Using an Advertising Copywriter Has Huge Benefits for Business (1) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using an Advertising Copywriter Has Huge Benefits for Business (1)


An advertising copywriter has enormous benefits for any business. Boost your SEO, gain more reach, and stand out as a professional with ad copywriting services – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Using an Advertising Copywriter Has Huge Benefits for Business (1)

Using an Advertising Copywriter Has Huge Benefits
for Business
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Communication is key. Its true for
relationships, and its essential for businesses.
One of the best ways to improve your businesss
communication with customers is with an
advertising copywriter. But who qualifies as an
advertising copywriter? Does just about anyone
who can write copy count as one? The simplest
answer is no. A professional copywriter will
have experience in writing for marketing and
advertising. They will know how to place the
right keywords so that your ideal audience can
see them at the right time.
Often, these writers form part of ad copywriting
services. Making use of an agency that offers a
collection of content services will afford you
more than just a copywriter. Youll have access
to a team of experts. This includes researchers,
editors, project managers, and a distribution
team. This team knows that the content they
produce for you needs to make an excellent
impression. So, whether you opt for a team or
individual ad copywriter, here are some key ways
in which they will improve your business.
An Advertising Copywriter Will Establish Your
Brand Voice 
  • Your brands voice is your signature style and
    tone when communicating. It is vital to your
    brands success. Your marketing needs to be
    consistent with this style for optimum results.
    Just think of a brand you might love.

Nandos, the popular global restaurant franchise,
is famous for its humour. Their tongue-in-cheek
copy is synonymous with their brand. This is a
brand that has its voice firmly established, and
theyre recognised worldwide for it. An
advertising copywriter knows that your brands
style is crucial. The content they produce for
you will deliver a consistent brand voice across
every medium and platform. Your writer will
deliver your message in a formal and factual
voice if your brand needs to be consistently
professional. If thats not what youre going
for, theyll know how to convey what is. The
right copywriter will focus on a few key
elements, including style, sentence structure,
and brand personality. This needs to be so
distinct that consumers will immediately
associate this voice with your brand. In this
way, a writer generates brand awareness and
Ad Copywriting Services Can Improve Your Search
Engine Optimisation
  • Your website search engine ranking is one of the
    most important things for your brand. Being found
    on Google is imperative. Being found at the top
    or near the top of the first page is the first

An advertising copywriter will have the necessary
SEO skills to help your brand achieve this.
Experts know how to place keywords, links, meta
tags, and more for your benefit. They will write
new or refreshed copy to help it perform on
search engines and tailor phrases and keywords to
rank as answers online. When your brand can help
answer a question typed into Google, it shows
that your content is SEO-friendly. Google rewards
this relevant content with better rankings.
Better rankings then increase your chance of
being seen.  Businesses that rank are businesses
that sell!
A Copywriter Will Know How to Write for Different
Platforms Their Users
  • There are so many platforms out there today.
    Social media, websites, Google Ads, YouTube, and
    even brochures are marketing platforms. Yet, they
    all require a different approach without losing
    your unique brand style. Ad copywriting services
    will know how to write for each one.

Expert ad copywriters know the nuances of each
medium. They know the target audience and how to
format the copy for any restrictions on the
platform. For example, copy for LinkedIn and
Twitter would look vastly different. This would
not just be in length, but also tone. Because an
advertising copywriter will have experience in
many platforms, youll benefit from speedy
turnaround times.
Youll Gain New Ideas and Perspectives
  • When you are a business owner, it often becomes
    your life. You normally dont have time to
    write articles or blogs, plus, you might find it
    difficult to come up with new ideas. Sometimes,
    when you are so close to your product or service,
    you might struggle to see it from a different
  • This is where ad copywriting services would come
    to the rescue!
  • A content writing agency will look at your
    business the way your consumer would. What has
    stagnated for you might be a novelty to them and
    needs to be written about as such. What is so
    simple to you might require a detailed
    explanation to help your customer understand.
  • An advertising copywriter will tailor the content
    for the end-user. They will think about the
    experience they need. They might also think of
    new topics and ideas to explore. This will keep
    your content relevant while still being fresh and

  • As a bonus, Google loves fresh new content. It
    rewards sites based on new content and relevance.
    So your copywriters new ideas will also
    contribute to improved SEO.

Content Writing Services Will Make Your Business
Look Professional
  • Professionally written copy has a much easier
    time being trusted than poorly written content.
    If a business spelling, grammar, and punctuation
    are incorrect, it reflects poorly on your
    credibility. A content writing agency can take
    the hassle out of this. Writers have the ideal
    skills to deliver polished copy. This is then
    checked by a professional editing team. So you
    can rest assured you are safeguarded from
    grammatical errors. Your business will
    always look professional with a content writing

Writing Services Will Save You Time
  • Free yourself up to focus on your brand. As a
    manager or business owner, you likely juggle
    multiple tasks. Dont let content creation be
    something extra on your to-do list. Enlisting an
    advertising copywriter will give you peace of
    mind that your copy is in good hands. It will
    afford you more time for other business tasks.
  • Better yet, let an agency take the whole process
    off your hands. A content marketing agency, like
    Goodman Lantern, can handle your strategy from
    start to finish. We focus on making your brand
    look good. We also focus on improving your SEO
    and brand reach. Reach out today, and we can
    tailor-make a content strategy thats perfect for
    your brand.

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