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Obesity and joint replacement


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Title: Obesity and joint replacement

Head of Department Apollo Institute of
Orthopaedics, Apollo Hospitals, Indore M.S
Orthopedics, Specialization Joint Replacement
Obesity and joint replacement
Obesity has became a global epidemic which has
been a majoor cause of concern in around 2.1
billion people and is a well-known cause of
osteoarthritis nowadays, joint replacement in
obesity or in the obese attracts more
complications , poor outcomes and higher revision
rates. Joint replacement is a complex and a
complicated procedure which significantly needs
higher physically fitness rate, significantly
proved that people having BMI more than 40 are
more likely to experience higher risk of
complications during and after the surgery then
the normal people.
Condition that can affect surgery-
Patience with obesity are more likely to have
certain comorbidities or health conditions that
increases the risk of surgery, these conditions
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Metabolic syndrome - These are the group of
    health conditions that increases the risk of
    developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

It is very important to be in a best health
possible before any surgery, if in case of any
type of conditions that can worsen the surgery
the doctor will work to ensure that it is managed
and kept under control before the procedure.
Risks of complications-
In such type of complex surgeries there are risks
which are associated, these risk are greater for
the patience with obesity.
The complications are classified into two parts
during surgery and after the surgery, The
complications which are faced during surgeries
are - 
1. Anesthesia - In individuals with obesity it is
much more difficult to administer anesthesia
because of the patient's body shape and their
anatomy, or there might be health conditions that
can affect breathing, The most common challenges
which are faced during administration of
anesthesia include
  • Locating the veins to administer necessary
    medications and general anesthesia
  • To ensure that the oxygen and air flow are
  • Properly positioning the needle while delivering
    into the spinal cord and epidural no blocks and
    the other types of regional anesthesia.

2. Operating time - With the people with obesity
there are technical challenges which are
associated while performing surgeries, due to
excessive body fat and fluid drainage it is very
tough to manage the operative time which is often
more longer, in general the longer this surgery
is the greater the risk of experiencing
complications are.
Complications after the surgery-
Depression with obesity is more likely to
experience the following complications after the
  • Blood clots
  • Poor wound healing
  • Infections
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Blood clots in lungs (pulmonary embolism)

Outcome Revision-
Caring of the replaced joint after the surgery
play an important role in outcomes of the
surgery, as long as the proper care will be given
to the replace joint the more enhanced
performance and stability will be offered, in
patients with obesity the outcomes can be
affected as the chances of wear and tear of the
joint are more likely to be increased because of
the overweight and the over stress on the joint.
Along with the combination of high infection risk
and abnormally high physical load increases the
revision rates individuals with obesity, it has
believed that after the surgery less amount of
stress should be provided to the joint for proper
recovery and outcome, people with obesity are
more likely to produce more stress and weight on
the replace joint resulting in worsen the
condition and needs repetitive revisions after
very short period of time. It is very important
to manage the replaced joint properly for better
outcome and long life of the implant.
Actions to take after surgery-
A healthy outcome of joint replacement surgery is
overall health of the joint that is reducing wear
and tear on the joint and helping and maintaining
the quality of life after joint replacement, it
is very important in the first quarter after the
surgery to look after more prominently on the
replaced joint. Some of the tips that can lead to
healthier joint even in the cases of obesity are

  • Eating healthy diet- eating a healthy diet play
    an important role beating opacity and enhance the
    outcome of the surgery.
  • Maintaining proper weight- Play an important role
    in providing stability to the joint, try
    maintaining a healthy rate to reduce stress over
    the joint.
  • Stop smoking- smoking is the worst enemy of the
    body that can lead to obesity and many
    cardiovascular diseases.
  • Exercising regularly- exercising regularly or
    even walking for up to 30 minutes a day can help
    you to maintain your cardiovascular health and
    weight which can help you to be positive and will
    impact your daily living along with healthy heart
    and healthy weight.

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