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A Guide to Starting Your Cyber Security Career


Cyber security is very crucial in the digital era because there is an exceptional rise in cyberattacks. And due to the low population in this industry, there are many opportunities for anyone interested in this field. If you are the one waiting to become a cyber security professional, here is your guide. Let’s get started! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Guide to Starting Your Cyber Security Career

A Guide to Starting Your Cyber Security Career
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Every organization needs cyber security. It may
be the shopping, banking, or gaming industry, and
they need cyber security to protect their systems
and networks from being exploited. Cyber security
is very crucial in the digital era because there
is an exceptional rise in cyberattacks. And due
to the low population in this industry, there are
many opportunities for anyone interested in this
field. If you are the one waiting to become a
cyber security professional, here is your guide.
Lets get started!
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But, before we discuss how to become a Cyber
Security Professional, lets first define what
cyber security is and why is it important?
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Cyber security Cyber security is a method used to
protect devices, networks, and data from attacks
by using different tools and technologies. As
many organizations are looking forward to
protecting their systems, networks, and data,
these attacks must be handled by Cyber Security
Professionals like Security Testers, Pen Testers,
Cyber Security Engineers, and other
specialists. The importance of cyber
security There are various reasons why cyber
security is important, but here are a few
relevant reasons. Increased cybercrimes The
rapid advancement of technology, like high-speed
Internet, improved gadgets, and cloud computing,
has resulted in the rise of the number of devices
linked. According to some statistics, the worlds
networked gadgets has numbered 21.1 billion in
2021. This, together with the rise of the dark
web, has provided a fertile ground for
cybercriminals. Nonetheless, cyber security can
help you reduce your risk.
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Several cyber-attacks Cyber-attacks can affect
anyone at any time. Malware, phishing,
man-in-the-middle, and drive-by attacks are
examples of these types of attacks. Isnt it
terrifying? You wont believe what crypto-jacking
is. This is where crooks can gain access to your
computer and steal valuables like Bitcoins and
other digital money. They could simply take your
data if they gain access to your computer. If you
want to have a chance against these attacks,
youll require cyber security. Vulnerabilities
in tech industries The fact that everyone on
earth is becoming increasingly more dependent on
information and communication technology implies
that there is a flourishing crime opportunity for
cybercriminals. Many people have become
vulnerable to cyber threats as cloud storage has
improved and social media has grown in
popularity. As a result, cyber security is needed
more than ever before.
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Businesses can be affected by viruses Computer
viruses can disperse like wildfire. If you do not
keep them under control, they might cause serious
problems for you and your company. Viruses can
corrupt your files and systems. As a result, its
critical to take cyber security seriously because
it has the potential to protect your computer
systems from infections. Lets jump into our main
topic now. Starting a cyber security career Let
me tell you four simple steps to start your
career in cyber security.

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Education Many Cyber Security Professionals have
started their cyber security careers by earning a
degree in information technology, computer
science, or information systems. This is their
first step, and after that, you can get a
post-graduate degree or a masters degree in
cyber security. Whatever career you choose,
education is very important. Lack of education is
one of the primary reasons for unfulfilled jobs
in the cyber security profession. Those with a
cyber security degree have a considerable edge in
such a bad scenario when numerous jobs stay
vacant due to a shortage of skilled personnel.
With an information security degree, not only are
job opportunities abundant, but salaries are also
high due to high demand and shortage of supply.

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  • Certification
  • You will stand out from the crowd if you have the
    relevant certification regardless of the industry
    you are joining. Certifications are proof that
    you are good at the concepts and tools needed in
    your job. Here are a few relevant certifications
    that will help you break into the cyber security
  • CompTIA Security
  • Certified Information Systems Security
    Professional (CISSP)
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

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Furthermore, several vendor-specific
certifications, like those given by RSA,
Symantec, and Cisco, are alluring employers.
However, what youll need and what employers will
expect will be determined by the career or roles
youre pursuing. Expand your network Besides
certifications, growing your network is one of
the most important and best things that you can
do to enter into any industry. And in an industry
like cybersecurity, with many positions and
opportunities, you will definitely need people to
guide you. Try to get in touch with the experts,
or with people who are on the same page as you
are, or anyone with industry experience, and ask
your questions, and get full clarity on what and
how to do it. Growing your networks will also
help you get job recommendations.

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Final words Cyber security is a thriving
industry with numerous opportunities for
enthusiasts all it takes is a little
determination and hard work to land your dream
job. Everyone has their own ways of starting a
career in the cyber security industry, but the
above are researched and successful steps. And if
you are also willing to start your career in
cyber security, check out InfosecTrain for some
amazing courses.

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