
    outcome, and if the condition is not met,
    execution is terminated and the
    "java.lang.AssertionError" exception is
  • Selenium's various Hard Assertions come in the
    following varieties
  • assertNull()
  • assertNotNull()
  • assertEquals()
  • assertNotEquals()
  • assertTrue()
  • assertFalse()

  • 12. How may broken links be located in Selenium?
  • One of the frequently challenging Selenium
    interview questions is this one.
  • You can keep going through the steps below to
    find broken links.
  • Using the agt anchor tag, you must compile all of
    the links that are present on a web page. Use the
    attribute 'href' value to create a hyperlink for
    each of the agt tags.
  • For each link, you must then issue HTTP queries
    and check the HTTP response code.
  • You may detect whether the link is working or not
    based on the HTTP response code. After that, you
    can navigate to a URL using the driver.get()
    method, which should return a status of 200-OK.
    When the link returns a 200-OK, it is
    operational. However, if you receive a different
    status, that would mean the connection is broken.
  • Repeat the procedure for every link that was

13. How does Silk Test Tool work? Enterprise
applications can be tested for regression and
automated functionality using the Silk Test Tool.
It enables users to record application sessions
in order to construct tests. With the aid of the
programme, users may also improve the test by
including test logic and verifications as well as
replaying tests to guarantee the appropriate
operation of the apps.
  • 14. What are the various navigation instructions
    that Selenium offers?
  • The following commands are included on the list
  • navigate().forward()
  • Based on the user's browsing history, the command
    assists in directing them to the subsequent web
  • navigate().back()
  • According to the user's browser history, the
    command assists in directing the user to the most
    recent or previous web page.
  • navigate().to()
  • Based on the provided URL, the command assists in
    directing the user to a new web page in a new
  • navigate().refresh()
  • By reloading all of the web elements, the command
    assists the user in refreshing the currently open
    web page.

  • 15. How does WebDriver assert the web page's
  • You must take the subsequent actions in order to
    accomplish this goal.
  • "import org.testng.Assert" is the command to
    import the Assert class.
  • A WebDriver object must be created by you
    FirefoxDriver() new WebDriver driver
  • This might be used to support the website's title.

  • 16. How may a hybrid framework-based HTML report
    be created in TestNG?
  • The following steps can be used to create a
    customised HTML report
  • With the aid of an ant, Junit
  • TestNG employs the built-in default file
  • Use XSL files as well.
  • 17. In TestNG, how can I skip a method or a block
    of code?
  • You can set the test annotation's 'enabled' value
    to false to bypass a certain test method.
  • testing (enabled false)
  • The enabled parameter's default value is true. As
    a result, it is not necessary to specify the
    annotation as true at the time of definition.

18. Describe the value of testing.xml The
importance of utilising TestNG in Selenium is
well known. However, how does TestNG define test
suites and test class groupings? Getting
instructions from the testing.xml file makes this
easier. The source code for testing cannot define
a test suite. As the suite is a crucial component
of execution, it is instead represented in an XML
file. You must generate a testing.xml file in
order to execute a set of test cases, or test
cases in a suite. The names of all the methods
and classes that you want to call as part of the
execution flow would be listed in
it. Additionally, the testing.xml file supports
parallel execution, group execution of test
cases, and execution of numerous test cases from
various classes.   19. What distinguishes the
commands driver.close() and driver.quit()? The
two commands are comparable in that neither takes
a value nor accepts any parameters.
20. What is the distinction between Selenium's
findElement() and findElements() functions?
findElement() findElements()  
The command helps in finding one particular element within the current page using the locating mechanism. It returns the first element located by the locator. The command helps in finding all the elements within the current page using the locating mechanism. Consequently, it returns a list of matching web elements found by the locator.
  • 21. How many parameters are required by a
    Selenium command, at the very least?
  • Selenium has four parameter choices. Which are
  • Host
  • Instead of a local host, Selenium can be
    connected to a specific IP address.
  • Browser
  • shows which browser should be used to run the
    selenium scripts.
  • Specified Port
  • The port number identifies the TCP/IP port that
    may be supplied to link the Selenium tests to the
    Grid hub. You should also confirm that no other
    programme with the same port number is running
    somewhere else on the same computer.
  • URL
  • The test cases within that are triggered by the
    application URL.
  • 22. How is the required functionality beneficial
    in the context of Selenium?
  • This is yet another example of a challenging
    Selenium interview question.

Desired Capability describes a particular feature
or functionality. It has a number of key-value
pairs that can be used to record data about the
browser's name, its location in the system, its
version, and other things that affect how the
browser behaves when it is running. With
Selenium, the desired capability can be used to
configure the driver instance. It is especially
useful if you want to run the test cases on
several operating systems, browser versions, and
versions.   23. What is Page Factory? The Page
Object Model can be executed more efficiently
thanks to Page Factory. Object-oriented
implementation techniques are used. It functions
as a built-in POM framework that Selenium
WebDriver offers to enable Page Object Design
patterns. The By() method is used to implement
POM with Page Factory no imports or cache
storage are required. The components of the Page
Object are initialised using the Page Factory.
Use of "FindElements" is optional. An alternative
is to use annotations like _at_FindBy to locate Web
elements and the initElements method to
initialise web elements obtained from the Page
Factory class.
24. What purpose does database automation testing
serve? Is it possible to test databases with
Selenium? The importance of the database itself
can be used to determine the value of database
automation testing. The database is essential for
storing and organising data. Therefore, automated
database testing aids in
  • precise value storing and retrieval from the
  • Processing data without errors
  • Finding issues that front-end testing cannot pick
  • ACID property validation (ACID implies Atomicity,
    Consistency, Isolation and Durability)
  • Data Integrity and Proper Data Mapping
  • Database testing can absolutely be done with
    Selenium. A connection between the database and
    the server will need to be made. A JDBC
    connection can make this easier. JDBC, a Java API
    with a SQL foundation, aids with database
    connection and query execution. You can then
    process the outcomes. The following are the main
    parts of JDBC
  • Driver Supervisor
  • Driver
  • Connection
  • 25. What does TestNG's parameterization mean?
  • In essence, parameterization is a technique that
    involves declaring values and passing them as
    test class parameters. Developers benefit from
    repeatedly running the same test with different
    values. When several login credentials for
    various test environments are needed, it is
    helpful. With Data Providers and testng.xml,
    TestNG makes it easier to give arguments to the
    test methods.

Conclusion I'm confident that this PDF of
Selenium Automation Testing Tricky Interview
Questions will be a helpful resource for anyone
looking to get ready for a Selenium interview.
This list of Selenium Tricky Interview Questions
should offer you a good understanding of some of
the most significant subjects you may be asked
about at a high level. Even if the list isn't
comprehensive, it will undoubtedly aid you in
your preparation. Software Development Engineers
in Test have learned to love Selenium as a highly
recommended Automation Testing Tool (SDET). With
the help of Syntax Technologies' SDET training
programme, you can not only develop the abilities
required to hold the title of SDET but also gain
practical experience with technologies like
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