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Hotel Channel Manager


Travelopro provides Best Hotel Channel Manager, Hotel Management Software to travel agencies, tour operators, and travel companies worldwide. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hotel Channel Manager

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What is Hotel Channel Manager?
  • A hotel channel manager is a tool that allows
    hotels to expand reach and visibility online by
    listing across multiple hotel booking sites, as
    well as more easily managing their rates,
    availability, and reservations.
  • A channel manager is essential for hoteliers
    since it simplifies the management and
    implementation of your pricing plan and the
    number of channels you use, regardless of their
    complexity level. A channel manager allows a
    hotel to consolidate and automate the process of
    channel upgrading, which would otherwise be done
    manually by logging into each channel's
    administration system.

Manage your rates and availability in real-time
with a leading Hotel Channel Manager
  • Travelopro's industry-leading Channel Management
    Software will give you the tools you need to
    build your online bookings and a simple user
    interface to manage everything from a single
  • Our hotel channel manager software allows you to
    market your property to a local and domestic
    worldwide audience online via 200 connections to
    online travel agencies (OTAs), Global
    Distribution System (GDS), payment gateways, and
    other booking applications.
  • We provide a completely integrated hotel channel
    management solution for managing real-time room
    availability and rates across numerous OTAs such
    as Expedia, Agoda,, and others. Our
    Hotel Channel Manager manages all hotel
    activities and instantly updates all channel
    execution from a single dashboard.

  • Our hotel channel managers use our direct
    contracting tools along with over 250 third-party
    providers. We offer a robust and easy-to-use
    channel management solution that allows users to
    manage your online distribution while increasing
    potential visitors.
  • Travelopro has extensive expertise in providing
    travel system solutions. Our channel manager
    software is fully integrated and automated for a
    seamless experience and end-to-end online
    distribution. It allows hotel managers to
    undertake different processes from a single point
    which includes maintenance, rate parity, and
    inventory update across different distribution
    channels while maintaining the promotions and
    other processes.

How Does a Hotel Channel Manager System Work?
  • It works as an excellent Revenue Management tool
    for hotels since it is simple, time-saving, and
    easy to use. The Channel Manager is a platform
    for managing all online distribution channels,
    including OTAs, GDS/IDSs, Metasearch,
    Wholesalers, Direct reservations, and many
    others. It helps in the reduction of operational
    costs and the improvement of management
  • The only effective way to minimize overbooking is
    to use a high-performing channel manager. It is
    software that allows you to communicate your
    price, availability, and bookings with online
    sales platforms.
  • Integrating a Channel Manager into your online
    booking system will expand your worldwide
    coverage, allowing you to provide more lodging
    options for your guests, ranging from standard
    global chains to exclusive hotel groups and
    unique, independent hotels throughout the world

  • The channel manager allows you to sell your hotel
    inventory across many websites at once, as well
    as provide consumers with up-to-date price and
    occupancy information.
  • It assists businesses in managing their available
    rooms to all offline and online travel agencies
    and websites. The hotel channel manager will take
    care of updating your pricing and calendar
    automatically to and from your booking engine,
    thus helping you avoid overbookings and other
    manual errors.
  • Hotel Channel Manager is a platform that allows
    hotels to manage their inventory and pricing
    across numerous online travel portals. The system
    interfaces with all associated online travel
    agencies and automatically changes booking
    availability, pricing, allocations, and so on. It
    also has a booking engine and a third-party API
    Integration and channel management.

Key points of Hotel Channel Manager
  • A channel manager is a tool that helps you sell
    all of your rooms on all of your connected
    booking sites at any time.
  • A channel manager can help to increase a hotel's
    ability to obtain reservations and
    maximize revenues.
  • Online distribution channels include OTAs, retail
    travel agents, metasearch engines, global
    distribution systems (GDS), and direct channels
    (your website and social media pages)
  • You may develop a vast sales network for your
    property by utilizing a channel management
  • Channel managers are becoming crucial aspects of
    online hotel distribution strategy.

Why do you need Hotel Channel Manager Software?
  • A hotel's channel management software connects
    your property to guests all around the globe.
    Every OTA is essential for hoteliers. Hoteliers
    face tremendous difficulty when it comes to
    managing room availability and rates/packages
    across numerous channels. Monitoring trends and
    manually changing hotel prices may be
    time-consuming. A hotel's channel manager
    streamlines the whole process with one-click
    online updates.
  • The channel manager assists hotels in managing
    their inventory and prices across numerous
    internet distribution channels. Invest in a smart
    hotel PMS with a real-time Channel Manager
    connection to expand your hotel's worldwide reach
    and save valuable time. The hotel channel manager
    should be programmed to establish two-way
    communication between the core engine and
    channels to update and manage real-time
    reservations and availability.

Features Of Channel Management Software
  • Automates Hotel Operations.
  • Allows hotels to increase Hotel Booking through
    various Channels.
  • Allows you to manage the hotel rates on multiple
  • Multiple Channel Integration.
  • Easy Two-Way Integration.
  • Offer Dynamic hotel inventory management.
  • Hotel inventory checks and live hotel pricing
    updates are available in real-time.
  • Enables Live Updates of hotel rates with
    real-time Hotel Inventory checks
  • Simplifies the Inventory Distribution Process
  • Hotel inventory management software with the
    pricing parity
  • Real-time hotel bookings

  • Choosing the best hotel channel manager may save
    you time and cost while improving your business.
    Integrate the Travelopro Hotel channel manager in
    your travel business to grow your system and
    increase the flexibility of your inventory.
    Connect with us for a discussion on hotel
    inventory management software development.
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