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Best Glaucoma Specialist | Glaucoma Treatment in Coimbatore


Coimbatore has some of the best eye specialists for glaucoma treatment at affordable rates. Don't delay, get treated today! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Glaucoma Specialist | Glaucoma Treatment in Coimbatore

Best Glaucoma Treatment
What Is Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is a disease that directly impacts the
optic nerve of the eye, which slowly
deteriorates over a period of time as a result.
It's a debilitating eye disease that can have
long-term affects on your vision if left
untreated, such as permanent damage of the optic
nerve and blindness
Causes of Glaucoma
There are different types of glaucoma. Most
occur when pressure in the eye (intraocular)
increases, damaging the optic nerve but
sometimes optic nerve damage can occur even when
intraocular pressure is normal. Other types of
glaucoma are rare and are caused by abnormal eye
development, drugs, eye infections or
inflammatory conditions, interruption of blood
supply to the eye, systemic diseases and trauma.
Symptoms of Glaucoma
Sudden severe eye/brow pain or headache Nausea
and vomiting Blurred vision Halos around
lights Sudden loss of sight Eye redness
Glaucoma Treatment Options
Treatment for glaucoma focuses on preserving
eyesight by slowing the damage to the nerve in
the back of the eye (optic nerve). Most
treatment aims to prevent further damage to the
optic nerve by lowering the pressure in the eyes
(intraocular pressure, or IOP). Glaucoma is
usually treated with medications such as eye
drops. Laser treatment or surgery
Tonometry To measure intraocular pressure
When to get yourself checked?
Visual field test To check areas of vision loss
Pachymetry To measure corneal thickness
Gonioscopy To inspect the drainage angle
What are the Glaucoma Treatments at our Hospital?
Laser Surgery Microsurgery Minimally Invasive
Glaucoma Surgery
Our Services
Our team of highly skilled ophthalmologists has
a wealth of experience in offering the best
glaucoma care in Coimbatore.
Leading the way to change
Hospital Address
395, Sarojini Naidu Rd, Siddhapudur,
Balasundaram Layout, B.K.R Nagar, Coimbatore,
Tamil Nadu
Contact Information
Phone Number 7970108108
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