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Cyber Law- a blessing in disguise


Many legal aspirants are choosing cyber law to make their career and are opting for online law certification courses based on law and technology – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Cyber Law- a blessing in disguise

Cyber Law- a blessing in disguise Technology is
the gift of science which has brought a lot of
convenience to our regular life. But there is a
saying which is, There are advantages and
disadvantages of one thing. It depends on us
which side we are choosing. Similarly, the
miracle that technology has brought to our life
is misused by many criminal-minded people. The
increasing use of the internet for every work
including online transactions also increases the
threat of online fraud and many criminal
activities that can destroy many lives. One of
them is Cyber Crime, Cybercrime is any criminal
activity that includes computers, networks or
networked devices or any crime committed in
cyberspace. These types of crimes include using a
computer to execute the plan and commit a
crime. Cyber law is that aspect of the legal
system that deals with cybercrime and also deals
with internet-related technologies. In other
words, Cyber law is the law which protects
cyberspace. Cyberspace is a very broad term
which can be termed as a notional environment
interconnecting all communication devices. Crimes
related to the internet all come under cyber
law, making it one of the most popular
professions. Many legal aspirants are choosing
cyber law to make their career and are opting for
online law certi?cation courses based on law and
The reason for the demand for these courses is
that almost every age group uses the internet
and online technology without knowing its
repercussions and issues raised because of them.
In order to control all these crimes, the Indian
government introduced a law regarding cybercrime
in 2000. Its been over two decades yet the rate
of cybercrime has yet to go down. In addition to
these, the lockdown has a very big impact on
cybercrimes. In order to create awareness among
youngsters regarding these topics, many legal
learning platforms are providing f ree online
legal certi?cation courses based on Cyberlaw and
security. Classi?cation of Cyber Crime The
crimes that are connected to cyberspace all come
under cyber crime and are dealt with provisions
made under cyber law and concern legal
professionals pro?cient in cyber law. There are
many offences that come under cyber crime it is
next to impossible to describe them all at once,
here are some of them Cyberstalking Using a
computer, mobile phone, email, text, social
media, websites or any other form of
communication, making threats to a person
regarding physical harm or invading their
personal space. Hacking It is the act of
compromising information through any digital
device and network through unauthorised access.
The people who do hacking are generally known as
hackers, they usually hack telecommunication
devices or mobile networks. In very rare cases
this method is used by the government or
administration but mostly it is an illegal
activity. Possession of unauthorised
information Cyber crime also includes the
illegal acquisition of personal information, this
doesn't limit here some terrorist organization
also uses this method to get access to
con?dential information of other countries.
Viruses A virus is a software program that is
either attached to a website or a ?le, they
affect the data either by deleting them or
harming or altering the information. There are
also other offences such as Harassment via
Emails, Emails spoo?ng, Internet phishing,
Cybersquatting, Cyber vandalism, and cyber
terrorism. In order to learn all the
consequences of cybercrime, one can choose online
law certi?cation courses provided by legal
learning platforms.
Importance of cyber law The need for these cyber
laws is very much now. The reason behind this is
most households have internet connections which
expose them to the threat of being victimised by
cybercrime. Computers are an important subject
in every school, and students and children have
become very modern too. They like to use
innovative things and also there are numerous
opportunities for them on the internet but at
the same time, it raises the chance of crime. It
is also the negligence of people that these cyber
laws are necessary. The government has always
reminded people to use authorised sites only and
not to give their personal details to anyone
online including websites but people are careless
about these topics. In order to help people
realise the importance of cyber law many
educational learning platforms offer courses on
Cyber Law Security and Cyber Crime. Cyber laws
in India With the increasing importance of cyber
law in present times in a country with great
internet use such as India, it is necessary to be
aware of the law regarding cybercrime. Not just
law aspirants but also all people using the
internet should be aware of the laws and
regulations which are made just for their safety
and punishing the criminal. There are many
courses on Cybercrime and Cyber Laws which are
offered by educational platforms to help people.
The main ?ve provisions related to cyber law
are Information Technology Act (2000) Indian
Penal Code 1860 (IPC) Information Technology
Rules Companies Act 2013 Cybersecurity
Framework ( NCFS) All information sections are
included in these ?ve provisions, many of which
are being taught by top industry experts on the
best online law certi?cation courses providing
In conclusion, the disturbing elements which have
arisen with the development of technology are
numerous. In order to control online crime and
the dark web which is deteriorating the daily
life of common people. Cyber laws are very
important for citizens in order to protect their
private life. Also, the increased usage of
digital technology for handling money matters has
imposed a threat on the ?nancial information of
individuals. All these can be controlled by
precaution on our side and also by following the
regulation the government and cyber cells have
made for the citizens. This cybercrime rate can
be reduced e?ciently. Along with all these the
career scope in cyber law has increased
tremendously many law aspirants and law students
are choosing the cyber law ?eld to make a
career. There are other subjects such as
Arti?cial intelligence that come under the
section of cyber law and are an innovative ?eld
to make a career.
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