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Disaster Relief Tent Manufacturers


Disaster Relief Tents are a common type of emergency tent. They are easy to erect, waterproof, wind-resistant, and anti-mosquito. They provide temporary shelter to rescue workers and are an essential material for COVID-2019 in the USA. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Disaster Relief Tent Manufacturers

Disaster Relief Tent Manufacturers
  • Lantier Tent Structures LTD

  • Disaster Relief Tents are a common type of
    emergency tent. They are easy to erect,
    waterproof, wind-resistant, and anti-mosquito.
    They provide temporary shelter to rescue workers
    and are an essential material for COVID-2019 in
    the USA. Tarpaulin material can be enhanced with
    cotton for a more effective warming effect during
    cold weather. Printings on the tarpaulin are easy
    to identify and display.

Covid 19 Relief Tent
  • One of the most critical parts of the COVID-19
    relief program is providing shelter to children
    and their families. Many camps and clinics don't
    have enough room for all the patients, and these
    tents help to ensure that children have a place
    to stay while they recover. In addition,
    COVID-19-safe shelters can be easily transported
    from one location to another. For these reasons,
    Covid 19 Relief Tent Manufacturers are working
    with emergency services organizations to design
    and produce the right type of emergency shelters.
  • Because the COVID-19 outbreak has spread to major
    cities around the world, the number of affected
    individuals is increasing. Those who are working
    in critical industries may become susceptible to
    the virus, which could affect their entire
    workforce. Creating a disaster-relief tent
    structure could help to prevent the spread of
    COVID-19 and avoid operations and production
    paralysis. This is crucial for essential
    industries. Therefore, the need for
    disaster-relief tents is greater than ever.

Turn-Key Turn Around Facilities
  • The Turn Key Turn Around Facilities for disaster
    relief tent manufacturers support the development
    of customized solutions to meet the specific
    needs of a given project. In addition to offering
    customizable disaster relief tent structure
    packages, the company also offers drive-thru
    Covid-19 testing tents and climate-controlled
    solutions for emergency treatment, triage, and
    diagnostic areas. The company can also mobilize
    large-scale base camps through a network of
    support companies that offer turn-key base camp
  • Among the basic needs of a disaster victim,
    medical services are among the most vital. While
    local hospitals may be unaffected, the influx of
    people seeking medical attention may be too great
    to accommodate them all. Emergency triage units
    are equipped with HVAC units that utilize
    "Positive" pressure to force the air inside to be
    100 fresh and sterile. This allows the medical
    teams to provide emergency care to more patients
    in less time.

Quarantine Tent Facilities
  • If you are a manufacturer of disaster relief
    tents, you should have the ability to set up
    quarantine tent facilities for your customers.
    These structures are quick to deploy and
    weather-resistant, which helps limit the spread
    of diseases. In the case of the COVID-19
    outbreak, a quarantine tent structure may help in
    the elimination of the virus and its transmission
    among people. These emergency shelters are
    designed to protect people and contain the
    disease by providing a safe and comfortable place
    to stay.
  • Besides providing shelter, Quarantine tents can
    be custom branded with the company's logo and can
    be made from various materials and colors. You
    can select one with UV protection, anti-microbial
    protection, mosquito repellency, or
    water-proofing properties. There are also
    high-gust hurricane-resistant models. Moreover,
    these tents can be used for storing supplies and

Drive Through Testing
  • Disaster relief tents are an important part of
    the response effort. These tents are used for
    multiple purposes, including patient isolation,
    food distribution, and medical care. Disaster
    relief tents are also great for medical
    facilities, hospitals, and other emergency
    shelters. Various types of tents are available to
    meet these needs. Here are some options
  • One of the options is a drive through testing. In
    the past, disaster relief tent manufacturers have
    been required to conduct a thorough health
    screening of their disaster relief products. The
    drive-through testing facility, which will be
    based in a tent or container, is operated by a
    Government Agency and Lantier Tent Structures.
    The testing procedure is relatively
    straightforward and takes ten minutes. Previous
    tests typically took 30 minutes. The results of
    the testing are delivered via text message within
    three days.
  • The HW series of humanitarian tents are designed
    for high-wind and rain areas. They are made of
    lightweight, 5.4 oz polypore fabrics. The HW
    series of tents can accommodate a family of four
    for up to two years, which is a great option for
    emergency shelters. The HW series of humanitarian
    tents are also designed to provide maximum
    protection for victims in areas prone to high
    winds and heavy rain.

  • EMAIL info_at_ictents.com
  • PHONE NUMBER (510) 236-0111
  • ADDRESS 900 Brookside Dr, Richmond, CA 94801
  • WEBSITE www.lantierstructures.com
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