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How to Get CFE Certification


Read this ppt file to know how to endorse your career by getting get CFE Certification. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Get CFE Certification

How to Get CFE Certification
The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners has
recognized the CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) as
a worldwide credential (ACFE). With the help of
this qualification, a person gains the
comprehensive professional knowledge necessary
for fraud investigation, prevention, detection,
and deterrence. Financial transaction and fraud
schemes, law, investigation, and fraud prevention
and deterrence are the four study areas that make
up this qualification. Together, the four parts
share a wealth of information on the mentioned
activity, including the best practices, Dos and
Don'ts, and numerous tools and strategies. A
step-by-step tutorial for how to get CFE
Certification (Certified Fraud Examiner) is
provided below
Become a CFE Member
To take the exam and obtain your CFE certificate,
you must join. To become an associate member, you
must pay a nominal fee of 60. The cost of
electronic membership is 60, which is enough to
sit for the CFE Exam. Create your Account You
will get an email from ACFE after paying your
membership dues instructing you to access your
account and establish your password by clicking
the link in the email. CFE Exam
Application After making an account. Great!!
After login in, go to the "My account" area and
select the "CFE Exam Application" tab on the
fourth tab down. This tab displays the status of
your application, which will progressively alter
once you provide the necessary data and documents
by using the "Edit" option. Check your
Eligibility It is now time to "Prequalify and
Purchase CFE Exam" by giving the necessary
details on your school history and work
experience. 40 points are required to sit for the
test, and 50 points are required to receive a
certification. When you provide your academic
details and work experience, the site will
instantly compute your score. In general,
receiving your degree and having two years of
professional experience will provide you the
necessary points to qualify. Also Read CFE
Certification Guide
Apply for Exam
  • Post your pre-qualification with the necessary
    points after submitting the aforementioned
    information. You must now pay a 450 examination
    fee for each of the four portions. Once you've
    paid the exam price, you'll be one step closer to
    receiving your certificate. You must provide
    three professional references together with your
    proof of education in the format required by
    ACFE. Any professional relation you have, such as
    an ex- or present coworker, your reporting
    manager, or a CFE, can sign a reference letter
    for you.
  • You must now be prepared for your exam since ACFE
    will only need five days to assess your
    application and give you the go-ahead to take the
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    coming to your actual exam. And what could be
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  • Give Your Exam
  • You will receive an email from ACFE with the
    subject line "Thank you for your interest in
    obtaining the CFE certificate." Your application
    to take the test has been approved, and it will
    be valid for two years from the day you submitted
    it. To take the CFE test during this time, you
    must keep your membership valid.
  • You have 60 days after your application is
    accepted to complete the four module papers. Any
    remaining modules will be deemed to have failed.
    You will receive a link to schedule your
    examinations in the mail.
  • You can select a home-based test with online
    proctoring, in which case a proctor will be
    assigned to you and will assist you before,
    during, and after the exam. Remember that while
    the CFE is not at all an open book test, he or
    she will also be watching you during the exam to
    make sure you are not cheating at all.

You may also decide to go to a test center to
take your examinations. You have a choice. The
dates and times for the tests must be chosen
independently for each module. GET THE EXAM
SCHEDULE CONFIRMATION You'll get an email letting
you know when your exam is. ATTEND THE EXAM So
now that you're prepared, it's time to take the
test and do your best. It is significant to note
that CFE advises against administering more than
two tests in one day. You can deliver
examinations back-to-back the next day, up to two
exams per day, or take a break for a few days or
weeks, but you must give all four exams within 60
days after the exam application's clearance. As
I previously indicated, you may take examinations
whenever and anywhere you choose as long as you
have a suitable Wi-Fi connection, laptop or
computer, webcam, and microphone since your voice
and video will be captured and analyzed before
your results are announced. You may arrange the
components in any order you choose. The ACFE does
not limit the number of people who can take the
test to one to four. Now that exam day has
arrived, you are prepared, have turned on your
computer, and are signed into your account. Each
test will include 100 objective questions that
must be answered in 2 hours without a
break. Each of the four components will follow a
similar pattern. You can finish the test after
completing all four sections, and then ACFE will
receive it and announce your results within a few
more days.
You Have Passed All Four Sections Of CFE Exam.
This email will only be sent to you in a few
days. With all your hard work that has paid off,
you will have obtained this certification. If
the email said something else, don't panic you
have three chances to pass all four sections, and
for each try, you must pay 100 for each section
that you fail. Once cleared, a section cannot be
provided again. In the unfortunate event that you
are unable to pass all four portions in your
combined three attempts, you will need to pay
another 450 exam fee and retake all four
sections. Submitting the Declaration You will
now be required to submit a declaration form,
which you must once more have a Chartered
Accountant, a former or current coworker, or a
CFE sign. Obtain signatures, then upload. The
hard copy of your certificate and a charming CFE
badge will be sent to you by postal mail when
ACFE has additional 710 days to validate all the
papers you have provided to date.
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