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Benefits of Clash Detection in BIM


Any architectural designs should have a proper sizing and intersections are to be designed in such a way that they don't clash. It is equally essential to get clash detected before the execution of the entire design. If you're looking for a clash detection service or other architectural services then you can visit our website - Contact- +91 8460220396 ┃ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Benefits of Clash Detection in BIM

Krishna Outsourcing
The primary objective of BIM is to coordinate and
collaborate various design models into one
single model. The success of any construction
project depends on the effective coordination
between the stakeholders associated with the
project. The detection and solution of clashes in
BIM is an essential part of any construction
What is clash detection in BIM? Clash detection
is a crucial part of the integrated BIM process.
The BIM creates a comprehensive model that
includes multiple design models. Traditionally,
the clash detection process was usually
performed on the construction site. But in the
present time, it takes place during the
pre-construction stage. It allows the
construction- related issues to get solved before
the actual construction begins. At Krishna OS
you will get the best BIM Clash Detection
Services for your project. It will save you a
lot of time, money, and manpower during
  • Significant benefits of clash detection in BIM
  • Accurately made documentation for engineering
  • Reduce iterations during the construction phase
  • Improvement in coordination cooperation between
  • Automatic process for clash conflict resolution
  • Streamlined unified approach

Accurately made documentation for engineering
designs BIM clash detection allows project
owners, architects, and engineers to develop
complicated designs. They can create these
designs without worrying about the quality of
construction documents. The advanced features of
clash detection enable a change made to a single
element to reflect in all views automatically. It
also fastens the information transfer and
increases efficiency. Reduce iterations during
the construction phase BIM allows the planning,
arrangement, and visualization during the
designing stage of the project. Thus, the
chances of changes during the construction stage
are significantly eliminated. Here, all the
information about the project is gathered in the
form of a 3D model. It ensures the easy
distinction of clashes during the initial
pre-construction stages.
Improvement in coordination cooperation between
teams The digitalized workflow makes
coordination collaboration easier among teams.
BIM clash detection software like Navisworks
ensures rapid knowledge transfer for efficient
coordination. It will simplify, accelerate, and
streamline the construction process.
Automatic process for clash conflict
resolution The contemporary BIM toolkit
automates the multi-element clash detection
process. However, BIM allows architects
engineers to model everything in advance. It will
minimize the on-site conflicts. Because all the
elements of the project perfectly fit together
despite being manufactured off-site.
Streamlined unified approach Central BIM
modeling strategy is a very important aspect of
the construction project. Without a BIM modeling
strategy, it is difficult for architects to get a
universal view of the project. Unconnected
documents make it challenging for a team to
visualize the correct amount of creativity for
the project. BIM clash detection software
increases transparency and effectiveness at a
great level. It allows effective cooperation with
other project stakeholders.
Conclusion BIM clash detection technology has
significantly transferred the field of
engineering design. This technology has made it
simple to foresee, analyze, and eliminate clashes
in the pre- construction stages. Thus, the work
of architects and engineers turns simple due to
the BIM and clash detection. If you are
interested in taking maximum advantage of BIM
tools clash detection, then take help from
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