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Top 3 Methods of Milk Pasteurization


Neologic Engineers Pvt Ltd is a leading supplier of processing solutions for the Dairy Industry for more than a decade. Our experts design and manufacture dairy automation and provide end-to-end solutions. Here we are sharing 3 methods of milk pasteurization. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 3 Methods of Milk Pasteurization

Top 3 Methods of Milk Pasteurization We don't
need any prior introduction to the benefits of
drinking Milk. From our childhood, we have been
hearing and experiencing it. In modern trade,
it's easy to get all foods in all seasons with
the same nutrition and taste. Exactly what
happens with packeted/market milk too. We all
know that Dairy products, especially Milk come
with an expiration date. Here is how Pasteurizer
comes into play. Dairy farmers all around the
world make it possible for milk to be abundant,
fresh, available, and safe for consumption. For
all these efforts to make sense and get a
significant end. Milk Pasteurizer Manufacturers
have designed the Milk Processing plant, Curd
plant, Yoghurt plant, and Ice-Cream processing
plant. Pasteurization is the process of heating
milk by passing it between heated stainless-steel
plates until it reaches 161 F. Before it's
quickly cooled back to the original temperature.
Majorly there are 3 methods of pasteurization.
  • High Temperature, Short Time (HTST)
  • The most commonly preferred method by the United
    States and other developed countries is a
    High-Temperature short time (HTST) pasteurizer.
    The temperature of the milk gets heated to at
    least 161 F (72 C) for no less than 15 seconds,
    Rapid cooling follows after the exact.
  • Low Temperature, Long Time (LTLT)
  • Milk is heated up to 63? and maintained at this
    degree for 20 to 30 minutes. The process
    lengthens its shelf life to 2-3 weeks.
  • Ultra-High Temperature
  • Ultra-High Temperature is a method of pasteurizer
    that is very well known in the Indian Dairy
    Industry. With the involvement of a commercially
    UHT Sterilizer module, and equipment, and
    filling it under aseptic conditions into
    hermetically sealed packaging, the milk gets
    heated. UTH stands for the shelf life of milk
    which is more than 6 months until opened, adding
    on it doesn't need refrigeration. The reason
    behind the shelf life is that it kills all
    bacteria (good bad).
  • Milk is heated to 284 F (140 C) for at least 4
    seconds and it needs refrigeration to cool
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