In Pune, Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is a well-known cardiologist. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In Pune, Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is a well-known cardiologist.


Dr. Ranjit Jagtap has been doing cardiovascular medical procedures since 1988, and has performed over 35,000 different heart surgery. He has created an amazing team of specialists over the last few years, and they have all collaborated to establish an Ultra-Modern Cardiac Care facility in Pune. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: In Pune, Dr. Ranjit Jagtap is a well-known cardiologist.

Dr ranjit jagtap
  • Dr. Ranjit Jagtap has also been involved in
    cardiovascular medical procedure since 1988,
    doing over 35,000 different heart surgeries to
    date. Throughout the most recent couple of years,
    he has built an outstanding group of specialists,
    and they have all worked together to create an
    Ultra-Modern Cardiac Care set up in Pune.
    According to Dr Ranjit Jagtap reviews, he is a
    general paediatrician who specialises in tiny
    newborns, infants, and neonatal heart surgery. He
    also participates in minimally invasive cardiac
    surgery initiatives, which results in good

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Bentall Heart Surgery
  • The aorta is the body's largest artery, which
    branches into smaller arteries to deliver
    oxygenated blood to every area of the body. The
    ascending aorta (part that rises from the heart),
    the aortic arch (part that bends over the heart),
    the descending thoracic aorta (part that goes
    down the chest area), and the abdominal aorta are
    the four sections that make up the aorta (part
    that begins at the diaphragm).
  • The Bentall technique is a surgery that treats
    aorta abnormalities. The aortic root (base of the
    aorta) and valve (three flaps that maintain the
    one-way flow of blood from the heart to the
    aorta) are replaced, and the coronary arteries
    are re-implanted (that branch out from the
    ascending aorta). The Bentall operation is the
    most prevalent and contemporary form of surgery.
    Following are some of the reasons why you need
    this surgery explained by Dr Ranjit Jagtap, a
    cardiothoracic surgeon in Pune.

  • The Bentall operation is used to treat the
    following aortic conditions
  • Regurgitation of the aorta (leaking of the aortic
  • Marfan's syndrome is a condition that affects
    people (genetic disease that causes aortic wall
  • Aortic dissection is a condition in which the
    aorta (separation of the layers of the aortic
  • Aneurysm of the aorta (enlargement of the aorta)

What are the risks of undergoing a Bentall
  • A Bentall can lead to some risks just like any
    other surgery have side effects. Hazards that
    affect more than 5 of patients are known as
    common risks. These can include the following
  • Bleeding
  • Arrhythmias- normal cardiac rhythms.
  • Memory issues, hazy vision, and difficulty
    concentrating - all of these symptoms are usually
    very brief.
  • Risks that occur in fewer than 5 of patients are
    considered uncommon. These can include the
  • difficulties with the lungs and kidneys
  • Stroke and heart attack
  • A blood clot in the lungs or legs is a serious
    medical condition.
  • Death

Surgical Procedures in the Future
  • According to Dr Ranjit Jagtap News, some patients
    who get the Bentall operation do exceptionally
    well and never require it again. However, some
    patients will require more surgery in the future.
    If you have a disorder like Marfan syndrome, and
    the underlying problem causes another aneurysm to
    form, this is more likely to happen. In this
    situation, your aorta might need surgical repair.
  • Conclusion
  • You will be provided contact information for your
    nearest cardiac rehabilitation programme before
    you leave the hospital. As you heal,
    rehabilitate, and return to your regular,
    everyday life, you'll get support throughout your
  • After your surgery, remember to follow your
    doctor's instructions on medicines and other
    necessary lifestyle adjustments, as well as to
    keep all of your scheduled visits. Make an
    appointment with Dr Ranjit Jagtap Clinic if you
    start to feel sick or if you have any questions
    about your follow-up treatment.
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