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Professional Makeup Artist Training | Makeup academy Mumbai


BHI- the top makeup academy offers the best makeup courses in Mumbai. BHI believes that the information and ability we have acquired throughout the most recent many years should be spread among more makeup aspirants through our cosmetics classes so they can fulfill their fantasies and becoming a successful makeup artist learning the expertise from professional makeup artist training and impart excellences years later. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Professional Makeup Artist Training | Makeup academy Mumbai

The Beauty Myths the Bollywoods Favourite Makeup
Artists Debunked
Yes, all matters. But what matters the most is
the beauty. Once you got the beauty glamour and
popularity follow on their own. You need not put
much of the heart and soul into it to look
glamorous, gorgeous, and to gather
popularity. Beauty could be natural, or you can
acquire it by wearing the most killing makeup,
which makes head turns, and the world stop. The
beauty and the art to become beautiful is one of
the most researched, studied, and surveyed
vertical with incredible innovation and amazing
ideas went into it. What adores one, may not be
appealing to the others or what appeals to all,
may not appeal to you. Isnt it? Makeup is best
done by the professional and trained beauticians
who are experienced and have the knack of the
latest trends and innovative ideas rocking the
industry. One could do the makeup herself, but
the real magic evolves once you get it done by
the industry professionals. Thats the only
reason all the celebrities and the stars have
their professional makeup artist training, and
they are selective in it to go for their makeup
by their favourite makeup artists only. And they
are not wrong in it. Taste matters, and so does
the preference and choice. Style matters, and so
does the trends, but the fad overrules the style
when it comes to the show business. If its for
usual daily makeup, then the things are
different. Said so far, its clear that the World
cannot run without makeup, and the celebrities
cannot go without their favourite makeup
artists. Many beauty myths are prevailing in the
beauty industry, which at large, we all follow
and try to abide by them to avoid becoming a
laughter stock or a central point of peoples
giggle. But the Bollywoods favourite makeup
artists create the trends rather than following
the norms and dare to debunk the prevailing
beauty myths making rounds. And its right also,
as earlier said, what matters to all may not suit
to others. Therefore, theres nothing wrong with
going against the trend and debunking the myths.
Lets have a look at the most popular myths which
these Bollywoods favourite makeup artists have
What are the most debunked popular Myths?
1) Dont dare to try, follow, and stick to your
regular makeup - The World has changed and so
have changed the philosophies, thoughts, and
principles. What was earlier sin has now become
the trend, and what was earlier the trend, has
now become a taboo. So, the World is evolving,
and so are the people, and so are the
innovations. Earlier rules were to follow, but
now they are to be broken and replaced. When it
comes to makeup, you should preferably wear
makeup, which makes you feel like yourself and
what gives you the most satisfaction when among
the group. You are foremost, and so are your
feelings, aspirations, and imaginations. If it
appeals to you, it has to be done and followed
and trust us the World will start accepting you
and appreciate you. Therefore, dont shy in
wearing your makeup, and flaunting your feelings,
no myth is big enough to cloud you. 2) Glitter
makeup only shall be done while on the stage or
the red carpet- Glitter makeup is not uncommon,
and its something, we all can vouch for, but
theres a myth with it that all this glitter and
shimmers re meant for the stage, the red carpet,
the drama, and the show. And trust us, but its
not true. You could wear it, whenever you feel
like wearing, whether its a party or while going
for shopping. What matters is one should at least
try a few times before adopting a new style or
giving up any old form. However, glitter could be
unblended in the first instance ut shimmer always
works, thus dare to do the way it appeals to you
and trust the World will follow. 3) The eyes and
lips bold makeup sound taboo - No, its not so.
The balanced look, looks good, but not always.
The occasion matters, the gathering matters, the
place matters d so does your taste. Bold is not a
faux pas. If it suits you and appeals to you,
then you must wear it and let it be your style
and the way to look stunning, impressive and to
be a head-turner. Bright colours do work well in
monochromatic themes. Its the Clean and fresh
makeup that matters, no matter if you mouth your
lips in red or pink with untrendy hues and daring
styles. What is complementary to you may not be
for others, but then who cares as long as its
comforting you and making you feel astonishing.
4) On dark skin tones, the bright lipstick
doesnt gel - Who says?  It works, yes it does.
The bright lipstick does gels on dark skin tones.
The bright lipstick requires lighter undertones
on darker skins to go miles. Try it yourself. Try
peach or yellow, and you would love it. The
contrast makes all the difference. What matters
is your choice and your preference, which makes
you more confident and pretty. The bright
lipstick instead glows the darker skin tones and
keeps them fresh, natural, and luring for
long. 5) Expensive makeup are better  No way.
Its the biggest myth of the beauty industry. You
need not break the bank to look beautiful you
need to adopt the reasonable makeup products or
commodities, whether it comes to foundations or
lipsticks or eyeliners or hues or whatever you
opt for. Brandings and advertisements shoot the
prices of makeup products to make out the
expenses of the ads. The Luxury brands do raise
their prices to create a niche and to
differentiate the product from the rest by
undergoing few useless tests and creating a hype
of the benefits and the attributes which can
never be displayed or cant be proved. Therefore,
what matters is the selection of a reasonable
product rather than just following the earlier
trend of going for the expensive makeup products
and commodities, and fuelling the wrong trends.
For winters its Dark Lipsticks, and for summers
its bright Sounds fantastic. Isnt it. What
the season has to do with the colors of your
lipsticks? Nothing. But the myth prevails and is
a guiding rule to the makeup artists who follow
the stagnating traditions and year-old practices
based on gossips and street talks. Conclusion 
The Bollywood favourite's makeup artists are
correct to debunk these myths and go against them
to fill a fresh, soothing breeze in the makeup
industry, otherwise, people will keep on
following these baseless myths the way they were
doing from the ages just because they dont feel
like daring or trying something new, fresh and
innovative. BHI Makeup Hair Academy is Indias
no. 1 World-class Makeup academy in Mumbai in
India where one learns Makeup from Industry
Experts from Bollywood, Hollywood International
Makeup Industry. From elementary to advance
touch, they teach you all. Why dont you try?
First Floor Westside , Above Z Cafe Chapel Road,
Near Mehboob Studios, Bandra W, Mumbai, MH,
400050 INDIA
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