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Top 16 SEO Agencies in Calgary, Alberta


Zencast Media LLC has listed the best SEO agencies in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, according to our market research ad trends. The effort is made only for you- business owners & managers, so you can hire the most suitable SEO agency near you for your business requirements. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 16 SEO Agencies in Calgary, Alberta

Top 16 SEO Agencies in Calgary, Alberta
  • A Comprehensive Presentation
  • On Calgary, Albertas Most Popular
  • SEO Companies

Dicing The Concept Of SEO
  • SEO or search engine optimization is a set of
    practices designed to enhance the visual appeal
    and positioning of web pages in organic search
  • Because organic search is the most prominent way
    for people to discover and access online content,
    a good SEO strategy is essential for improving
    the quality and quantity of traffic to your
  • There are hundreds of SEO agencies in Calgary,
    Alberta helps to promote your business in online

Importance Of SEO In Small Business
  • Search engine optimization is the backbone
    of digital marketing and so entrepreneurs,
    business owners and managers understand the need
    to adopt ethical SEO practices to get quality
    leads, which is also cost-effective.
  • When customers search for a product or service or
    information on the internet, they usually browse
    through the first page of the SERPs and does not
    see the rest of the websites that are ranking on
    the second page or after. So, optimizing the
    website to rank it on the first page of the
    search results is essential for any business in
    order to increase the traffic of the website and
    boost its sales.
  • In this presentation today, Zencast Media, one of
    the most trusted SEO Companies in Calgary,
  • Alberta, will be highlighting the top 16 SEO
    agencies who have created a niche in uplifting
    the digital
  • footprints of the business across the world.

1. Zencast Media
  • Zencast Media LLC is a top contender among the
    primary technical and digital consultancy firm.
    Over the years, we have built strong foothold in
    the industry, catering across the states of UK,
    USA, Canada and other parts of the globe. Our
    mission is to empower the future with hot-cake
    modernistic designs, contemporary technologies,
    and revolutionary e-marketing techniques. The
    company has a strong objective and our experts
    work in tangent to achieve the goals and success.
  • Client requirements and satisfaction gets the
    maximum importance at Zencast Media. Whatever is
    the project, be it a mobile application
    development or website designing or branding, we
    work closely with you to ensure perfection in the
    outcome. Our testimonial section strongly
    reflects our values, ethics, and approach towards
    client handling..
  • CEO Rajkumar Prasad
  • Registered 2013
  • Address 1526 LOMA AVE LONG BEACH, CA, 90804, US
  • Call 1 855 962 4420
  • Mail

2. GrowME Marketing
  • GrowME Marketing is a top-rated, award-winning
    marketing agency based in Calgary, Alberta,
    serving clients across Canada. They offer
    services such as social media consultation/
    management, website design, online advertising
    (PPC) and SEO.
  • Founder/CEO Tarek Mohajer
  • Registered 2013
  • Address 201 1950 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB,Canada,
  • Call 1 403-547-6963
  • Mail

3. Ace SEO Consulting
  • Ace SEO Consulting is one of the top search
    engine optimization companies in the country with
    two locations- Calgary, Alberta, Canada and San
    Diego, USA. They offer services such as SEO, web
    design, Local SEO, training, internet marketing,
    reputation management, social media marketing,
    search engine marketing and digital marketing.
  • CEO Ace Rashid
  • Registered 2003
  • Address 14 Sage Meadows Way NW, Calgary,AB T3P
    0E7, Canada
  • Call 1 403-800-0325
  • Mail

4. MRC SEO Consulting
  • MRC SEO Consulting is a Calgary, Alberta based
    digital marketing agency that specializes in
    search engine optimization for small businesses.
    They also offer services such as Local SEO,
    search engine marketing, internet marketing, web
    marketing and digital marketing.
  • CEO Turner Elena
  • Registered 2012
  • Address 4911 30 Avenue Southwest
    Calgary,Alberta T3E0V4
  • Call 1 403-386-7427
  • Mail

5. To-The-TOP!
  • To-The-TOP is a Calgary, Alberta based digital
    marketing agency that specializes in promoting a
    website and make it more visible through
    optimization. They offer services like website
    audit, target keywords, SEO, website promotion
    and attentive website support.
  • CEO Greg Ichshenko
  • Registered 2007
  • Address 1509 14 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0W4
  • Call (403) 308-5949
  • Mail

6. Leaf SEO Marketing
  • Leaf SEO Marketing is a Calgary, Alberta based
    SEO Company that specialized in web designing and
    internet marketing. They offer services such as
    digital marketing, Google ads, social media
    services, SEO and web designing.
  • Registered 2008
  • Address 2121 39 Ave NE Unit G, Calgary, AB T2E
  • Call (587) 288-1803
  • Mail

7. Webdrop Digital Marketing Agency
  • Webdrop Digital Marketing agency ?? a Calgary
    based full Inf?rm?t??n T??hn?l?g? firm that
    specializes in custom web design and SEO. They
    provide solutions such as web designing, software
    development, app development, SEO and PPC
  • Full-stack web Developer Ashish Madhavacharya
  • Registered 2008
  • Address 3553 31 St NW (11,546.15 km) T2L
    2K7Calgary, AB, Canada
  • Call 1 587-707-7302
  • Mail

