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Dental Gentle- Keep Calm & Get Braces?


Braces also known as brackets are used to fix crooked teeth, spacing and bite problems.  They are fixed into the teeth using an adhesive and on them we fix wires which help the  teeth to move in the direction where is required to move.  Braces or brackets are available as metal braces or ceramic braces. The basic difference between the two is that metal braces show more and ceramic braces show less, the difference is aesthetics. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Dental Gentle- Keep Calm & Get Braces?

Dental Gentle- Keep Calm Get Braces?
BRACES Braces also known as brackets are used to
fix crooked teeth, spacing and bite problems.
They are fixed into the teeth using an adhesive
and on them we fix wires which help the teeth to
move in the direction where is required to move.
Braces or brackets are available as metal
braces or ceramic braces. The basic difference
between the two is that metal braces show more
and ceramic braces show less, the difference is
Braces also known as orthodontist treatment should
 always be done by specialist who is an orthodonti
st. An orthodontist is a doctor who has done his/
her post-graduation of 3 Years in the field of
orthodontic treatment post his bachelors in dentis
try.   With the aesthetic demand increasing and
people getting more aware regarding orthodontic
treatment it should also made aware that braces
are not only for enhancing your aesthetic they
are also sometimes required for functional
improvements like improving the bite to eat and
chew food properly, correct crowded teeth which
can result in cavities due to food lodgment and
bad oral hygiene, it is always advisable to get a
consultation with an orthodontist who can make
you understand the problem and advise a solution.
Another myth that is very common amongst all is
that orthodontist treatment or braces treatment
can be done only at very young age. Although it
is myth orthodontic or braces treatment can be
used to treat patients at any age. But it is
always advisable to consult an orthodontist at a
young age so that in case the orthodontist
requires to modulate the growth he/ she can do
it. Braces have been into existence since a
couple of decades now and there has been a lot of
innovation in them from time to time for better
treatment results and to increase patient
  • So if you have problem like.
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Crooked Smile
  • Gap Between teeth
  • Bite Problem
  • Protruding Teeth
  • Do consult an orthodontist to understand the
    problem better and find a solution for it.
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