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Online Credit Card Processing


Online Credit Card Processing (also known as having a merchant account) is the process of conducting financial transactions via the internet.  Contact  for more details. | – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Online Credit Card Processing

Accept Local Payments All Over The World
Online Credit Card Processing for Swift and
Flexible Payments to Significantly Transform your
  • What is the Definition of Online Credit Card
  • Online credit card processing is the way of
    accepting payments from customers using
    debit/credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard,
    Discover, or American Express. Just like you
    would swipe your card at a petrol station, online
    customers must "swipe" while making a purchase
    through an ecommerce site. The primary
    distinction is that there is no physical terminal
    to conduct the transaction, which is where online
    processing comes in.
  • In a broader sense, online credit card processing
    (also known as having a merchant account) is the
    process of conducting financial transactions via
    the internet. This chain of events necessitates
    the use of a payment gateway and payment
    processor to assist transport and communicate
    information over the web and guarantee that you,
    the business owner, receive consumer payments
    swiftly and properly. While the transaction
    itself just takes a few seconds, there is a lot
    of work that goes on behind the scenes, which
    we'll go into later.

  • Instantcharge is famous when it comes to security
    and dispute settlement. Buyers not only trust us
    to keep their credit card information private,
    but we also provide various security protections
    for vendors. We makes online credit card payment
    processing a lot less terrifying with 24/7
    transaction monitoring, merchant fraud
    protection, and protection programme that
    protects your balance against chargebacks.

Should I Use a Merchant Account or Online Credit
Card Processing Service for My Business?
If you're like most others, your hunt for a way
to take online payments begins with the question,
"Should I use or obtain a merchant account?"
While many companies choose to utilise other
payment system because of their convenience and
ease of use, there are some significant negatives
to doing so on their own. However, it's not an
either/or situation both are critical methods to
give your consumers with the ease and flexibility
they require. You must, however, ensure that
accepting credit cards via your merchant account
is always an option. This is why
  • Enhanced Consumer Convenience Accepting credit
    cards through a merchant account simplifies the
    checkout process. If you only take PayPal,
    clients will most likely have to leave your site
    to log into or establish a PayPal account in
    order to complete the transaction. Many of your
    consumers will be unwilling to go the additional
  • Receive Money Faster Using a merchant account
    allows you to receive payments in as little as
    two days, with money sent immediately into your
    bank account of choice. When using third-party
    services, it might take up to three or four days
    to get your payments, causing problems at the end
    of the month.
  • Get Tailored Support When you have a merchant
    account, you will frequently enjoy better and
    more personalized customer service. Phone help is
    often only offered to the highest-tiered
    consumers of third-party providers.
  • Maintain Business Growth As your company
    expands, you'll notice that third-party services
    are no more cost-effective due to excessive
    transaction costs. Furthermore, as your consumer
    base grows, so will the necessity for you to
    broaden your payment alternatives in order to
    accommodate a more diversified range of buyers.
  • Above all, solely accepting payments through
    third-party services such as PayPal harms your
    company's and brand's reputation. If you don't
    take credit cards directly through your website,
    it undermines the credibility of your whole
    ecommerce operation, leaving customers wondering
    if your site is genuinely authentic.

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