8. SearchBeyond
  • SearchBeyond is a Calgary, Alberta based SEO
    service provider that specializes in SEO and web
    designing. They offer services like SEO, search
    engine marketing, website design and digital
  • Founder/CEO  Tim McCann
  • Registered 2018
  • Address 823 Coach Side Cresc. SW
    Calgary,Alberta T3H 1A6
  • Call (587) 433-5550
  • Mail

9. Konstruct Digital
  • Konstruct Digital is an Alberta base digital
    marketing agency that specializes in SEO
    services. They offer services such as SEO, PPC
    management, social media marketing, Shopify
    marketing, industrial B2B marketing, WordPress
    Development and enterprise SEO.
  • Co-fonder/CEO Matt Cox
  • Registered 2012
  • Address 1235 26 Ave SE, 213, Calgary,Alberta
    T2G 1R7, CA
  • Call 1 587-331-6223
  • Mail

10. The Three Marketers Inc.
  • The Three Marketers Inc. is a Calgary, Alberta
    based online marketing company that specializes
    in SEO and PPC advertising. They provide
    solutions such as SEO, search engine advertising,
    PPC management, website translation, social media
    marketing and ad management.
  • Founder/CEO  Karine Kugler
  • Registered 2003
  • Address 104-1240 Kensington Rd NW,Suite 310
    Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 3P7
  • Call 1 403-230-3993
  • Mail

11. ThinkTech Software
  • ThinkTech Software is a Calgary, Alberta based
    technology driven marketing services company who
    work as the marketing execution partner for
    businesses and help them increase their Marketing
    ROI. They offer services such as SEO, digital
    marketing, web development, PPC, Google
    analytics, social media marketing, social media
    ad management, WordPress and HubSpot partners.
  • President/CEO Julia Amulung
  • Registered 2012
  • Address Bankers Hall West Tower,1000-888 3 ST
    SW, Calgary, AB T2P5C5, CA
  • Call 1 403-462-0868
  • Mail

12. WYK Web Solutions
  • WYK Web Solutions is a Calgary, Alberta based
    online marketing agency that specializes in SEO
    services that boosts businesses and takes it to a
    new level. They also provide solutions such as
    brand design strategy, social media PPC
    management, audience analytics, keyword market
    research, SEO consulting, copywriting, content
    creation optimization, link building
    promotion, website development and marketing
  • Address 3000 Tuscarora Manor NW 3201,Calgary,
    AB T3L 2J9
  • Call 1 587-333-4932
  • Mail

13. Ullaco Corp
  • Ullaco Corp is a Calgary, Alberta based
    award-winning website design and website
    development Company that has an extensive
    experience of more than seventeen years. The
    other services such as website design, digital
    marketing, website development, E-commerce
    solutions, content marketing, SEO and social
    media marketing.
  • Owner/CEO Jaques Botha
  • Registered 2013
  • Address Suite 101 340 Midpark Way,SE Calgary,
    Alberta T2X 1P1
  • Call (403) 910 7270
  • Mail

14. Effortless Marketing
  • Effortless Marketing is a Calgary, Alberta based
    marketing agency that specializes in SEO and
    advertising services. They also offer services
    such as website design development, SEO, Google
    Ads, social media, digital marketing and local
  • Owner/CEO Viola Hutchinson
  • Registered 2009
  • Address 412 53 Ave SE 105, Calgary, AB T2H 0N4
  • Call (403) 630-7936
  • Mail

15. Alien Run Inc.
  • Alien Run Inc. is a full-service marketing, Web
    designing and SEO agency that specializes in
    Local Area Internet Marketing for small business.
    They offer services such as SEO local SEO,
    Google my business, business listings, reviews,
    websites, marketing, PPC and social media.
  • Founder/CEO Mike Martens
  • Registered 2014
  • Address 1925 18 Ave NE 115 Calgary, AB,Canada
    T2E 7T8
  • Call 1 403-917-1641 OR (587) 229-3637
  • Mail

16. Nuun Digital
  • Nuun digital is a Calgary, Alberta based digital
    marketing and development Company that
    specializes in SEO services. They offer services
    like SEO services, PPC services, Social media
    marketing, reputation management, social media
    management tool and content marketing services.
  • Managing Director  Feras Nasser
  • Registered 2010
  • Address 638 11 Ave SW Suite 200 Calgary,AB T2R
    0E2, Canada
  • Call (403) 907-0997
  • Mail

  • Choosing the best web development agency is
    equivalent to finding a needle in the haystack,
    because the market is dotted with hundreds of
    companies and agencies, ready to serve you with
    the most unique strategies and concepts.
  • In this presentation, Zencast Media hopes, the
    list will be able to assist you in narrowing the
    options for choosing the right one for your
  • We wish you all the best in your endeavours

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