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5 Common Canopy Tent Issues and their Solutions


Steel or Aluminum Tent Solutions are reliable, but they are heavy as well. A steel frame with beefier legs can be strong as well as lightweight. Moreover, proper ballasting can also prevent blowing away. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Common Canopy Tent Issues and their Solutions

5 Common Canopy Tent Issues and their Solutions
  • Lantier Tent Structures LTD

  • The popularity of tenting is on the rise. There
    are various reasons behind this. More and more
    people are moving towards experience-based
    entertainment. Even if someone cannot go to
    costly experiences such as paragliding and
    yachting, there is always the option of tenting
    in the open. It does not cost anything because
    all you need with yourself is a tent. Other this
    reason, COVID has contributed to increasing the
    popularity of tenting. It is a temporary
    structure that can be put up in a really short
    time. Tenting is quick, easy, and practical.
    Therefore, it is used in a wide range of
  • However, using a tent comes with its share of
    challenges. Especially canopy tents have multiple
    issues. In this blog, we have talked about those
    issues and presented solutions for them. Spoiler
    alert Aluminum Tent Solutions are the best.

Heavy Winds Can Be Problematic
  • Tents are supposed to be put up in the open.
    That's the idea of getting a tent to have a
    private space when one is on an exploration trip.
    People camp under the stars, in the jungle, in
    deserts, and other places of wilderness. The tent
    can be at the whims of extreme weather. Wind or
    rain can blow up a tent because one desirable
    feature for getting a tent is that it should be
    lightweight. This feature can become a pain point
    in rains and winds. Other than depriving you of a
    private space of your own, blowing up of tent can
    cause injury as well. So, while you go to
    purchase a tent, make sure to get a sturdy tent.
    It must be able to withstand heavy winds and
  • Some tent manufacturers make strong tents that
    are reliable as well as lightweight. Steel or
    Aluminum Tent Solutions are reliable, but they
    are heavy as well. A steel frame with beefier
    legs can be strong as well as lightweight.
    Moreover, proper ballasting can also prevent
    blowing away.

Cheap Tent Frames are not strong
  • The problem with lightweight tents is that you
    must fold them whenever the weather is a bit
    intense. The same is the case with cheap tents.
    They can't sustain heavy weather. However, you
    can still have a reliable tent at a
    cost-effective price. Look for these six features
    in a tent to make sure that the tent you are
    getting is strong, reliable, as well as
  • Anodized Aluminum Tent Solutions are lighter as
    well as stronger than steel and other materials.
    The thicker the frame, the better it is. However,
    it becomes heavy to carry around. The tent's
    shape also plays a significant role.
    Square-shaped tents are not durable or strong. On
    the contrary hexagonal or octagonal tents have a
    better grip and provide greater stability. A
    strong tent uses anodized aluminum on its joints
    whereas poor-quality tents use plastic on their
    joints. Another feature that adds to the quality
    and strength of a tent is its footpad. Small or
    thin footpads indicate poor quality of the tent
    and vice versa. With these features in mind, you
    can find the right balance of cost vs quality.

Saggy Canopy
  • In case of continuous and consistent rain or
    drizzling, the water can accumulate on the top of
    the canopy. This makes the top heavier and can
    result in the sagging of the canopy. This problem
    is seen when the tent is not rightly fit. If the
    fitting is right then, too much accumulation of
    water leads to leakage. By using the right fabric
    tent, you can avoid sagging or pooling. Moreover,
    the finishing of the tent also contributes to
    keeping the tent in its good form. The
    tight-fitted water-resistant fabric prevents the
    canopy from accumulating water and developing a
  • Another measure is to use tent gutters. If you
    have multiple tents, they can help keep water
    away from your tent.

Customized Aluminum Tent Solutions require too
much time
  • Due to COVID, tents became relevant for various
    industries. The health sector, education sector,
    and even corporate sector needed tents to ensure
    social distancing. However, each sector had its
    requirements. It is difficult for tent
    manufacturers to supply customized tents within a
    short time. This becomes even more challenging
    when you need a custom tent within a short time.
  • To deal with such issues, many manufacturers have
    now come up with baseline versions. This allows
    delivery of custom tents quickly. The
    manufacturers can work on already built

Rust or mold
  • At times you purchase a tent made of lighter
    material because you believe it would be easy to
    carry around. However, some materials can develop
    serious issues such as rust or mold as they meet
    rain or moist air. To avoid such issues, make
    sure to pick the right material tent. You can get
    yourself the perfect tent, according to your
    needs, by talking to a tenting specialist. Many
    tent manufacturers would love to guide you on
  • For high-quality custom Aluminum Tent Solutions
    and COVID special Drive Through Testing tents,
    get in touch with Lantier Structure. Our team
    will take it from there.

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