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Makeup courses in Mumbai | Makeup academy in Mumbai


If you are looking for a propelling career in makeup artistry, it is a natural choice to join the top-rated makeup academy and enroll with the professional makeup artist training. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Updated: 28 February 2022
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Title: Makeup courses in Mumbai | Makeup academy in Mumbai

How to Find Your Big Break in Makeup Hair
  • Yes, we all want to become big, famous, and earn
    a lot of money in any industry or profession that
    we choose. When it comes to the makeup and hair
    industry, you want to become successful and a big
    makeup and hair artist. There are some factors
    that you need to consider and apply in your
    professional life that will help you to become
  • There is Nothing Like Big Break
  •  Yes, it may sound quite contrary to the article
    that it is, but let us understand it further. If
    you find out any makeup and hair artist of any
    big celebrities such as Deepika Padukone,
    Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, Jhanvi Kapoor,
    you will find out that their first few clientele
    may have been a beginner model or a photographer
    who may have just started Makeup academy in
    Mumbai. Now the reason they are working today
    with top celebrities is that they gave their best
    every time, it doesnt matter how small or big
    the opportunity was. So, your big break will be a
    result of all the small, little efforts that you
    keep on putting in your professional life. Hence,
    we have to ensure that everywhere that you work,
    you give your best so that you can become
    deserving and more prepared for your big break.
    Hence, everything counts and adds towards your
    big break.
  • Strong Portfolio
  •  Would you believe that a strong portfolio is
    like oxygen for your career? Whether you get in
    touch with the client or client gets in touch
    with you, every time the final choice is made
    considering your portfolio. Any bride, or
    celebrity, or designer would like to see your
    work, and once they are sure of your work, the
    verbal discussion is merely a formality. Hence,
    you have to ensure you do have a strong portfolio
    that makes you prepared and ready for your big
    break and opportunities.

  • You Need to Constantly Network
  •  If you feel that networking is not so important,
    let us tell you that in 2020-21 selections are
    purely done via digital interactions. This means
    people are barely meeting anybody. Today brides
    are selecting makeup and hair artists purely
    based on what they see on Instagram and further
    judge over an excellent telephonic conversation.
    Today fashion designers, directors are selecting
    makeup artists purely based on work they see. So,
    if you are not messaging or getting in touch with
    a photographer or a celebrity, then remember
    somebody else is. Therefore, constant networking
    should be like three meals a day that gets you
    going and keeps you energetic in your
    professional life. So, constant networking is a
    big yes, and you must do it.
  • Be Strong on Social Media
  •  These days, the moment you hear of any name,
    there are two things you are doing. Either you
    Google the name, or you are going to find the
    same person on Instagram. In the field of makeup
    and hair industry, you find Instagram more
    credible and an organized source of information.
    Hence, you must have an excellent social media
    presence, and you should have a very well
    organized and well-updated Instagram account. In
    this way, if any person who is visiting your
    account should be able to see your professional
    work. If you are introducing yourself as a bridal
    makeup artist, you should have several bridal
    images. You should have proper captions, new
    hashtags. You must share these posts with your
    friends and families so that you also have a
    decent level of likes and comments on those
    posts. Now, it does matter as these days, you
    cannot ignore the fact that social media will
    make a massive difference in your professional

  • You Got to be Fast paced
  •  Yes, it would be best if you were lightning-fast
    because very often when you work with big
    directors, prominent designers, the high-end
    bridal clientele you do not get as much time as
    you may expect to be getting. Hence, you got to
    be fast Makeup courses in Mumbai. A top fashion
    designer may tell you that ok you would get 1
    hour 15 minutes to do makeup, but when it really
    comes to that day, you may get only 45 minutes or
    even less. This is the moment you got to prove
    yourself that you are the best. You got to be
    lightning-fast and complete the makeup within the
    given time. That way, people would gain
    confidence in you. They understand that you are
    somebody who is prepared for any opportunity and
    challenges. These kinds of challenges often come
    in your professional life, and being fast and
    good in your work would help you go one level up
    each time..
  • Follow Trends
  • Yes, you must, must, must know what is going on
    in the market. For example, there are a lot of
    makeup and hair artists who are really big today,
    and they are the ones who are practically
    trendsetters. What they are always doing is that
    they are always watching what is happening all
    around? What are makeup and hair trends being
    followed by Hollywood celebrities? What kind of
    liners, lip colors, hairstyles are being worn by
    them? Now what they do is  that they follow the
    same kind of trends or at least draw some
    inspiration from them and apply them to their
    professional life with the clientele that they
    are working with. That way, they are preferred
    far more than their peers who are still doing old
    school looks. So know the trends and follow them
    and be known for being different and better.

So, if you want a big break in your career, then
you need to make a combination of all these above
mentioned points. As a summary your small break
will lead to your big breaks, your strong
portfolio is more like oxygen for your big break,
and your speed really matters so that you can
show to leading people in the industry that you
are capable of handling a big project  with ease.
You need to follow the trends . You need to be in
constant networking mode, and you need to have a
strong social media presence. So, when you make a
combination of all these, it becomes an excellent
recipe for you to get your big break. So, let us
help you do it, and you will be happy to see
brilliant results.
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