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Orthodontics, Dental Braces in Geelong | Dentists & Doctors


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Title: Orthodontics, Dental Braces in Geelong | Dentists & Doctors

  • Different Options for Teeth Whitening at Dentists
    Doctors in Geelong
  • Most of us are blessed with a bright white smile,
    but over time it is common for our teeth to lose
    their brightness and shine, becoming dull and
    discoloured. There are many reasons behind this
    change, such as inadequate oral hygiene,
    irregular dental visits, diet high consumption
    of coffee, tea and certain foods, lifestyle
    factors such as smoking and lastly wear due to
    aging. Regardless of the cause, having
    discoloured teeth can really affect ones
    confidence and in the image conscious era that we
    now live in, it is no surprise that Teeth
    Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic
    procedures in dentistry today.
  • The Many Different Options for a Brighter Smile
  • There are many options now available for
    whitening teeth, from over-the-counter products
    to professional teeth whitening at dental
    clinics in Geelong. The primary the most common
    whitening agents used are hydrogen peroxide or
    carbamide peroxide, with the differences being
    in the concentration of the product, how it us
    used and the cost.
  • Below are some of the most common options
    available over the counter and at Dentists
  • Teeth Whitening Toothpastes
  • Regarded as the easiest and most accessible teeth
    whitening option, teeth whitening toothpastes
    contain mild abrasives that manually remove light
    surface stains on teeth. Some of these
    toothpastes also have special polishing agents
    that are intended to leave teeth looking
  • Our Verdict
  • As simple as this option is, it can be effective
    only for very mild stains. They do not
    whiten/bleach your teeth and start showing
    results only with regular usage. If you are
    looking for a dramatic transformation or have
    sensitive teeth, this option is not recommended
    for you.
  • Teeth Whitening Strips

  • You may find these available at your local
    supermarket or pharmacist. They are an
    affordable, convenient, and on-the-go alternative
    for teeth whitening. Being flexible, they can
    easily sit over the upper and lower rows of your
    teeth. Depending upon the strength of the
    whitening agent in the strip, it could take a few
    days or a week to show results.
  • Our Verdict
  • Whitening strips are affordable and work well for
    mild to moderate stains. However, the results
    are mild and vary significantly. As being an
    over-the-counter product, the concentration of
    the whitening agent is very low.
  • Professional (In-Office) Teeth Whitening
  • Professional in-chair whitening is by far one of
    the most popular cosmetic dental treatments at
    Dentists Doctors in Geelong. One of our dental
    clinicians will apply a high concentration of
    hydrogen peroxide on your teeth whilst you are
    seated in the dental chair. The entire process
    takes about 45-60 minutes, and is a relatively
    easy procedure, with gums, lips and areas of
    recession protected before you start treatment.
  • It is highly recommended to have a professional
    dental exam and clean completed prior to your in
    chair teeth whitening session to achieve the best
  • Our Verdict
  • By far the safest and most efficient method for
    teeth whitening available in Geelong today. The
    best part with professional in-chair teeth
    whitening is the immediate and noticeable
    results achieved in just one sitting!
  • Custom Take-Home Whitening Trays
  • An option which can be used on its own or in
    conjunction with a professional in-chair teeth
    whitening session. A convenient and effective
    method of teeth whitening with different options
    with regards to the concentration of the
    whitening product and type of whitening agent
    used this is particularly useful for
    individuals with sensitive teeth. As they are
    customized to the patient, both the fit and the
    results are better than those available in
    generic whitening trays.

Note Results may vary for all teeth whitening
options discussed. All treatments carry risks
and benefits. Before proceeding, you should seek
a second opinion from an appropriate qualified
health practitioner Dentists Doctors provides
a comprehensive range of complete dental
solutions, including General Dentistry, Cosmetic
Dentistry, Childrens Dentistry, Orthodontics,
Endodontics, Implants and more. We are among the
few dental clinics in Geelong to offer all these
services under one roof.
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