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Hair Loss Treatment


Hair loss is part of hair growth cycle but Hair loss is noticeable when new hair doesn't replace the hair that has fallen out. Know the reason, how to prevent and how to regrow new hair. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss - Type,
Hair Loss - Type,
Prevention Treatment
Prevention Treatment
Hair plays a vital role inthe appearance of
both men and women
Hair has two distinct structures -first, the
follicle which resides in theskin, and second,
the shaft, which is
what is visible above the scalp.
Hair Follicle
Hair follicle is a tunnel-shaped structure,
pocket-like holes in the outer layer of the skin.
Hairstarts growing at the bottom of a hair
The root of the hair is made up of protein cells
andis nourished by blood from nearby blood
vessels.The blood in your scalp goes to the
follicle andsupplies oxygen and nutrients to the
hair root,which helps your hair grow
As more cells are created, the hair grows out
ofthe skin and reaches the surface.
Several cell are tightly regulated in order
toarrange the hair cycle, whereby each
follicle undergoes phases of hair growth.
Hair Growth Phase
Hair Grow and loss is the ongoing continuous
processthroughout the life. It looks very simple
but thegrowth process is very complex one.
Its been subject of study to understand, how
hairgrows and what needs to be taken to prevent
The first three phases anagen, catagen, and
telogen usually cover the growth and maturation
of hair and theactivity of the hair follicles
that produce individual hairs.But during the
last, or exogen, phase, old hair sheds and
anew hair is getting ready to take its place
Anagen Phase It is the active growing phase
of thehair. During this phase, your hair
follicles are pushingout hairs that will
continue to grow until theyre cut oruntil they
reach the end of their lifespan and fall out.
Atany time, about 90 percent of the hairs on
your head arein the anagen phase.
Catagen Phase After the end of anagen phase,
catagen phase starts and it lasts about 10 days
or so.During this hair follicles shrink and hair
growth slows.The hair also separates from the
bottom of the hairfollicle, yet remains in place
during its final days ofgrowing.
Telogen Phase It is the resting phase and
Approx 10to 15 percent of your scalp hairs are
in this phase thatlasts for 3 months. The hair
follicle is completely atrest, during this phase
hair donot grow and the club hairis completely
Exogen Phase It is a part of telogen stage
where inthis phase, hair shed from the scalp.
Losing 50 to 100hairs per day during this phase
is normal. Here newhairs are growing in the
follicles as old hairs fall away. Ifthe follicle
is healthy, a new shaft begins to grow andthe
cycle begins again.
Hair Loss
Hair loss is part of normal cycle of growth and
replacement. Hair loss is noticeable when new
hairdoesn't replace the hair that has fallen
out. Hair lossjust creeps on you it often
begins with finding a fewstrands on the pillow
(hair fall) and accelerates to thehair hair
everywhere (hair loss) situation before youhave
even had the chance to blink.
For Both Men and Women hair loss causes are
Hereditary hair loss is most common cause and
both men and women develop this type of hair
loss.Hormonal changes and medical
conditionsSide effects of medications and
supplements.Excessive hairstyling or hairstyles
that pull yourhair tight.
Trichotillomania, a psychological condition
whereand irresistible urge to pull hair from
your scalpTaking Unhealthy Diet, less protein
which isessential part of follicle steam cell.
Stress, physical or emotional shock may lead
tohair loss.
With the Age, slow hair growth process lead
Unhealthy Scalp doesnot support to grow hair.
Alopecia areata condition when the bodys
immunesystem attacks healthy hair follicles. In
men, itscalled male pattern hair loss. Women
get femalepattern hair loss. receding hairline
and bald spots inmen and thinning hair in women.
It's calledandrogenetic alopecia. It is caused
by DHT, a by-product of testosterone
For women, childbirth may cause temporary
hairloss due to the changes that take place in
the body
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Maintain hair health by following these Tips
and also give chances to regrow new hair-
1.Good Nutrition -
As hair is largely made up of protein, so you
need to take protein in your daily diet.
Vitamin D,Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, Folic Acid, and
Vitamin B12
also associated with healthy hair growth.
2.Reduced stress -
De-stress yourself with the help of
yoga, meditation, breathe technique
3.Hair Care -
Take Proper Care of your hair by not
applyingexcessive hairstlying, coloring. Use
the rightshampoo and conditioner. Treating your
gently is also important to promoting healthy
growth. Avoid using excess hot water and dryer
to dry hair.
4.Avoid Restrictive Dieting -
Restrictive dieting can decrease resources
and nutrients needed for hair growth.
5.Try caffeine-infused products -
Restrictive dieting can decrease resources
and nutrients needed for hair growth.
6. Nourish Scalp -
Message Scalp or keep it clean to make it
healthy as healthy scalp support growing in
7. Use Essential Oil -
Essential Oil is important to promote hair
7. Meet Doctor -
If you are experiencing excessive hair loss,
youshould consult to your doctor and take advice
for different hair growth treatment.
Hair Growth Treatment
Is regrowth possible?
Yes, With the proper treatment you can stop
or slow hair loss and can also regrow new
hair.Permanent hair loss can also be treated by
hairreplacement procedures for both men and
Hair Regrowth Treatment Options
Stem cell therapy
Damaged or dead follicles prevent new hair
fromgrowing. Stem cells help to stimulate these
cells. They help in growing new follicles
whentransplanted onto the scalp. injected onto
scalp, which makes the hair follicles
orient themselves
Intensive Hair Root Therapy
It is one of the efficient ways of hair loss
treatment inmen and women. It checks hair loss
and allows hair togrow by supplying vital
nutrients directly to the root of
the hair. Nutrients are delivered to the hair
roots through microinjections
PRP Treatment
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is concentrated
bloodplasma that contains approximately 3 to 5
times thenumber of platelets found in normal
circulating blood.In addition, it contains
platelet-derived growth factor
(PDGF), vascular endothelial growth factor
(VEGF),transforming growth factor (TGF) and
other bioactive proteins that aid in hair
Hair Nutri Infusion Therapy
In this charged ions are used to deliver a
nutrientcocktail through the skin. This cocktail
delivers vitalnutrients that go beneath the skin
and help prevent
hair breakage and hair loss.
Laser Hair Treatment
It increases blood flow in the scalp and
metabolism in catagen or telogen follicles,
resulting in the production of anagen hair
Hair Transplant
when new hair growth refuses to grow due to
permanent damage to follicles and the scalp.
Theseare the situations when Hair Transplant
comes to the rescue. hair transplant surgery has
made hairrestoration possible. 3 types of
surgery is available,
choose wisely.
These are Scalp Reduction, Follicular Unit of
Hair Transplantation, Follicular Unit Extraction
These treatments are good opt for you to regrow
newhair, but there are some side effects related
with these like - redness, itchiness and other
Ayurvedic Hair Growth Treatment
To avoid any kind of complication after
treatment, youcan rely on ayurvedic option.
This is the best optionwhen you want to regrow
hair without any kind of side
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You can see the visible effects within 2 months
butafter completing 3 months you will get good
amount ofhair. It is formulated with ayurvedic
ingredients with
no side effects. Work directly on hair follicle
and act as DHT blocker.
it provide required nutrients to body to promotes
hairgrowth. Cure from inside. Use it with Mool
Hait Grow and get result in faster way.
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Proper care for hair get - Hair Growth Kit
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