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How did Homeopathy Treatment help in Healing Hair Fall or Hair Loss?


Hair loss today is a problem with almost every person in every age group. Despite gender, age, etc. Everyone today faces hair loss because of one reason or the other. Let us discuss some of the grounds of hair loss and Homeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How did Homeopathy Treatment help in Healing Hair Fall or Hair Loss?

How did Homeopathy Treatment help in Healing Hair
Fall or Hair Loss?

  • Nowadays due to unhealthy food and lifestyle,
    most people face the issue of hair fall. Some
    amount of hair loss is common and normal. By
    extracellular proteins, hairs are composed of
    columns of dead, keratinized epidermal cells
    bonded together.

Stages of Hair Growth Cycle

There are mainly three stages through which each
hair follicle goes through.
1) Growth Stage Scalp hair is in the growth
stage for two to six years. Cells of the hair
matrix divide, during this stage. These novel
cells are added to the base of the hair root
existing hairs are pushed upwards due to which
the hair grows fast and long.
Stages of Hair Growth Cycle

3) Resting Stage This stage remains for three
months. During this stage, the hair stops growing
a new growth cycle starts after this stage.
2) Regression Stage This stage is for two to
three weeks. The cells of the hair matrix end
dividing, during this phase the hair follicle
atrophies the hair stops growing.
Hair loss needs a constitutional treatment as it
is a serious problem.
Homeopathy helps in the treatment of hair loss as
it focuses on the root cause of the problem. If a
person is selecting a well-chosen homoeopathic
remedy then it helps in controlling the amount of
hair fall. However, one must understand that
baldness cannot be upturned.

By taking into consideration the cause like
hormonal imbalance, homeopathic medicines are
individualized and chosen based on the individual
case history of the patient, emotional stress,
nutritional factor, the nature of the patient,
other factors which may be acting as a
maintaining cause in the hair loss.
  • The early improvement can be seen in eight to ten
    weeks. From case to case, the treatment course
    depends on the patient varies.
  • The duration of treatment depends on mostly
  • The sternness of hair fall
  • The period of the Hair fall
  • The use of any chemical agents or medications,
    such as Antihypertensive drugs, Steroids, etc.
  • The amount of spread as in Alopecia areata.
  • If any like Hyper/Hypothyroidism- associated
    systemic illnesses.
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Homeopathy treatment is very effective for hair
loss or hair fall- which is a common issue
nowadays. Its a bit long process but it heals
the issue from its root cause and that is the
reason it is very helpful to solve issues
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