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Environmental Monitoring Market Analysis, Drivers, and Growth Forecast by Delvens


Environmental concerns has risen these days. Nations wants a sustainable development where growth and nature both can be secured. To cope this situation many solutions have been invented. One such solution is monitoring the environment by manufacturing industries. This is done by environmental monitoring system which provides real-time data and helps industries to take necessary actions. In this document, we have discussed about environmental monitoring and its effects, drivers that can propel the growth of the market, and market prospect of Delvens. You will also find the link to purchase this report or you can also get free sample of the report. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Environmental Monitoring Market Analysis, Drivers, and Growth Forecast by Delvens

Environmental Monitoring Market Trend
Report and Industry Analysis on Environmental
Monitoring Market
Business Strategies and Consultant
Table Of Contents
Business Introduction
Report Segmentation
Market Introduction
Research Methodology
Primary Respondent
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Continent Breakdown
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Our Company
Delvens is a market research and consulting
company headquartered in Delhi, India. The
company holds expertise in providing syndicated
research reports, customized research reports,
and consulting services. Delvens qualitative and
quantitative data is highly utilized by each
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serving more than 800 prominent companies by
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Environmental Monitoring Market
An Introduction to the Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring is a tool to assess
    environmental conditions and trends. As the world
    is moving towards more environmentally
    sustainable development, environmental monitoring
    has become essential to explore resources without
    damaging the environment. It also helps
    governments to frame policies that are beneficial
    for the nation as a whole as well as the
  • An environmental monitoring system is a system
    that monitors the quality of the environment. The
    RMS software allows for real-time monitoring of
    any parameter required. This monitoring system
  • Air Monitoring - Pollutants in the air are a
    severe problem in the world. It has adversely
    affected human health and the environment.

  • Water Monitoring Water is essential for life.
    With growing industries and cities, water
    pollution has become the biggest problem for the
    world. Fresh water has become scarce and many
    nations are experiencing a lack of clean water.
  • Biodiversity Sustainable development depends on
    a sound environment, which is dependent on
  • Waste Monitoring Waste monitoring and
    management are very essential to maintaining a
    sound environment. If waste is properly treated,
    the environment can be saved.
  • Remote sensing - Remote sensing can play an
    important role in monitoring and reporting on
    environmental problems, in particular when the
    target of such observations is to assess
    pollutant effects at large spatial scales over
    long periods.
  • Enterprise Monitoring - Enterprise environmental
    monitoring and reporting is the system of
    measures implemented and paid for by operators,
    the natural or legal persons exercising actual
    power over the technical functioning of the

Market Prospect
  • According to Delvens market research report, the
    global environmental monitoring market is
    expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.7 from 2022 to
  • It is estimated in the report that the
    Asia-Pacific market will grow at a rapid pace as
    it offers a huge opportunity for the industry.
    Governments in Asian nations are implementing
    policies regarding control of pollution.

Market Drivers
  • People's attention has been drawn to pollution
    because of its serious negative effects. People
    have become concerned about the environment,
    which has ultimately led the government to create
    policy and regulate at an industrial level also.
  • People are liking products that are organic and
    support keeping the environment clean. This has
    made companies change their strategy and
    introduce new products that support the

New developments in environmental monitoring
systems have brought attention to industries that
can provide much more precise control over
pollutants and help industries meet their
environmental targets. Real-time monitoring and
IoT in environmental monitoring applications are
game changers. As developing nations have also
joined hands to protect the environment, the
environmental monitoring market has expanded a
lot in recent times. Recent conventions on
reducing the global carbon footprint and targets
to reduce pollution at a sustainable level have
raised the demand for the environmental
monitoring market.
Market Restrainer
The introduction of environmentally friendly
products has raised the price of products.
Developing nations may suffer due to this
increase in prices. During the pandemic, many
factories and manufacturing units were closed so
pollution came under control. Slow implementation
of pollution control reforms in emerging markets
and limitations associated with monitoring
products have hindered the market's growth.
Recent Development
Australias Commonwealth Scientific Industrial
Research Organization and the Metals Company are
going to create a framework for the development
of ecosystem-based management and monitoring plan
(EMMP) for its proposed deep-sea polymetallic
nodule collection operations in the Clarion
Clipperton Zone (CCZ) of the Pacific Ocean.
A team of students at UC San Diego developed a
drone-based system to capture air samples around
the world and a deep-sea data buoy system to
collect underwater environmental data. Abu Dhabi
has launched an environmental labelling programme
called "Green Industries". The program aims to
build mutually supportive partnerships to enhance
and appreciate the contribution of industrial
facilities in the field of environmental
Environmental concern has drawn the attention of
the world towards itself. Nations and industries
need to work together for sustainable
development. It is clear from the above points
that environmental concerns have been raised and
measures to fight them will be taken by nations
and companies.
Designation Breakdown
Breakdown of our data collection from People of
different Designation
Product Manager
Primary Respondent
They are the major contributor with 35
30 of our primary respondents
Sales Manager
Their contribution is about 25
10 of our data come from them
Continent Breakdown
  • Breakdown of our data collection from different

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Report Segmentation
Sampling Method
Product Type
  • On the basis of Product Type
  • Sensors
  • Indoor Sensors
  • Outdoor Sensors
  • Indoor Monitors
  • Fixed Indoor Monitors
  • Portable Indoor Monitors
  • Outdoor Monitors
  • Fixed Outdoor Monitors
  • Portable Outdoor Monitors
  • On the basis of Sampling Method
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Active Monitoring
  • Passive Monitoring
  • Intermittent Monitoring

  • On the basis of Component
  • Particulate Detection
  • PM2.5 Detection
  • PM10 Detection
  • Other Particulate Detection
  • Chemical Detection
  • Gas Detection
  • Volatile organic Compound Detection
  • Pesticide Detection
  • Other Chemicals
  • Biological Detection
  • Temperature Sensing
  • Moisture Detection

  • On the basis of End-User
  • Government Agencies Smart City Authorities
  • Enterprise
  • Commercial users
  • Residential users
  • Healthcare Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial users (should include petrochemical
    and power generation cos)
  • Others
  • On the basis of Application
  • Air Pollution Monitoring
  • Water Pollution Monitoring
  • Wastewater Monitoring
  • Surface Groundwater Monitoring
  • Soil Pollution Monitoring
  • Noise Pollution Monitoring

  • On the basis of Region
  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Middle East Africa

How to Purchase the Report
  • Delvens offers many customisation to cater your
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    report is segmented as per user where you got
    option to choose from
  • Single User
  • Multiple User
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  • If you want report for Globally, Regional or
    Country specific, then voila, we also provide an
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Research Methodology
Market Integration
Data Extraction
Data Analysis
Data Validation
Data Extraction The stage involves the
procurement of market data or related information
via different sources methodologies. Data
Analysis This step involves the analysis
mapping of all the information procured from the
previous step. It also encompasses the analysis
of data discrepancies observed across various
data sources. Market Integration The final step
entails the placement of data points at
appropriate market spaces in an attempt to deduce
viable conclusions. Analyst perspective subject
matter expert based heuristic form of market
sizing also plays an integral role in this
step. Data Validation Validation is the most
important step in the process. Validation
re-validation via an intricately designed process
helps us finalize data-points to be used for
final calculations.
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