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HR Interview questions and answers for experienced candidates


This presentation prepares you for HR Interview questions and how to answers to it. This will improve your comunication skills likewise you have good technical skills. This presentation will help you to crack HR round in just few minutes. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: HR Interview questions and answers for experienced candidates

Top 10 HR Interview Questions
How to Answer
how are you today?
  • Answer with a smile and in following 2 ways -
  • Examples
  • I am very well today Mam/Sir,
  • thank you.
  • I am very well today Mam/Sir, just
  • that the traffic here is a bit of a
  • hassle. But I made sure, I start a
  • bit early to beat it.

  • This is the most commonly asked question in any
    interview. Based on this, HR might ask you few
    more questions so every detail should be to the
    best of your knowledge.
  • You can include details like Your education
    background, some information about your family
    fathers profession, mothers profession, number
    of siblings (no need to get into their
    educational details) and some information about
    your achievements hobbies.

Tell me about Yourself.
What are your
Strengths Weaknesses?
  • The objective of every HR with this question is
    to understand how much you know about yourself.
  • Key suggestion in this would be
  • List as many strengths as you can but
    briefly and 1-2 weaknesses.
  • You may be asked to give examples of the above,
    so be prepared.

What is the most difficult situation you have
had to face and how did you tackle it?
  • Do not say you never came across a
  • stressful situation. Keeping your tone
  • positive discuss a stressful situation
  • that you were able to surmount. The
  • answers can be-
  • In my previous company we were given an
    unachievable target and everyone was overwhelmed.
    Later we discussed this with our senior he
    wanted us to try it and was ready to reduce the
    targets to a more realistic number.
  • You can also discuss a project where you had
    sacrificed on family time, worked for long hours
    and later got recognition for the hard work.

What do you do to improve your knowledge?
  • IT field is very revolutionary so you need to
    be updated about the new technological
    developments. You can tell the recruiter about
    the blogs you visit, technical websites etc.

Has your career developed
as you had
  • If there have been a short gap in your
    employment, there is nothing to be ashamed of it.
    Try to give a convincing reason relating your
    achievements with your qualification and social

How do you handle stress or pressure?
  • You can answer this question by saying that
    stress is an important issue to you. It is
    important for me to balance the positive and
    negative stress. I use stress in a productive way
    that can allow me to work harder.
  • You can also add in the answer that under the
    reasonable level of stress I perform better.

Why are you looking to change job?
  • After providing dedicated service to my current
    employer, I am ready to accept the new challenge
    and showcase the same dedication if given the
  • After providing dedicated services to my current
    employer, its the right time to widen my
    horizons, add more dimensions to the work front
    and prove myself capable of accepting a new

What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?
  • Talk about an accomplishment that exhibits how
    you will be a perfect fit for the company and for
    the position youre interviewing for.
  • Try and show some genuine passion when youre
    talking about your accomplishment.

  • This question is asked to check that you will leav
    e the job for a couple of thousands or not. You ca
    n answer this by saying
  • As you know that attraction of money every job off
    ers but Illanalyze the growth opportunity with t
    he both jobs. If this companyoffers the desired g
    rowth with the industry trend, I will not switch.
  • I will discuss the growth opportunities with my se
    niors and if thereis potential to grow in the pre
    sent company then Ill stick to thisjob otherwise
    , I will politely inform him my decision to move a
    head  in life.

What will you do if you are offered a job with a
salary higher than this?
Do you want to ask us
something about the company?
  • Not asking any questions back demonstrates lack
    interest in the job.
  • Candidates show their enthusiasm and position
    themselves as potentially valuable team members
    by asking smart, strategic questions.

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