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Top 12 SEO Companies in Banff, Alberta


Zencast Media LLC has listed down the best SEO companies in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The list is intended to help business owners and managers to choose and hire the best SEO agency in Banff, Alberta for their business requirements. The list is prepared after an extensive market survey. We hope this listing will help you in that regard. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 12 SEO Companies in Banff, Alberta

Top 12 SEO Companies inBanff, Alberta, Canada
  • A Comprehensive Presentation
  • On Banff, Albertas Most Popular
  • SEO Companies

SEO an Effective Digital Marketing Practice and
  • SEO or search engine optimization is the practice
    of enhancing the visual appeal and positioning of
    web pages in organic search results.
  • Some of the most important reasons to why small
    businesses must invest in SEO-
  • Brings in more customers through organic search
  • Encourages you to focus on user experience
  • Improves brand awareness
  • Lends credibility
  • It is cost-effective and pocket-friendly
  • It is trackable

SEO Jobs Salaries in Canada
  • SEO specialists in Canada are in great demand, as
    most of the businesses are going digital, and
    digital marketing is impossible or will be
    ineffective without a comprehensive SEO strategy.
    There are about 2000 and 2500 SEO specialists
    job vacancies in Canada on LinkedIn and Indeed
  • SEO specialists are paid handsomely in Canada
    compared to other professions. The median salary
    of a SEO specialist is over 50,000 CAD.
  • In this presentation today, Zencast Media, one of
    the most trusted SEO Companies in Whitehorse,
    Yukon, will be highlighting the top 12 SEO
    agencies who have created a niche in uplifting
    the digital footprints of the business across the

1. Zencast Media
  • Zencast Media LLC is a top contender among the
    primary technical and digital consultancy firm.
    Over the years, we have built strong foothold in
    the industry, catering across the states of UK,
    USA, Canada and other parts of the globe. Our
    mission is to empower the future with hot-cake
    modernistic designs, contemporary technologies,
    and revolutionary e-marketing techniques. The
    company has a strong objective and our experts
    work in tangent to achieve the goals and success.
  • Client requirements and satisfaction gets the
    maximum importance at ZencastMedia. Whatever is
    the project, be it a mobile application
    development or website designing or branding, we
    work closely with you to ensure perfection in the
    outcome. Our testimonial section strongly
    reflects our values, ethics, and approach towards
    client handling..
  • CEO Rajkumar Prasad
  • Registered 2013
  • Address 1526 LOMA AVE LONG BEACH, CA, 90804, US
  • Call 1 855 962 4420
  • Mail

2. SEO Wizardry
  • SEO Wizardry is a SEO and digital marketing
    agency that serves business in Banff Canmore,
    Calgary and other Canadian cities. They provide
    solutions such as lead generation management, SEO
    services and website design development.
  • Registered 2015
  • Address Cougar Creek Dr, Canmore, AB T1W 2X8
  • Call (403) 404-7325

3. Digital Marketing Sir
  • Digital Marketing Sir is a full-service digital
    marketing agency that specializes in SEO and
    serves businesses in Banff. They offer services
    such as SEO, On-page Off-page SEO, CMS,
    eCommerce, social media marketing, reputation
    management, PPC, Google ad, search advertising,
    email marketing and mobile marketing.
  • Registered 2017
  • Call 9460367365
  • Mail

4. Optimization Media
  • Optimization Media is a full-scale media company
    that specializes in website design, digital
    marketing solution for businesses. They also
    offer services such as business strategy,
    research, data analysis, UI design, UX design,
    technology and creatives. They have an extensive
    experience of over fifteen years.
  • Web Developer James Postrasija
  • Registered 2014
  • Call 1(800)792-9220
  • Mail

5. Carmella Marketing
  • Carmella Marketing is an award-winning,
    nationally certified woman-led marketing agency
    based in Canmore, Alberta. They offer services
    such as media production, brand development, web
    development, email marketing, digital
    advertising, social media management and
    artificial intelligence.
  • Registered 2015
  • Address 802 8 St 201 Canmore, AB T1W 2B7
  • Call 403.978.6788
  • Mail

6. SEO To the Top
  • SEO To the Top is a Banff, Alberta based SEO and
    digital marketing company that increases web
    traffic and organic search engine results. They
    offer services such as SEO, backlink management,
    PPC, dashboard statistics and black hat SEO.
  • Registered 2020
  • Address Calgary, Alberta
  • Call 1-587-332-0688
  • Mail

7. True Market
  • True Market is a full-service marketing agency
    that serves businesses across Canada and US and
    specializes in SEO and SEM. They offer services
    such as brand development, marketing strategy,
    website design development, SEO, graphic
    design, app design, photography, digital
    advertising, performance analysis and
  • Founder Greg Hatch
  • Registered 2015
  • Address 2333 18 Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E,
  • Call 403-470-9256
  • Mail

8. GNARmedia
  • GNARmedia is a Alberta based web design and
    marketing agency that strives for client
    satisfaction. They offer services such as SEO,
    social media management, website design and
    development, graphics animations and branding.
  • CEO Jordan
  • Registered 2012
  • Address 17 Larch Crescent, Canmore, AB T1W 1S6
  • Call 1 406 545 4311
  • Mail

9. Bow Valley Marketing
  • Bow Valley Marketing is an Alberta based digital
    marketing agency that serves local businesses and
    specializes in marketing strategy and web
    development design. They also offer services
    such as marketing strategy, web design
    development, social media content management,
    SEO, blogs newsletter marketing and
  • Founder Moselle Dibdin
  • Registered 2020
  • Call 403-679-1095
  • Mail

10. BlindDrop Design Inc.
  • BlindDrop Design Inc. is a full-service graphic
    design and web design company based in Cochrane,
    Alberta that specializes in custom web design
    solutions. They offer services such as web design
    marketing, web development, graphic design,
    social media, SEO, website hosting, logo design,
    copywriting, video production and eCommerce.
  • Registered 2001
  • Address 102 100 Bow Ridge Court, Cochrane, AB
    T4C 1T4
  • Call 1 403-667-0765
  • Mail

11. Juggle Marketing
  • Juggle Marketing is a Canmore, Alberta based SEO
    company that helps local businesses to get more
    visibility on the internet. They offer
    unparalleled SEO marketing plans and web design
    services such as web design and development, SEO,
    social media and online advertising.
  • Registered 2012
  • Address 105 Grassi Place Canmore, AB T1W 2N3
  • Call 403-621-1428
  • Mail

12. White Label Digital marketing SEO
  • White Label Digital Marketing SEO is a digital
    marketing and SEO agency that serves small
    businesses across Canada. They offer services
    such as branding, logo, digital marketing, SEO,
    paid advertisements and consultation.
  • Registered 2021
  • Call (780) 900-3845

  • Choosing the best SEO agency is equivalent to
    finding a needle in the haystack, because the
    market is dotted with hundreds of companies and
    agencies, ready to serve you with the most unique
    strategies and concepts.
  • In this presentation, Zencast Media hopes, the
    list will be able to assist you in narrowing the
    options for choosing the right one for your
  • We wish you all the best in your endeavours

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